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      Since the introduction of the "latest" VCR bill on 1st October 2007, sales of AIRGUNS (including replicas) AND MAJOR COMPONENTS (barrels, cylinders etc.) by DEALERS is restricted to a face-to-face transaction.   Please ensure you are familiar with the changes brought about due to the VCR act, which may be viewed on the BASC website.   BASC and ACPO have produced a guide to the VCR act in PDF format, which avoids legalese and is very understandable. See HERE.   AirGunForum members must ensure their transactions conform with current legislation before posting.   An inter-dealer network to facilitate the continuation of mail order business is being established by Portland Jon. Details are HERE or direct to his website HERE.
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      The forum's EDIT function has been changed. After making your post, you will have 30 minutes to review and edit it. After that, only Admin will be able to make edits.   Should a post NEED to be edited afterwards, email to admin@airgunforum.net the change details, the URL of the thread it applies to and if appropriate, the reason for the change. Don't forget to identify yourself and do use your registered email address to make contact. All this is necessary, as admin must be able to identify who you are and that it is your post that you wish to edit.   Admin. will make the edit if it appears necessary. Note, if you want to change something that could easily be achieved by adding a further post to the thread, you will be expected to do it.   Forum staff generally view new posts added to threads since their last visit. If a "for sale" item has been sold or a wanted item has been obtained, just add a post to the thread and it will usually be noted and the thread title will be edited appropriately. This saves members' time wading through posts that are effectively "dead".   DaveL

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  1. Today
  2. Airgunforum, what future?

    Lol holly, Well in that case you could win each comp assuming it goes ahead. Matt
  3. Yesterday
  4. Liked Steves 'angled' tower target - 11 yard mini, but at a rough angle of 60 degrees up (faceplate & paddle adjusted to take the angle) - surprised at how many 'over thought' that one at the GP & W/L!
  5. The SteyWhei

    Right work to do tomorrow . two rifles out . one the shutz . zero for sunday . and the wifes sreyr . testing exact 7.9s at 810 fps , and sniper mediums . 8.5 at 780 fps . should be good . but will it be perrrrrfect . ??? HOLLY PS weight added to the front of the sateyr to see if it can control the flip
  6. Well Andy we must send Monty home in tears after clearing his course . as we pass him on the way back . we will say . yes hmmm . not a bad little course ??? HOLLY
  7. Well I will be letting rip this Sunday with my Ripper. She is back and all fixed. Seal in reg gone hard and brittle but now all good. Set up to 775fps with AA and the first shot 3 days later was also 775 the next 774 so all is we. Just need a 30yd target on Buccs zero range to check and I Will Finish this time.
  8. OK we had rain , we had wind , we had cold at the last shoot at Buccs . i have ordered sun , sun and sun for this weekend . so roll up roll up . the aim is to totally destroy Monty's course . we want ten clearences at least . he will never be able to hold his head up in FT circles again . only one thing to say brothers . Let Her Rippppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  9. Airgunforum, what future?

    I would like to reply to you Matt but i am just getting ready post 3500 for the comp ??? HOLLY PS Nothing like getting a head start
  10. Airgunforum, what future?

    As mentioned elsewhere on the forum, I was chatting to a few of the magazines and I asked if they could include a mention about the forum... hopefully something will come of that. As an aside, does anyone know rules or regs for hosting a free to enter competition online? Just thinking offering a prize throughout the year for people posting, Clubs posting etc etc. Matt
  11. Last week
  12. isp airstream

    If it is anything like birmingham . they get em from the foundry with the keenest pricing . fingers crossed we get a good one ??? HOLLY
  13. new sytron 45x45

    To me in testing you need a bench mark . i think that should be the most popular FT scope in use today ? a MK111 Nikko . then you would have an understanding of what the scope is capable of . not . well i though this scope was pretty good for the money . this means nothing . does it weigh as much as nikko . does it range find as well as a nikko . is it the same price as a nikko . is it as bright as a nikko . are the turrets as good as a nikko . is the side wheel as smooth as a nikko and so on . that way you have a comparison . not an opinion that the testers hide behind . it is like rifles , what does it group like not good old terry saying . yes it was as good as any other top class rifle . yeah what top class rifle are we talking about . tests , don't make me laugh ??? HOLLY
  14. new sytron 45x45

    I’ve seen em on Amazon £1000 cheaper but they can’t ship them to the U.K. from America. So we’re stuck with rip off Britain. Works out about £1,280
  15. isp airstream

    feel sorry for the lad's that have brought these bad barrel's ,hope they get a refund !
  16. new sytron 45x45

    I’ve seen em on eBay £1000 cheaper but you’ll probably find out they can’t ship them to the U.K. from America. So we’re stuck with rip off Britain
  17. isp airstream

    Same factory means nothing Holly, might be the same place that makes them for CZ but on the same machine with the same process? Who knows, but if these had been delivered to CZ they would have been sent back. Always an unknown with barrel's but these are a dead certainty It will be interesting to see what comes back from Sureshot
  18. isp airstream

    What matt is saying monty at sure shot is that there are no CZ barrels . least not made by that firm . he say's they are made in Bruno at the foundrys there , like they did in birmingham here . CZ the firm order em and they are made to order . dunno . i will go with what ever phil say's who has my barrel . like i say i am swinging toward a HW 100 barrel now in case the so called CZ barrel is naff . my carbine one is good and so far needs no cleaning ( two tins through ) so wait and see ??? HOLLY
  19. new sytron 45x45

    Only if i won the lottery stan . my problem is not range finding . it is hitting those -covered in gore- targets ??? HOLLY
  20. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    Only going by what phil says Monty . he seems happy to return the barrels for replacement . i don't think matt wants any more bad publicity . that would follow from yet more dodgy barrels . if it does come to getting money back . i think i will get a full length HW 100 barrel . very happy with the carbine one on the wifes steyr . see what happens ??? HOLLY PS as said there is nothing wrong with the barrel on my steyr . just looking for that bit extra ? PSS HW make there own barrel in house .
  21. Warning over Aeron CZ Barrels ?

    The one that's fully worked on is now OK at best but pellet fussy. If I was you I'd look to return or swap it. It's a £50 tops barrel that once it's had very extensive work performed shoots like an £80 barrel IMO. Sureshot has advised Phil it's a dodgy batch that slipped through at the factory but I'd be concerned that given how bad they are this isn't a one off and the next lot might look better but still have nasty things lurking. If Phil gets a replacement 16mm and it shoots 'god like' then I'd probably be happy to go with a replacement but until then I'd always have nagging doubts, and nagging doubts cost you targets even if they're unfounded.
  22. new sytron 45x45

    Bit pricey though. It’s going into March territory
  23. isp airstream

    Good man! Yeah, hopefully there will be a resolution soon for the Aeron 16mm barrels. To be honest Holly I would look to get a different one/refund depending on what the offer is. Phil has done a bucket load of work on his and it is now shooting straight but appears to be VERY pellet fussy (not in an anal 'oh this pellet groups 2mm CTC better than this one' but swings from atrocious to OK) but it isn't astounding enough to pay what you did for it. How long it stays shooting OK for is anyones guess, it might come from the 'CZ suppliers factory' but the one you have ain't a CZ and that will always bother you.
  24. new sytron 45x45

    I would like to get my hands on the New FT lupe ??? HOLLY
  25. The SteyWhei

    Yes Keith shot well for a light rifle . the plan is to sell the steyr barrel that came off it and buy a quick fill barrel or get mick tromans to fit one my cylinder ??? HOLLY PS that is not the barrel that goes on my rifle . i like a longer barrel
  26. isp airstream

    I thought about it monty . but cannot duck the last but one shoot shoot . my shutz is still leaking but only slowly . so will do the course and sort the new Steyr out in the week . don't have the barrel to put on it anyway yet . let us hope sure shot gets a move on if they are a gonna exchange em ??? HOLLY PS Food Hey . hmm like the sound of that . don't let andy any where near it .
  27. isp airstream

    The theory is that if the pellet gets bellowed it makes it shorter and raises the BC
  28. isp airstream

    ok I seen your post asking Tony on lost volume page...it sounds like a good theory !
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