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  1. What you forgot to mention is that Woody cleared them all. Enjoyed the course and to be honest, I found it difficult to read the wind. Leaves gently falling gave you an idea but not the strength wise. Gave my first 50+ about 30mm outside right of kill to watch it land the same outside on the left, it was only my second target. Got 50% of the positionals, only the close ones though. Enjoyed the course and the conditions made you work for every target. I finished on 27, should have been a 28 but forgot to dial a reducer after shooting a 50+ one on the lane before.
  2. Nope it's 1030 so us from the rock can get there. That's of course the ferry actually manages to navigate between E Cowes and Soton safely.
  3. There will be when you get there.
  4. Weather permitting a little comp on Sunday Holly? Melv and Mark not there this weekend.
  5. Right, out today to have another go at the course, wind a lot stronger than last weekend. Not all targets had strings as we had brought some in. So there was 34 targets. Clear for the first 9 targets, and first miss was on the Phoenix at 52yds, gave it outside edge as string blowing around needed none. Next miss was 6 targets later, a short kneelers jerked trigger missed low. Moved to the lane that was the first in the comp. 55yd rat gave it outside edge went straight which was surprising. Got the next 2 missed the 43yd kneelers, hit the plate which was better than last time. Next miss was a 52yd one, gave about 1" outside kill and watched the pellet lane 4" out other side. Had another couple of shots at it and it moved anything from 0 to 2" -5" but strings seemed to be hardly moving. Double dunked the next lane 35 25mm and a 49yd. Missed right on the 25mm and left on the long. Gave 2" outside edge landed about 1/4" outside left. Then cleared the next 3 lanes. Total missed 7 out of 32. Happy with most of shots apart from a couple. With the wind as strong as it was, surprised now little some targets took. More practice needed for North Oxon in two weeks time.
  6. Crows nest was probably above fog. Really should have asked Holly to talk at end of jetty.
  7. The same as me Holly. Got all my standers just missed 3 of the 4 kneelers one by a country mile with a twitch. Anyway loads of tea and biscuits consumed yesterday, and free breakfasts for those stuck on ferry. Glad to hear positive feedback on the course, goes to prove you don't always need rafts of long targets. Hieght and direction changes can make the difficulty. Course bar 1 target will stay out for a few months.
  8. Also Terry Holt with a 38.
  9. AndyIoW

    A little Bird ?

    Want to do them.all next year. Make a weekend of it by having long weekends to see some of the area near the shoots and try the local ales in rhe evenings.
  10. Depends on what forecast you look at. MetCheck is now saying 4-5mph. Netweather says 7-10mph We will just have to see on Saturday.
  11. AndyIoW

    FWB 800X

    Got a picture somewhere of the state of ground, rifles and shooters.
  12. AndyIoW

    GC2 Action .

    Quite agree Rob. My Ripley gives me with about 10fps the same Summer and Winter. Its just me that's screwing it all up.
  13. AndyIoW

    OH YES .

    Abbots would be nice, not tried any of the others. Had some Swannay Dark Munro Ale last week and was nice A dark Amber ale just about see through it when held up to the light. Off the classic Buses and Beer Festival next Saturday, so not sure what time I will be there Sunday lol. Its a good job we have now decided on the targets to use in 2 weeks times. Hoping for a dry day but slightly more wind than the last few days.
  14. AndyIoW

    OH YES .

    Jon our ground is quite limited in size that we can use. About 25% is very boggy and difficult to get to. We use what we can and every year the course is different. We used some of the line planned for this year 2 years ago but it has been extended at one end. Areas that you think are sheltered sometimes are not because trees have fallen and open the area up. Our zero range can have nothing up to 50yds then it moves or the indications show a l-r wind and it goes further left. Low targets take very little but get over 2ft up and it is very changeable. Last year we had a 15mm at 24yds, a very light breeze ( forecast and the day before had been 10-15mph) but very little movement of the string yet you needed to give about 5-10mm left to knock it down. It was one that Simon Evans dropped as a visitor for the weekend.
  15. AndyIoW

    OH YES .

    Sorry I never used the 'long' ladder yesterday. Only 9 higher targets i know off and some of those bring them up to gate high positions. It might use it next weekend?