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    Ive noticed the sightron is in my opinion a tiny bit clearer than the Leups ive had. The big benefit for me (might not be for others) is that all ranges on a 4” side wheel are in around 2” of wheel space! This would be rubbish if it was a poor range finder but it snaps in the normal good sightron way and its been set up in 17 degree temp and I’d say light not bright conditions and ive shot in 2 degree temp and mid 20’s and the shift is 2 yards below consistently outside of setting up conditions. Obviously i may learn more as time goes on. ref the ret. if you can’t work with a leup target dot you cant with this. I love the ret but i will say you need good eyes for the long dark targets, nothing new there though.
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    Fixed power scopes are fine, in truth they're my favourites as they tend to be both brighter and lighter than comparable scopes. The problem comes with people who get anxious about 'losing' the target and getting timed out. I would say that if you're not pulling the rifle up directly on the target then your position is wrong, so move until it is.
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    it took me a year of waiting and asking the right people then 3 cane up all within a shot space of time so I bought them all. I’m sure most good Leupolds hide in Wales, thats where my hint started and finished
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    Unless the age changes from 55, yep. I'm off to shed a tear.