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    I guess that could be compensated for by high mounting the scope to flatten the trajectory at longer ranges?
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    Steve what i was saying is the shooters withing the M25 , quite often don't travel outside to shoot . so when they do . the shooting can come harder . a lack of country wide shoots . tells against em . withing their region they will be a contender . outside , an all so ran . the more you do , the better you get . ??? HOLLY PS keep at it nat's . you will get there .
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    My worry is if jack beats jack by one, how will the winner be decided? On countback? Or will jack have a shootoff against jack? Or will it cause an infinite loop in robot Shaun? Matt
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    Thats where we all going wrong boys and girls, we dont have the guidance of God that leups provided😁😂😂 https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/providence I hope he means provenance😁
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    And I larfed and larfed and larfed....
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    Heard Dan did a 47... Wonder if it's enough for an official hat..? Guess it depends on how close Jack and Neil and Mark were...
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    There's not that many up the trees, perhaps 3 from memory, there are some nice targets in tricky areas and by tricky I mean to read. I'll do a couple of videos on Saturday. I know Andy wasn't happy with the Inters course so I don't think we'll be seeing another "growler" because they are boring.
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    Prepare for some twisting and turning you cushion if Andy has anything to do with the layout of the course.
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    No we're not talking when an Anschutz shooter did it, Walther did the individual less than 10 years ago... and I think we did the team title twice in that period as well... 😄 Might have the team shirt and cap somewhere... 😉
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    Its ok, the unofficial GP team had theirs supplied by a generous team member. (Again,for the 2nd year running) No really , dont thank him , he didnt mind .
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    Very true unfortunately
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    If the person leading the GP series can't even get a hat there's not much hope for a region 😄
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    I hope so Holls, i learned a lot about myself after the absolute disaster of Day 1 in Italy last week. When all i wanted to do was come home (to England) and sulk on Friday night i decided to dig in and show a bit of metal and was pleased to post a couple of half decent scores. I have a recent clearance in my locker and now some resilience to add to it. I know the areas i need to improve on but its not easy and there is no quick fix. I just feel im heading in the right direction and have to be happy with that at the moment.
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    No, I distinctly remember you saying you were 'getting the GC2 ready for sale' or did you say GC2 but actually mean Anschutz after all to your befuddled nonce they probably do sound similar...
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    The heat was oppressive guys but that wasn’t a massive problem to me personally or no more than to anybody else except for the last 7 lanes of the last day when I was seeing double. The issue was that I was under ranging on the first day by 5 yards despite taking clicks off prior to the shoot starting. By the time I could see what was going wrong I.e. hitting the 6 o’clock edge of missing paint the damage was all done. Couple that with my clicks being out on the very many 15mm reducers it was just a nightmare. Day 2 I had time to sort my -excrement- out (I only had 20 mins on the day before the shoot) and had to overcome issues like filling from a bottle that had no gauge or bleed valve!. I moved my pointer to where it needed to be and day 2 and 3 were about ok. Lesson learned was get to a Mediterranean major at least 2 days before the Comp starts.