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    Here's my honest report for what its worth. Villa Verde for registration/practice on Tuesday went well nice plinker set up and a small practice course. Temperature was around 33-35. Had some strange thing happen all my diallings for + 30 yards were bob on but my 25 20 15 10 yard marks all needed a number adding. So for 15 yards it says dial 4 on wheel I actually had to dial 5. soon noticed March was under ranging on Tuesday after a couple of hours. Went back to plink reset everything. Shot some more lanes to confirm settings all was good. https://gopro.com/v/PVqry785z8dy Wednesday back to Villa Verde back on plink at 50 yards I was slightly high the March had moved back. Left rifle a bit had a chat with the other lads that were arriving. I Chronograph the rifle to find 780 just how I like it. Went back to the practice course with Gilly Mangers Kev and Ian we all shot well and all was good. Our group then heading over to the comp area around 35 mins from villa Verde. They had a large plinker set up a few stalls Air Chrony, JSB, Maestro (Andras) also air filling station this time they had whips and gauges on. We then went to see the competition course as we arrived late (13.45) the officials tried to stop us walking the course but as we had just climbed a small mountain we insisted on seeing some lanes. Had a chat with Jack Harris he was on his way down. He said it looked a gruelling course and predicted 6-7 misses would be a very good score. I got to the first lane on white course a 15mm and a 25mm up the side of the cliff face. Proper anti air craft shot. Just had chance to film a couple of lanes until battery ran out on GoPro. The marshals by this time were telling us we had to leave. https://gopro.com/v/qd0MLbDWzwMp Welcome Dinner and entertainment was interesting. We all gathered for the world's photo after that we were entertained by some locals dresssed up in traditional armour kicking the -excrement- out of each other. The main surprise was the Cannon they had don't think anyone was ready for when that went off. Dinner was nice https://gopro.com/v/N3PvROQ2RgE8 Comp day Thursday arrives early start grabbed some breakfast arrived at the ground. Got on plink all fine. Then we started the hike up what felt like a mountain with all the kit. It was an endurance test to say the least. I ain't the fittest of shooters I know a lot of people struggled getting to their start lanes. White course for us my partners were a young Australian chap called Ryan and a Polish guy called Darrius. First lane for me was a 50 yard target and a 53 into the quarry. Knocked them both over then pulled the strings up to check pellet strike on paddle. Both just slightly low of centre. Noted that carried on snatched a kneeler a couple of lanes later then missed a 40 yard full size kill for wind. Picked wrong edge the wind was swirling and tricky to read. Got to cliff face first shot was a reducer next was nearly full range in a very high posistion. I watch Simon Evans knock them both over. I sat down thought aim low in kill knock some clicks off? In the end I just aimed low in kill and knock them over. I was doing ok holding the 2 by this time we must have been 3.5 hours in. Loads of stoppages some took 20-25 mins to sort. I kept the rifle in a bag but keeping out of the sun was a challenge no big trees for cover. I was drinking loads to keep hydrated as soon as you drank water I was sweating it out. Looked at thermometer it was showing 36. Next lane was up hill standers a full size and a reducer double dink this lane. So that was me on 4 didn't see either of the misses. Next lane kneelers hit the short one missed the long one felt a good shot didn't see it land. Gimme lane next got those then kneelers double dink this both low. This was when I knew scope had moved again. I was under ranging by around 4-5 yards never seen this before on the March. But never had the scope this hot for this long a period. Portugal was hot but you could keep the rifle in shaded areas. Came off with 7 misses a little disappointed I didn't notice the scope move sooner. Never shot a course that was that intense before. After nearly 7 hours of shooting I was physical and mentally drained I made my way back down to the car park. A lot of people had issues and some surprising scores from some. As we were late coming off because of 28 stoppages in our session we new the Springers wouldn't get done in time. Friday we shot pm very hot morning set up on plinker and filled up with air. We got told that because the amount of target calls on day 1 no one would get a target checked if they call one today. Just a note added to the back of the score card. Then we got we were being delayed as the Springer shooters had to finish from the day before then go straight into there 2nd course. Another quick zero check then we made the hot journey back to our start lane 22 on the blue course. You could hear rumbles of thunder in the distance but it was baking hot again 34 on the thermometer. Cleared first lane then missed another kneeler this I snatched poor shot. Cleared next lane then missed a long downhill full length reducer. Didn't see it land by this time the clouds were forming overhead it was getting very dark. Dropped another as it started heavy raining looked a good shot but didn't go down. We carried on for another couple of lanes missed another reducer and a stander thats when the shoot was stopped. We congregated under the 1 gazebo and the chrono tent brolly. We waited for around 30mins but the rain was getting worse and rivers started flowing through the lanes. That's when the lightening started hitting the top of the cliff face. It was very close at times. The order was given to cancel the shoot. We all legged it down the hill got in the car and made our way back to the hotel. The drive home was extremely dangerous roads were flooding. Sergio called a meeting that evening to discuss what would happen. We all expected the shoot to be cancelled and to start the new course which would have been Black course the following day. Call the springers finished they had shot 100 targets. And make ours a 2 day shoot also. I got a call from Neil Thorneycroft at 21.20 asking me where my score card was. Neil was in the meeting I was having dinner with the mfta lads. I said I don't know were it is why? I guess it's with one of my shooting partners. Neil said the decision was made that we would would carry on the following day from our lanes we were on. If your score card is missing than all previous shots would count as zero (misses). I obviously said well that's a load of ***** Neil said that's the decision and its been passed unanimously. I said but the shoot was cancelled. Well after a pretty -excrement-ty nights sleep we were up at 6am had to be on the course for 8am. Not sure why when we had shot 18 shots already. And the Springer comp had finished. Rocked up at plink I found Darrius he had the score cards so it was all go. I probably wouldn't have bothered shooting if they had gone missing. As it was ######ing down a lot of people didn't shoot. Some were not happy with the decision to carry on some didn't want to get ###### wet through. Anyway first lane 45 yards and a full range missed first target that put me on 7 misses 6 from day before looked a good shot but it didn't fall. Passed chrono tent then onto kneelers again managed to get them. Next lane was 2 air craft shots double dinked them. Didn't see pellet on either at this point I had the dreaded what's the point anymore the comp had turned into a farce. But I thought it's a team event to and not let them down. Got my head down cleared next 25 targets missing my last target for 10 misses. Started a days shooting on 6 misses isn't ideal. Also I see it from the other side some people had some good scores in and didn't want to lose them. I did wonder afterwards a lot of people did not go through the chronograph on the last day. They had the day before but what was stopping them tweaking. I guess we all have to learn from this I am sure next year's World championships in England will be a great experience. Here's the awards congratulations to all the winners. https://gopro.com/v/6bplDzarGK8r
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    No doubt, soon as you mention Chrono in a post you can almost guarantee 14 pages of dribble. At least as far as SEFTA is confirmed this will be the first year we attempt to have the same Chrono at every event available to be used by all shooters prior to the event and then used on the course to register and record a legal shot. It’s also going to be calibrated against a LabRadar prior to use.
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    Slacker. A few intrepid Icenis went up the club and put out a new firing line ready to screw ourselves on the winter league. 😁
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    nothing less will do Darron . woody has been in contact to ask me to take it easy on him ??? HOLLY
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    Why should every club have to change targets just for a few cheats who will still try to cheat.
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    springer vet first and 8th overall. As I said, had a bad second day
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    The problem is, if you have a competition of 225 shooters in one session, like Poland, it only takes 1/10 people to call once, and that's 22 calls, and you have the same situation. So if you have a target which shooters think is faulty, for whatever reason, and keep calling, and it's not, but they keep calling, the yellow card doesn't do anything because if it's one target they won't make a second call. What we need to do is make shooters realise that calling a target (without clear confidence that it's faulty) gives them or others no benefit (which it can be used to do at the moment) and that overall it hinders the competition. So it doesn't need something hefty, just something that says "are you sure you want to call, because if it isn't faulty, you lose"... which might make a proportion think "hmm maybe it was a split, or maybe i didn't see it land"... and then not call. And obviously not sit in the lane having a debate about it either because that's now against the rules as well.
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    I guess that could be compensated for by high mounting the scope to flatten the trajectory at longer ranges?
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    My worry is if jack beats jack by one, how will the winner be decided? On countback? Or will jack have a shootoff against jack? Or will it cause an infinite loop in robot Shaun? Matt
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    Thats where we all going wrong boys and girls, we dont have the guidance of God that leups provided😁😂😂 https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/providence I hope he means provenance😁
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    And I larfed and larfed and larfed....
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    There's not that many up the trees, perhaps 3 from memory, there are some nice targets in tricky areas and by tricky I mean to read. I'll do a couple of videos on Saturday. I know Andy wasn't happy with the Inters course so I don't think we'll be seeing another "growler" because they are boring.
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    Prepare for some twisting and turning you cushion if Andy has anything to do with the layout of the course.
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    Its ok, the unofficial GP team had theirs supplied by a generous team member. (Again,for the 2nd year running) No really , dont thank him , he didnt mind .
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    If the person leading the GP series can't even get a hat there's not much hope for a region 😄
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    No, I distinctly remember you saying you were 'getting the GC2 ready for sale' or did you say GC2 but actually mean Anschutz after all to your befuddled nonce they probably do sound similar...
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    The heat was oppressive guys but that wasn’t a massive problem to me personally or no more than to anybody else except for the last 7 lanes of the last day when I was seeing double. The issue was that I was under ranging on the first day by 5 yards despite taking clicks off prior to the shoot starting. By the time I could see what was going wrong I.e. hitting the 6 o’clock edge of missing paint the damage was all done. Couple that with my clicks being out on the very many 15mm reducers it was just a nightmare. Day 2 I had time to sort my -excrement- out (I only had 20 mins on the day before the shoot) and had to overcome issues like filling from a bottle that had no gauge or bleed valve!. I moved my pointer to where it needed to be and day 2 and 3 were about ok. Lesson learned was get to a Mediterranean major at least 2 days before the Comp starts.
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    I think the scope is a bit of a giveaway. 😉
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    So we assume the other 8 were with the fleece on?? You missed more with it lol
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    41.. shot poorly on disciplines. I'll take it though after long flight back and being lagged!
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    Its working well mate, it's duplicating "n"s🤣🤣
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    A bit of an eye catching title, but it's aimed at a guest, a non-member, who seems determined to send Admin a response to every post he reads. So far he's sent a couple of hundred - YES, A COUPLE OF HUNDRED - responses over yesterday and today. He's using the option to report posts to admin so I'm swamped with these rubbish, one line comments. Join the f'ing forum or f-off, you troll! Apologies to the people who have figured out how to use the forum properly, but what this means is that all guest comments and queries have been banned. DaveL
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    Nobody is interested Rob . so there is nothing left to say . just glad everybody is happy . ??? HOLLY PS All i did was pass on an idea from SWEFTA that i thought was a good one . that would help some who might need it and encourage others to try it . i was not demanding action . this is a forum . you put forward ideas . they may be liked , they may not . someone else may add to it or point out errors in it . as has been seen . nobody on here thought it was a good idea . that's it . .
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    I have got one Dave . any way you must be an expert on big and heavy ??? HOLLY