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  1. Target Colours

    When Carisbrooke do the Winter League we use alternate yellow and white faceplates on lanes or lane 1 both are yellow lane 2 both white etc. Yes it is more work but being able to set things during the year help. The lighter faceplate help target location especially for those new to sport. To many times I have been timed out because a black faceplate in shadow just dissappeared.
  2. Is it just me or has our great Holly been working on the side abroad? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1480228725431702/permalink/1639675599487013/ The image in my eyes looks like like Holly with a Bullpup( his Shultz).
  3. Kilty's Bean Bags

    No it was him trying to fill his new one. I had no issues filling my 2 new ones. 1.5cu FT of beans in each with a very small handful of beans spilt due to static charge. 1 will be getting it's trial by fire this weekend at Rivington.
  4. 3d printed windicator

    Matt, this is Holly we are talking about if it can get broken he can do it. I mean, he is the only person I know that has launched a barrel 4ft down range. I watched it happen as well. Took a while to stop laughing.
  5. Kilty's Bean Bags

    And so did the ground at the club. I spilt a handful filling my bag up whilst you made a snowy scene at the club. You needed more practice.
  6. Grandad ?

    It takes just the mention of cake an he forgets everything. Besides ballistic technology stuff is more confusing to him than how to take a rifle apart or which barrel goes furthest. Waiting to hear what today's episode of his club visit will be.
  7. Grandad ?

    Not yet a job for one evening maybe or a weekend one.
  8. Grandad ?

    I had two shots through the chrono only because I was interested in what the Labradar said but it was not switched on when I got there. Went through at 772fps 1st time and 768fps second. With the second the Labradar gave me a reading of 774fps. Took a picture and recalculated the bc for my rifle which came to 0.0181.
  9. Springfield GP

    I would like to thank you and well done to Springfield for a great course. Plenty of variation in angles, elevation and a wind that was very fickle at times. I missed to many for being either too brave or not brave enough finishing on 32. 4 I missed where for miss ranging, 3 on positional (the 2 long keepers and the short t10 stander) which I take all standing. The rest either 3 or 9 misses. Worse part for me was the last 2 lanes in the field and the first 3 in the wood. Hit only 1 of these (t3) and compleyely missed t1. Practise next week for round 3 at Rivington.
  10. So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    That will be Tuesday as the PO will be shut.
  11. Follow through....

    Is that where your socks are?
  12. The Regional's .

    Yes Holly but the weekend in Saturday and a Sunday. Your retired so everyday is either a Saturday or a Sunday. No wonder you get so confused at times
  13. New H&N barracuda FT

    Had a go with 20 liberated from Holly today. I tried AA first, which is my usual pellet, to get some 5 shot groups for side to side. These are running at 777fps. Tried the H&N and these ran at 705fps and in my Ripley dropped about 3" lower for the same dial mark and moved about the same as the AA at 55yds. Group size about the same but to be honest I think, for me, would need to try them in some stronger wind.
  14. The SteyWhei

    Well it has snowed so you can stay at home in the warm.
  15. You can be hard to get it right Monty but i really enjoyed it. If the rifle had been set up properly I might have got I the low 30s. I did not think it was to long myself. Cleared the 1st 3 lanes it was just the next 10 that the wheels sort of fell off.