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    Its working well mate, it's duplicating "n"s🤣🤣
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    A bit of an eye catching title, but it's aimed at a guest, a non-member, who seems determined to send Admin a response to every post he reads. So far he's sent a couple of hundred - YES, A COUPLE OF HUNDRED - responses over yesterday and today. He's using the option to report posts to admin so I'm swamped with these rubbish, one line comments. Join the f'ing forum or f-off, you troll! Apologies to the people who have figured out how to use the forum properly, but what this means is that all guest comments and queries have been banned. DaveL
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    Back in 1900 and frozen to death . i qualified for my first showdown . ( 18 times in all ) to do this you had to be in the top 6 i think it was at a GP . i learned that a GP was being held at a ground near luton off the old A5 Broomhills . the course was set by dave welham . it was a public shooting ground . so for two weeks before hand i drove down there to get the hang of the wind there . on various parts of the course . anyway , i did qualify . much to my and my shooting mates surprise . the showdown that year was held near manchester . i had to borrow a car to get there . my first round was with funny enough dave welham . he was a top name then .he beat me by two targets . so i went into the plate . i was not then a barrel cleaner . did not really know much about it . half way around the second course . the barrel went off and i hardly hit the plate after that . anyway i got my badge and away home i went . loved it . great atmosphere . one mistake and your out / yep good memory /?? HOLLY PS the next week at the club . i stapled a notice to one of the chairs in the club " SHOWDOWN QUALIFIERS CHAIR ONLY " when they saw it , the chucked the chair and me out the door .
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    And where do you get the idea I’m not skint Holls, I’ve got 5 kids and an 18th century Manor House that takes a lot of up keep! That’s before we even get talking about the holiday home in Barbados that needs staffing as well. If you think the Bentley runs itself think again. To he whom much is given much is required dear Holls.
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    Nobody is interested Rob . so there is nothing left to say . just glad everybody is happy . ??? HOLLY PS All i did was pass on an idea from SWEFTA that i thought was a good one . that would help some who might need it and encourage others to try it . i was not demanding action . this is a forum . you put forward ideas . they may be liked , they may not . someone else may add to it or point out errors in it . as has been seen . nobody on here thought it was a good idea . that's it . .
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    Agreed,Hertfordshire 100 and Ottmoor 80 were superb shoots .Is it me or did we all seem to enjoy more back in the day ?
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    I have got one Dave . any way you must be an expert on big and heavy ??? HOLLY
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    Yeah but you cant get those custom shops' anymore