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      VCR Bill

      Since the introduction of the "latest" VCR bill on 1st October 2007, sales of AIRGUNS (including replicas) AND MAJOR COMPONENTS (barrels, cylinders etc.) by DEALERS is restricted to a face-to-face transaction.   Please ensure you are familiar with the changes brought about due to the VCR act, which may be viewed on the BASC website.   BASC and ACPO have produced a guide to the VCR act in PDF format, which avoids legalese and is very understandable. See HERE.   AirGunForum members must ensure their transactions conform with current legislation before posting.   An inter-dealer network to facilitate the continuation of mail order business is being established by Portland Jon. Details are HERE or direct to his website HERE.
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      Editing your posts

      The forum's EDIT function has been changed. After making your post, you will have 30 minutes to review and edit it. After that, only Admin will be able to make edits.   Should a post NEED to be edited afterwards, email to admin@airgunforum.net the change details, the URL of the thread it applies to and if appropriate, the reason for the change. Don't forget to identify yourself and do use your registered email address to make contact. All this is necessary, as admin must be able to identify who you are and that it is your post that you wish to edit.   Admin. will make the edit if it appears necessary. Note, if you want to change something that could easily be achieved by adding a further post to the thread, you will be expected to do it.   Forum staff generally view new posts added to threads since their last visit. If a "for sale" item has been sold or a wanted item has been obtained, just add a post to the thread and it will usually be noted and the thread title will be edited appropriately. This saves members' time wading through posts that are effectively "dead".   DaveL

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Airgunforum.net Rules of Membership

AirGunForum.net Rules Of Membership


Joining and continuing membership of the AirGunForum is conditional on agreement to be bound by these rules.


AirGunForum.net is a members' only bulletin board provided as a free-of-charge service to the shooting community. As such, members accept that no promises or guarantees regarding the availability of the service are made or implied.


The forum staff give their time and expertise to the forum without reward or remuneration. Members are required to remember this at all times when dealing with staff.


As the board is not constantly monitored members are held solely and wholly responsible for the content of their posts. In the event of any complaint or threat of legal action, AirGunForum.net reserves the right to reveal whatever details are held about members as necessary.


The staff endeavour to monitor all posts but, with due regard to their voluntary status, 100% is not always achievable. Members are asked to be vigilant and report posts they consider to infringe the board's rules. Staff will take action, within a reasonable timespan, to edit or delete posts they consider to fall outside the boundaries acceptable to the board.


Members are welcome to question a staff member's decision, by email or private message to the staff member concerned, but discussion will not be entered into on the open forum.


In the event of their being no satisfactory resolution to a dispute between a member and a staff member, a member may appeal directly to the forum owner. Although the owner will make every possible effort to be fair to all concerned, in any dispute his decision is final.


You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use AirGunForum.net to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, racist, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by AirGunForum.net or you have written permission from the copyright owner to do so. Furthermore, it is a condition of membership that a valid email address and an identifiable location (e.g. country of residence) are entered into a member's profile. Members should ensure that these details are kept up to date.


Should problems arise with recorded details or conduct, members may be warned by forum staff, their posting rights may be suspended for a period, or they may be expelled completely from the forum and their membership records deleted.


Displaying Pictures


Pictures of shot quarry are discouraged and unnecessary, but if posted, they may only be displayed in the hunting forum. Because of this, members must NOT include pictures of shot quarry in their signature. If this requirement is disregarded, pictures will be removed and the member will be censured.


For Sale/Swap and Wanted


In addition to the above, these additional guidelines apply to the "For Sale or Swap" and "Wanted" forums.


The forum no longer accepts adverts for Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs), in accordance with the VCR act. Members are requested to read the "sticky" post at the head of the For Sale/Wanted forum entitled Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs) BEFORE making any post.


The forum's focus is airgunning, so members are requested to ensure their posts have some relevance to airgunning.


AirGunForum's "For Sale" and "Wanted" sections are neither an auction site nor a free noticeboard for traders. ALL adverts MUST carry a price.


The selling prices for articles in the For Sale section are set by the SELLERS. Members who spoil threads by adding critical, derisory or unhelpful comment may lose access to the "Sales" and "Wanted" sections.


Any member placing a "For Sale" advert does so on the understanding they are NOT doing so by way of trade or business. Trade members should first discuss their requirements by email with the AirGunForum.net owner.


Links to non-airgun auction sites (e.g. Ebay) are unwelcome and will be removed.


Topic starters are asked to limit "BUMP" posts, which get your post back to the top, to one per day (The first bump being the day after the original post was started). Extra BUMPs by non-topic starters are unwelcome.


Keep posts updated and do not start multiple threads for the same item.


Tolerance will be applied by forum staff, as always, but if activity is considered inappropriate, action will be taken to either remove offending material, the offender or both.

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