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  1. draco

    A GINB and the WIFE

    which model number did you order and for which rifle Hol? ive not long had mine, a model 3 bullpup in sono oil finished for a s400 classic, all high polished ally bits as well, just a shame they have gone belly up.
  2. draco

    EV2 MK4 in poplar wood stock

    The pistol grip area is strengthened by an internal steel rod to prevent such incidents. The latest EVs all come with a palm shelf spacer to increase the depth for larger hands. I will pass on the adjustment concerns you mention. As for colour schemes we want peoples' opinions on what you would like to see. Also the poplar stock is lighter than the laminate version by almost 14 oz
  3. I am currently in posession (on test), of an ev2 mk4 with a poplar wood stock and have been asked to get comments and thoughts to pass on to bill sanders and if there is enough interest, then it will go into production. the wood is lighter than the standard laminate, and could be colour matched to each rifle. i will have it at rivingtons ground sunday 20th and at anstons on the 27th if anyone wants to see it in the flesh
  4. draco


    Really enjoyed today, great shoot, challenging course. Worth all those miles Thanks to everyone involved Dave and Paula
  5. draco

    Cheshire Air Rifle Club

    Macclesfield are still going Details can be found by going through tawdft.co.uk mailto:maccairgunclub@freeuk.com Hope this helps
  6. draco

    Camping at the Euro's

    Just seen Steve's note on the BFTA site Passes being posted today. It's to be hoped everyone gets them ok with this post dispute
  7. draco

    Camping at the Euro's

    Has anyone received their pass yet? Paula sent for them almost immediately after getting the envelopes from Tony, but no NorthWest members have received them as yet. Dave
  8. draco

    Gp 9 Photos

    "I think this was the award for the ugliest team, well done chaps." We were the lookers! You should've seen the rest
  9. draco

    GP6 Directions?

    I think Steve may be sending e-mails with directions and lane allocations, we received one today Dave
  10. draco

    1991 showdown final

    Yes Holly, you are right It was the year I had a shootoff with Richard Beaugie Dave Schofield
  11. draco

    GP1 Harriers

    have you broken your arm chris?
  12. draco

    GP1 Harriers

    A big thankyou to the Harriers crew for kicking off the GP season with a brilliant course. The weather was a bonus, blue skies and sunshine but with a very tricky wind. Roll on the next one Cheers Dave
  13. draco

    the worlds

    Doz There could be method in their madness? By the time the Worlds comes round to Wales or England, we'll all be that old we'll be on zimmer frames with advanced arthritis and the rest of the World competitors may be in with a chance!! Dave
  14. draco

    the worlds

    Well said Dorian, Wales should be at the top of the list. Dave
  15. draco

    the worlds

    If I remember correctly, this list was drawn up by the South Africans after the original controversy? Did anyone else have a say in the matter at the time or is everyone just going along with it? Dave