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  1. Well I will be letting rip this Sunday with my Ripper. She is back and all fixed. Seal in reg gone hard and brittle but now all good. Set up to 775fps with AA and the first shot 3 days later was also 775 the next 774 so all is we. Just need a 30yd target on Buccs zero range to check and I Will Finish this time.
  2. To me what makes a good Winter League course it that it was interesting. That does not necessarily mean challenging though. Targets positioned that make you think, they may not have to be long ones but one in the 40-50yd range that maybe catches the wind unexpectedly or is positioned that makes you start questioning yourself on the range. The trend for widely angled lanes is not something I like but the use of height and downhill shots are. Lifters make the higher ones easier but put a down hill one in and you get a bit of difficulty in scrunched up position. Reactive targets I like, those on barrels that clang when the target falls over.
  3. Carisbrooke Today .

    Yes also found out the range finder Holly uses measures a bit short by a few yards. A branch supposedly 58yds was actually about 56. A few larger trunks that have fallen down need clearing which opens up some possibilities of cracking longer lanes. If it's as cold as yesterday going to get a fire going.
  4. Carisbrooke Today .

    More work done today seeing no rifle to shoot as being serviced. Weather was rather mixed, sunshine, light rain and a 5 minute hail storm. But we got 8 more targets out, with another 3 or 4 that need a bit of clearing. A bit of bird watching done whilst drink tea with a robin, coal -breast-, finch and a male pheasant. Blizzard also out and about. Plenty of tea drunk but no cake. Hoping rifle might be back for next weekend.
  5. Lollipop targets

    Well we already have one. It has a part faceplate beneath the disc, triangle in shape. Try and get a picture during the week Holly and find somewhere to put it on the new course trial.
  6. Right Well it seems the ripper is a bit poorly. Checked the air in rifle and it was reading 150bar which might be about right as Hollys gauge on his bottle a bit sluggish. So crossed that off the list. Next, shots over the chronic and probably a bingo. First shot 649, followed by 655, 640, 649, 649, 655, 631, 640. Ok the next thing was a turn and a half on adjuster and got readings around 790. Went back and filled rifle back up to 160bar ( all left in bottle) and rechecked. Got a couple of shots around the 780 mark, dry fired 10 shots next pellet gave 660fps, another 10 and it's down to 630. Fired another 20 shots and the rifle started to dump air. So it needs a service. Thinking about it today it was last looked at about 7 years ago so it has lasted a good time. Going to give the man who did it back then and see if he can fit it in. Might have to use my Rapid for the next round if not back in time.
  7. Well today was a little learning experience, it has been a number of years since I shot in weather that bad and wet in the 1990's. However, it was my first ever DNF due to a mechanical. Started on a kneeling lane missed a 35yd low at 6 like just about on the edge of the kill. I put it down as me however the 2nd target at 25yd landed about 1/2" lower than the first. The next 2 targets the pellets landed at 6 hitting the chain on both. Got the next 2 by luck I think as aiming so 6" high. Missed the next 2 but by this time I was some 4-6" over the plate. I had just filled with air so not sure why its playing up. It sort of had the symptoms of the cylinder pressure being below the reg pressure. Called it a day but soldiered on marshall Steve Lucas (who finished on a 30) who was taking bit off the rifle to try and see through the scope. I will have to check things out next weekend. Leaving the rifle alone, well apart from drying and cleaning it after the soaking today, and see what the the pressure is in the rifle and what it does over a chrono.
  8. GC2 Action .

    It because know one was near you so no pressure. Some interesting new targets, 1 is a bit 2 long as over 55yds but I got it anyway. As always it will not stay the same by the the end of the year just trialling possible locations.
  9. shooting in the cold with a pcp!

    My Ripley does not seem to change much Summer to Winter. John Ostler replaced the o rings with ones that work over a wider temp range when it was serviced some years ago. The only thing I do notice in cold weather, such as near freezing, the shots go low after 35yds so have a dial mark for that which is about 4-6 clicks more.
  10. Messing with a Steyr .

    Barrel launching was quite spectacular for the bystanders.
  11. I wonder ?

    Well I do not think you will have much luck today. Its a bit wet, windy and snowy in places on the rock today according to the weather reports I have seen.
  12. Who Got What , Christmas Day ?

    Mine nice and simple. More beer to try.
  13. Position and hold

    Tractor used to move a pallet, unlike when you had to get the tractor to tow you out of the field.
  14. Position and hold

    Just a slight sliding moment whilst trying reverse out the field. Did not open the gate wider enough to have enough room to swing the front at the right time. Only problem there was a few pallets that got in the way and the ground to sloppy and supply to be able to drive forward again. Anyway Holly I was just enjoying the day out. Managed to get through about 200 pellets with my Rapid. Still shoots well even when its 17 years old.
  15. Carisbrooke christmas shoot .

    Now what Holly has not mentioned was his score. He is now calling it an 'Andy' shoot, missed loads on the way round. With handicaps the scores were Mark 27 Bazza 27 Me 24 Glynn 23 Alan 22 Holly 21. Rain started about 1230 as me and Bazza had 3 lanes to go. I dropped both of the last standers as rushing to finish. As Holly said much tea and cake eaten. The leaving though started with the hunt for a car key, found on the car roof, then the escape from the field with Glynn getting stuck a few times requiring a push and others reversing across to get out of the field. Wwas getting a bit slippy y then. Might be the last time driving across until the new year. Everyone had a great Christmas and have better shooting next year.