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  1. With all the wind I am wondering if there may be unplanned changes needed due to tree movements. Anyway ladders and trees this weekend hopefully and the hillside will be persuaded to do what I ant it to do. Might even remember to get a teaser picture or two.
  2. Sneaking a day off yesterday I could see even the larger trunks moving about a foot. It's luck when they move and not really 'cricket' as they say. He got a shock Weds when he came across on of the newly placed 15mm targets. Got a few more ideas to try Sunday weather permitting. We let Holly loose on his new standing lane yesterday and he manages to clear the undergrowth to the wrong gate. Then once correct, unwound the string to the wrong gate. After he left I corrected it and added it partner. 1 lane with its newly positioned target is being changed from a sitter to a kneeling one. So over the next few weeks the final positions are being decided on. The mk1 eyeball ranging I think is giving just under 40yd course average. Just wish the brambles would die back.
  3. Yes but limited by tree swing. Can not have moving targets. Besides had a thought this afternoon and will put into action on Sunday.
  4. It's ladder time Sunday to remove the few up the trees and replace them with serviced ones. Dropping some more round to Melv tonight which might come back Sunday to get put out again. Also take down another half dozen for servicing.
  5. Nope Holly, the full fat version. Need all the vitamins and minerals as it was rather warm out there today. There are quite a few targets still to put out, you will need to keep an eye on the strings. Its mainly on the right side as you go in that I have tweaked for the moment. Your long stander has a target on it as well.
  6. I had a day booked off today and so knowing I would be the only one at the club I knew I could get some work done. Now course building is something I really enjoy doing, trying to catch out those that will be attending, not by putting loads of long targets (makes for a boring course) but using the ground as best we can. Using the terrain, trees and shrubs that can move and switch the wind direction whilst also making it interesting but not a chore. So I did some tinkering yesterday after Holly had headed home, and today I did some more. One of my bug bears which is crossing strings, nothing worse than seeing the orange string going up and down across the kill of the target aiming at. Still got a couple that cross but they can be kept out of the way. So I moved about 6 targets into some new positions yesterday and today, and a dozen taken down ready for Winter League cleaning and servicing, Also moved couple of the longer targets as from our trials we had 11 over 50yds which is to many. Now I have now doubt that Holly will make his opinion know when I see him again on Sunday. There are quite a few leaves now dropping off the trees so of the moved ones might get affected by it or not. Only problem is I have now sat down, the muscles in my legs have decided that 2 days of work they are now going to do any more. I think a nice real ale is in order.
  7. AndyIoW

    I Fear A Rule Change is Imminent!!

    Will take a picture if I remember this weekend.
  8. AndyIoW

    I Fear A Rule Change is Imminent!!

    Quite agree Rob. Think from memory the last 3 years whistles have been for tangled strings, brambles have that habit, mainly. Can only think of 1 round over those years that was for a target. I go through a what went well, what can be improved process after every WL shoot held at Carisbrooke. Checking of targets the day before and the morning if it definitely helps minimise the dreaded whistle.
  9. AndyIoW


    Got some 10.5 Premiers, cudda match some where, magnums as well I think.
  10. AndyIoW

    I Fear A Rule Change is Imminent!!

    Colin it's me against the course setters. I have seen marks on the faceplate that look like pellet hits but know it probably a split. I did a GP in the 90s that I had about 16 splits and none went down. That was nearly half of my total for the day, it was obviously not my day that day.
  11. AndyIoW

    Desperation ?

    Would use BAR but they charged extra for delivery to IoW via Parcel Force. JSR do not and use Parcel Force.
  12. AndyIoW

    I Fear A Rule Change is Imminent!!

    In our Winter League shoots over the last 3 years we have only has 1 whistle a year 2 for strings getting tangled up and the other a chrono. I get there early and check every target with a checker and mention it at safety brief ie they have been checked so they will fall over so if it does not you have split it. On the chrono year we had a new Marshall and we specifically said if your called for a problem blow the whistle when you get there. Problem was chrono not switched on but we praised him for following our instructions. From my memory I have never called a target. It either falls over or does not. However at Far Coley I mentioned to my partners that I had missed a target that fell over. Hit it high on the plate. They marked it as a hit anyway but acknowledged my sportsmanship.
  13. AndyIoW

    Prize ?

    I think the badge was for your 1st in Open at Devon. I can not say if you have something else due for your final place at the end in Open. I left early as needed to get home. Any questions use the contact us link on the BFTA website and ask.
  14. AndyIoW

    Far Coly ?

    Well nearly home and I enjoyed the course but not my shooting. Got every long standers missed all the close ones. 25% on the kneelers. Double dinked 6 lanes including a positional. Rest were wind edge goes other side or split not going down. Some needed 2 kills whilst the next needed 1/2 kill other way. Also managed to shoot a wrong target. Each lane had 2 of the same type. Range found on a crow, shot the rabbit on the previous lane which I missed first time. Would go again. Bomb hole half filled in and only missed the short stander, the last target, of the 3 lanes there.
  15. AndyIoW

    Far Coly ?

    Not in the running for anything, apart from being Hollys collect and deliver driver this weekend. Never been there, a bit like Anston, i am just going to enjoy the shoot. If my name, unlikely, comes out the raffle then all the better. Let the rain stay away until I have shot.