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    So where is our hero?

    Still trying to defrost from Sunday probably.
  2. AndyIoW

    The Shutz Barrel

    Yes, mostly today I was missing targets. 35yd edge will do and pellet lands other side. Hmm ok next target is a 53yd. best give it 3" off edge, missed as it went straight. As it practice I will go down the middle, nope missed left, I think out of 20 targets I shot I hit 6. Really did my head in. After tea or two I tried the top lanes, well even worse up there. Very little wind felt on the face so for a 35yd 1" I gave edge however needed another inch out. The 51yd squirrel needed over 4" from left edge to knock it down. Really confusing as strings and feathers not really moving that much. Always next week for more practice.
  3. Well a good course today, with a wind that was definately sneaky. I mean you gave nothing for a 52yd but blown across a 45yd. The squirrel in the open area needed probably 2 kills right to get near centre going by my shot. 1 inch right outside kill pellet lands 1/2 inch from.left side of plate. Next lane a 49yd yd down the middle, next about 47yd outside right. Standers I hit 3 kneelers I hit 1. To many give edge hits edge, inside edge outside other edge. 6 of my misses from.sitters and landed on the edges. Finished on a 26 but quite happy given the conditions.
  4. So as the end of the year draws to an end it has got me thinking. Over the summer I did 7 GP's of which 3 were completely new grounds I had never shot at before. Those being Nelson, Anston and Far Coley. Winter League so far has been quite variable but it does seem if I am relaxed and just enjoying the banter then I seem to do quite well. I mean the last 2 rounds I have been relaxed and got in the 80% 'S. Let me hope it carries on for the rest of the league. Anyway may all your pellets fly true and have a good New Year.
  5. Well I enjoyed the course seems a lot of things went right for me today. No Holly so a quiet trip. Hit all kneelers standing Hit only 1 standers but got two as a faceplate hit on the other and it fell over. Missed only 2 others due to wind drift. Finished on a 36 and beat Bazzas 35. Pity the wind did not join us.
  6. No Andy said he believes he has found why he was missing high on standers. Time will tell. However digging out the old thermals ready.
  7. AndyIoW

    The Shutz Barrel

    Yes but if 8ts lighter he can launch it further with his quick release barrel mechanism
  8. AndyIoW

    The Shutz Barrel

    I believe his Mark 2 version will happen. Just not sure when, I thought gimpies had quick change barrels. Talking of barrels, and slightly off topic, does anyone do thicker than 16-18mm and not sleeved. A couple of us have a crazy idea, and no it is nothing to do with Holly either, but just need to source a 20-25mm diameter .177 barrel.
  9. AndyIoW

    Main shoot rules

    Whilst I enjoyed all the GPs I did this year none seemed to need long targets. For me the bits that stood out. Rivington - windy but some great targets hit Nelson - HOT East Devon - great mixture but warm Bisley - never shot the last 5-8 lane area before. Far Coley - The pond and bomb hole Anston - Never been but will. Shock of 2 sub 35yds on a lane had us looking for the standing sign. Springfield - Seeing labradar chrono in action
  10. AndyIoW

    CSFTA winter league Bisley 25 / 11 18

    The wind was either a steady breeze or nothing. With everything being wet not much moved indicating what it was doing. When you thought there was something nothing happened but even on the same land you got different amounts. 1 lane had around a 40 then a near 55 yd targets. I got both but the shorter was inside edge the longer i gave about nearly 3" outside edge to get it.
  11. AndyIoW

    CSFTA winter league Bisley 25 / 11 18

    Cheers Cliff, good shooting today in a typical Bisley wispy wind. Note to self, need to practice the standers more only got 3/8 today missed 3/4 of the short positionals. Also need to get routine sorted as loaded 2 pellets on two lanes resulting on a miss. Great to shoot round with Dave C today. Bragging rights are even today with Holly but I get a point more on the handicap. Enjoyed the course today, plenty of long ones which went down. When.i look at the misses 5 positionals, 4 for wind (3 not enough and 1 to much) and one for poor technique. A little break before Buccs in 3 weeks.
  12. AndyIoW

    So You Want A Gary Cane Bull Pup ?

    Pulling you into a false sense of winning Holly. Besides I had been busy the few days before so was tired.
  13. What you forgot to mention is that Woody cleared them all. Enjoyed the course and to be honest, I found it difficult to read the wind. Leaves gently falling gave you an idea but not the strength wise. Gave my first 50+ about 30mm outside right of kill to watch it land the same outside on the left, it was only my second target. Got 50% of the positionals, only the close ones though. Enjoyed the course and the conditions made you work for every target. I finished on 27, should have been a 28 but forgot to dial a reducer after shooting a 50+ one on the lane before.
  14. Nope it's 1030 so us from the rock can get there. That's of course the ferry actually manages to navigate between E Cowes and Soton safely.
  15. There will be when you get there.
  16. Weather permitting a little comp on Sunday Holly? Melv and Mark not there this weekend.
  17. Right, out today to have another go at the course, wind a lot stronger than last weekend. Not all targets had strings as we had brought some in. So there was 34 targets. Clear for the first 9 targets, and first miss was on the Phoenix at 52yds, gave it outside edge as string blowing around needed none. Next miss was 6 targets later, a short kneelers jerked trigger missed low. Moved to the lane that was the first in the comp. 55yd rat gave it outside edge went straight which was surprising. Got the next 2 missed the 43yd kneelers, hit the plate which was better than last time. Next miss was a 52yd one, gave about 1" outside kill and watched the pellet lane 4" out other side. Had another couple of shots at it and it moved anything from 0 to 2" -5" but strings seemed to be hardly moving. Double dunked the next lane 35 25mm and a 49yd. Missed right on the 25mm and left on the long. Gave 2" outside edge landed about 1/4" outside left. Then cleared the next 3 lanes. Total missed 7 out of 32. Happy with most of shots apart from a couple. With the wind as strong as it was, surprised now little some targets took. More practice needed for North Oxon in two weeks time.
  18. Crows nest was probably above fog. Really should have asked Holly to talk at end of jetty.
  19. The same as me Holly. Got all my standers just missed 3 of the 4 kneelers one by a country mile with a twitch. Anyway loads of tea and biscuits consumed yesterday, and free breakfasts for those stuck on ferry. Glad to hear positive feedback on the course, goes to prove you don't always need rafts of long targets. Hieght and direction changes can make the difficulty. Course bar 1 target will stay out for a few months.
  20. AndyIoW

    A little Bird ?

    Want to do them.all next year. Make a weekend of it by having long weekends to see some of the area near the shoots and try the local ales in rhe evenings.
  21. Depends on what forecast you look at. MetCheck is now saying 4-5mph. Netweather says 7-10mph We will just have to see on Saturday.
  22. AndyIoW

    FWB 800X

    Got a picture somewhere of the state of ground, rifles and shooters.
  23. AndyIoW

    GC2 Action .

    Quite agree Rob. My Ripley gives me with about 10fps the same Summer and Winter. Its just me that's screwing it all up.
  24. AndyIoW

    OH YES .

    Abbots would be nice, not tried any of the others. Had some Swannay Dark Munro Ale last week and was nice A dark Amber ale just about see through it when held up to the light. Off the classic Buses and Beer Festival next Saturday, so not sure what time I will be there Sunday lol. Its a good job we have now decided on the targets to use in 2 weeks times. Hoping for a dry day but slightly more wind than the last few days.