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      Since the introduction of the "latest" VCR bill on 1st October 2007, sales of AIRGUNS (including replicas) AND MAJOR COMPONENTS (barrels, cylinders etc.) by DEALERS is restricted to a face-to-face transaction.   Please ensure you are familiar with the changes brought about due to the VCR act, which may be viewed on the BASC website.   BASC and ACPO have produced a guide to the VCR act in PDF format, which avoids legalese and is very understandable. See HERE.   AirGunForum members must ensure their transactions conform with current legislation before posting.   An inter-dealer network to facilitate the continuation of mail order business is being established by Portland Jon. Details are HERE or direct to his website HERE.
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      Editing your posts

      The forum's EDIT function has been changed. After making your post, you will have 30 minutes to review and edit it. After that, only Admin will be able to make edits.   Should a post NEED to be edited afterwards, email to admin@airgunforum.net the change details, the URL of the thread it applies to and if appropriate, the reason for the change. Don't forget to identify yourself and do use your registered email address to make contact. All this is necessary, as admin must be able to identify who you are and that it is your post that you wish to edit.   Admin. will make the edit if it appears necessary. Note, if you want to change something that could easily be achieved by adding a further post to the thread, you will be expected to do it.   Forum staff generally view new posts added to threads since their last visit. If a "for sale" item has been sold or a wanted item has been obtained, just add a post to the thread and it will usually be noted and the thread title will be edited appropriately. This saves members' time wading through posts that are effectively "dead".   DaveL

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  1. Yesterday
  2. To Shoot For Your Region ?

    So what was said Sunday?
  3. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    Apparently his 'package' bump upsets his prone balance and is very painful since he had the enlargement op. Once the swelling goes down in a few months he'll be fine though at least now both his legs are the same length since they nicked the bit of bone...

    I'm sure, that's why he stuck you in B...though he couldn't bring himself to spell out the rest...
  5. So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    I'm ok now but I was in real agony for about three days and I never suffer with a bad back. Was getting shooting pains down my legs and getting out of bed was a joke. My kids thought it hilarious, gits.
  6. Thank You PPI ?

    I think you'll find Neil has very much found his mojo with the Lannyman/9015/x40 comp. combo. If I were you I'd start that pre-GP training regime as you're going to need it.
  7. Grading

    She's on FB mate and ready to proclaim her undying love but only if Clarky agrees to another threesome in the Bingo, Bongo van...
  8. Anschutz Tinkering....

    Anyways, I won't drag this out too much as Holly will be needing his coco and beauty sleep...ah what was that DC not enough hours in the night for that... So, I had this leaky 9003, it was so bad that from a 200BAR fill I was lucky to get 20 shots before it went off the reg. Not good. So I replaced all the o rings and while I had everything in bits I cleaned all the components especially the hammer, hammer channel & stabiliser. I had done this before a couple of times, but this black gunk kept on reappearing. So this time really gave it a deep clean. Gave the hammer a good polish up as there were some small machining marks, so polished that as evenly as I could. I was going to leave the hammer dry but then I had a thought about using a powder lube as it works very well in F1 engines so why not. Ordered some very fine graphite powder and the next day I had it. So first off did all the locks in the house which was it's primary use, then I very carefully worked a layer of graphite into the hammer with my fingers and finished up with a small squirt into the bottom of the hammer channel where the hammer runs back and forth. Inserted the hammer and worked it up and down the channel and even then I could feel a difference. So put everything back together and then operated the action watching the hammer action and what was interesting is that the hammer seems to be self-lubing in that the travel forwards on firing puffs a small cloud of graphite along the length of the hammer getting it ready for the next shot. So how is it I hear you ask? Well, did mine a couple of weeks ago and it just got better and better over the following week. I've now got a super-smooth consistent action with less than 4fps chrono spread. Temperature variation is much, much better. I get 6fps increase going from near zero to the 28 degrees we experienced Sunday at Iceni. I'll take that any day of the week over what was happening before. Will it last? Good question which I really don't know the answer to long term. Over the past few weeks the power has now stabilised as it originally went up by 25fps over 50 initial pellets, so I simply turned the hammer down a smidgen to compensate. Even if it only lasts six months it only takes me a few minutes to apply some more and with the small amount that is needed it's not a problem. I suspect that it will last longer than that, but what I will do if I either notice a difference or have to crack the action anyways is have a look and see how the powder is distributed in the hammer channel. Any negatives? The only possible negative I can find is that graphite, water and aluminium can cause an issue if they mix causing corrosion, but I have only read one piece about this in relation to external door locks so who knows if it's a problem as the chances of enough water finding it's way that far into the action is slim and either way you'd have to strip the rifle even if you didn't have graphite powder in there. Either way for the performance stability I'm finding I am willing to give this a try long-term as the pluses far outweigh the negatives.
  9. Grading

    Ah davinia where are you now ??? HOLLY PS Clarky is still looking for her .
  10. Thank You PPI ?

    Nah neil knows when he is beaten Col . he won't dare show his face . i think we are the quality of the three some . by the way he has put his 9015 in a lannyman walnut stock and added a titanium cylinder ??? HOLLY PS say's the extra weight has helped his positional's . they certainly needed help . heh heh heh
  11. Oh dear not good careful with the bending then . old bazza has been pushing his luck . he has been laying paving slabs for a path in his garden . not with his back i said to him . ??? HOLLY
  12. Grading

    Thought you needed reminding of the best night of your life....
  13. Airgunforum, what future?

    really the old chap is looking for some good shooting advice . and who better to give it . than me . there we are then . always happy sort out the readers problems ??? HOLLY
  14. So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    Young kids mate, though I did put my back out last week getting back from Thetford with the caravan. 'Put the handbrake on' I said to Nikki and she took it off on a slope...
  15. Grading

    You said you would not mention that ??? HOLLY
  16. REDFERNS .

    well he speaks highly of me ??? HOLLY
  17. Grading

    I wouldn't mention 'pearls' to Holly, he'll think it's Friday night at the Cliff car park again...
  18. I think it will stay B grade Col . as for GPs it will be open due to the knee not wanting to bend anymore and winter league means 8 standers . doom i am afraid. unless i can get some of your lazer guided pellets . still .can't be bad if your still shooting . HOLLY
  19. REDFERNS .

    Only because he shot rubbish at GP1. He seems to do better when he's been out on the lash, had no sleep and driven for 6 hours non-stop to a shoot. Let him a decent nights sleep and chauffered and it all goes -breasts- up.
  20. REDFERNS .

    Apparently as BFTA grading Officer he can do that. He recently gave himself 98% so I suppose he can....
  21. REDFERNS .

    I don't think he is in a very good mood at the mo . going by what he has to say on face book ??? HOLLY
  22. So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    The only thing I've been missing lately is this forum. Any negative ermm feedback about my recent shooting is purely coincidental. I just thank my lucky stars I side-stepped you as you plummeted past into B or did you finally dig your nails in at C? I like that nice Mr Evans he has a Welsh heart of gold...
  23. REDFERNS .

    The annoying bit was i was still clear to the halfway point . then the water got into the untreated walnut . it warped and i did not hit anything else . after that i got the stock painted by Keith ??? HOLLY
  24. REDFERNS .

    Speaking of blotting out scores. Is there a valid reason why Mr Evans' scores aren't visible to all? You would think that the grading officers scores should be visible to all to allay any suspicion of percentage manipulation.
  25. Airgunforum, what future?

    I missed your mad rants.... Well that and I heard that Holly was arguing with himself and then refusing to talk to himself and I do hate to see a Rock Chimp in distress.
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