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  1. Simone

    Airgunforum, what future?

    But didn't Nat offer to take it over? and I think a couple of people offered to help her out if she needed it with hosting / technical support.
  2. Simone

    Airgunforum, what future?

    Aw - can't be the end of the airgun forum :-(
  3. Simone

    Christmas wishes

    and likewise from us :-)
  4. Simone

    SEFTA Round 2 at Iceni....

    I heard it's going to be tough - lots of long targets, Keith came home this afternoon muttering something along those lines anyway. Ps - Has Mr Eaton been reading the Famous Five again?
  5. Simone

    Someone sell me an EV2

    good - prefer to see you laugh than be a miserable so and so, fancy a wager then?
  6. Simone

    Someone sell me an EV2

    Did you get one? the problem with anyone selling you an EV2 to replace your Daystate is that you would be unstoppable and my money would then be on you winning the sefta winter league your welcome to pop round here anytime though and have a play with my EV2.
  7. Simone

    etl website

    hopefully back soon
  8. First world problem Holly.
  9. Simone

    New BFTA Logo

    Ah sorry Graham, Keith hadn't spotted it at either of those rounds or in the hut at the ETL round and wasn't aware that a vote was due to take place. I'd be interested to know overall how many members would have voted for / against / abstain The SEFTA constitution doesn't mention that a show of hands by members present at a shoot is a way to make these kind of calls, perhaps it should.
  10. Simone

    New BFTA Logo

    Back to this... I noticed that the BFTA have adopted the proposed new logo and yet I don't believe there was a SEFTA vote - just a random show of hands from whoever happened to be queuing up for a brew at Iceni at the time. Bit naughty really, I'm a member of two clubs and I had a preference and neither club canvassed an opinion through the official constitutional channels as far as I'm aware.
  11. Simone

    Your favorite shoots?

    //Thankyou for that, he who used to be known as Mr DC Yes there was cute piggies at Pontypool but shooting off the top of a cliff-face edge in what appeared to be still conditions with red kites circling overhead was rather special. If you read this Mr Piemanlager and you happen to have any pics of the Pontypool ground please share :-) Simone
  12. Simone

    Your favorite shoots?

    Pontypool gets my favourite vote, friendly locals, amazing scenery and wildlife and a deceptive wind.
  13. Simone

    Sefta Winter League Round 8 @ Iceni

    Results from today should be up shortly.
  14. Simone

    New BFTA Logo

    Was Barry one of the designers?