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    I don't think this will ever happen, 8 and 2 is just about right. Very few people have cleared a GP so I can see no reason to make them any harder, if anything they need to be made more creative and interesting to shoot than the boring growler where you wish you'd zero'd at 47yds.
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    Pass, but with an average of 90% I have no idea why he is in a very congested A grade when he should be in a sparse AA grade with all the other superstars...🏆
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    First day In Poland I found in the light switching wind they were better than the 8.44's. My partner was choosing edges or just outside and missed quite a few due to choosing incorrectly. I didnt come out of kill all day and put in a respectable score Missed all the standers but I never hit them anyway.
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    My view is that you don't look after the established shooters in the winter league . they are bought and paid for . the winter league is an ideal entry for the new and younger shooters . if you don't think i am right . go and have a look at a HFT event . they are heaving with shooters . i don't say they have to be easy . i just say reasonable . for that what is needed is a formulae . for me that will be 40 yard average . ??? HOLLY
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    No not all of them just Gilly by the look of it lol
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    Not worth mentioning Col . respect is spelt with a 3 in front of it . ??? HOLLY PS we might let Nat's on the site ? BUT she will have to bring her own bottle of wine .
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    Had a bit of craic today at Springfield. Had a little standing comp at a 52 yard elevated target in the wind. At one point we were all standing there like a firing squad. Of course I got it first time with my old nail lol.
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    I started on a standing lane at the recent Iceni WL shoot and missed both. I started on a sitting lane with Nat at the Kent Woodsmen WL and also missed both. I think all that tells me is that I'm -rubbish- regardless of where I start....