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    Had a bit of craic today at Springfield. Had a little standing comp at a 52 yard elevated target in the wind. At one point we were all standing there like a firing squad. Of course I got it first time with my old nail lol.
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    I started on a standing lane at the recent Iceni WL shoot and missed both. I started on a sitting lane with Nat at the Kent Woodsmen WL and also missed both. I think all that tells me is that I'm -rubbish- regardless of where I start....
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    If you were a gentleman you would opt to shoot first and Andy wouldnt need to reset them!
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    So if i offer to check to tea wagon or khazi's , can I ask the BFTA to pay my travelling expenses?😁😁😂😂😂
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    Yep just hoping for less brain mush and a relatively pain free week in prep for next weekend