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  1. yana

    intrest in postal competitions?

    Now translated the rules into english! http://www.123website.nl/luchtwapens/141272845
  2. Hi all I just started up postal competitions here in Holland. For now we have: - benchrest 10 and 25m (now running!) - 10m rifle - 10m pistol and 6 yrd pistol 2 classes, Target and Spring, except for the 6 yrd competition.(Spring only). 20 shots. I hope to add Vintage and 5 shot AP in the future. If there's intrest, I'd be happy to translate my page, the rules etc in english.. You can have a looksee for now at: http://www.123website.nl/luchtwapens
  3. yana

    CO2 potential

    CO2 isnt very suitable for high powers really. Its at its best at matchlevels, 7.5J/6Ftp imo. More power and co2 looses its inherent capability to self-adjust to pressure changes etc (keeping the co2 constant by boiling off). hence make it less consistent over less shots,and give less shots overall. So for 12Ftp power, of more, take a springer or pcp. And yés, I ám a co2 fan, especially 12gr bulbs, but for 7.5J use only.
  4. yana

    FWB Shotgun.

    Checked barrel for rust? A brush will do little or nothing for lead. Use felts and check for browns underneath the blacks. Checked probe seals etc? You tried RWS Superdomes? Might be worth a try..
  5. yana


    What pellets do you use?
  6. yana

    Pistol choice

    I have 3 Tau 7's and love them to bits! I shoot best with those, better than with my pcp's(morini, hammerli, aeron)! Bút they fit ME like a glove! About the Tau 7:pro's and con's: - finish (blacking?)is mediocre - prone to leaking (valveseal), even new, but easy fix - only 1 gripsize, about Medium - grip not adjustable in angle - they're steel so prone to rust, outside AND inside (barrel); no prob, use lubed pellets - for adding weights etc, you must remove and re align front sight. Thats annoying - also useable with bulbs so no bulkfill needed! - newly made, so part availability should be fine - greatgreat shooters, suberb value for money.(shootingwise)!!! What to check for with Tau: rust, outside and barrel, loading port spring (musnt open with shot), try to get yrself a 7 Sport or Target, they have better barrels and trigger than the standard. Also, they're made from the 80's, newer one's usually better than old types. Try to get the Tau compensator for it, they like it. Check for leaking. I dont know the Fwb C25, but I did have an older Steyr co2 pistol. Far less prone to rust. Less prone to leaking. Better finish. Different gripsizes available. BUT it will be out of date (cilinder). No problem with that with Tau with non-detachable cilinder! Part availability?? Bulkfill needed for FWB!
  7. yana

    Mainspring moly grease recommendations

    Many car DIY shops sell moly no problem.
  8. Throw away the Raptors, use decent pellets, and yr problem is probably solved. As a bencher you should know that each gun has specific ammo it likes..Thats not Raptors for sure, those are rubbish..;)
  9. yana

    The Edge 10 Metre Target Rifle

    AA S200 is too light and very small. I bought a NEW Walther LG300 pcp for 800 euro's in germany. Top buy! I'd rather have an older sechand matchgun than the MPR. As its an MPR, its not perfectly suited for anything.. I myself dont like the SSP's, they cock harder than sidelevers, also wrong way around. From the sidelevers, the Diana 75 shoot better than the FWB300 imo. The Diana is 'more dead' to shoot and doesnt twang. The CO2's are also worth looking at, the FWB C60, the Walther CG90, etc. Recoilless, just as accurate as any.
  10. UK is max 12Ftp for airrifle! The T05 triggers of Diana are fine. And easily tuned as well. Never heard 1 brake either, its between the ears..;)
  11. Dont think all 2010 models have the T06 trigger. Anyway, my 31 Pro is the most accurate springer at 25m I ever had ór háve. That includes tuned and very expensive one's! Downsides of the 31 Pro: - its very frontheavy, the barrelweight really screws up the balance. Bút if you alter yr stance to suit it, its very stable - squeeks a bit, as all diana's, its bonedry internally - barrel lockup not/very hard to revise should it become necessary - VERY hold sensitive But better finished and better trigger than Gamo!
  12. yana

    Breech seal problems

    Maybe to release excess pressure after the shot? Te prevent the seal from flying out after opening the barrel? Didnt theoben have a similar thing on the Eliminator? Or perhaps its easier to fit?
  13. Why no FT: - dont have the rig, I use smaller scopes and usually springers. Dont like the hightech attitude you usually see - cant practise the 55yrd and cant practise outdoors. Our range is max 25m AND indoors - see - above; hence travelling times too long - if I take up something I REALLY want to go for it. In FT you'll have to practise FT position, kneeling, standing, wind, rangefinding, etc. Too much time gets into that. I prefer a static discipline. Only 1 stance to practise. Airpistol for instance.
  14. yana

    Breech seal problems

    You checked for burrs etc? Maybe it sticks out to far where it damages. Is its seating evenly?
  15. yana

    Tau 7 Piercer tightness.

    Just screw it on by hand, get the tool, screw it untill you hear the CO2 hiss. Than stop or a tad tighter to make sure the CO2 has a large enough hole. The fillercap for the bottle I screw on tight, to prevent it from loosening with the bottle at the end of the fill