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  1. springboy

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    Are you shooting this year. Be nice to see you back again.
  2. springboy

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    That still wouldn’t stop him.
  3. springboy

    SEFTA Winter League Trophies.

    With our new members and the raft of 9015’s let’s hope it’s Springfield. Oh and of course Wardy!!!
  4. springboy

    The Winter League Is A Coming ?

    As ready as I’ve always been. Gun. Check. Pellets. Check. Big coat. Check. That’s me ready
  5. springboy

    Can the standard silhouette be improved?

    I think this is definitely the way to go
  6. springboy

    Can the standard silhouette be improved?

    We were discussing this at the club last week and it seems that this would be the best solution. The only problem being is that clubs would have to buy new targets.
  7. springboy

    Selling my spare Shutz

    Get Grandad to give it some bling. He’s the bling king
  8. springboy


    You’ll be using them soon and we’ll all be doomed if we don’t use them lol
  9. springboy


    Best to run them around 710 to be on the safe side. I put them through mine and they were spitting them out at 728,too hot for my liking. Didn’t want to drop power as it’s only doing low 11’s with 8.4’s
  10. springboy

    Desperation ?

    Gerald Cardew used to swear by them.
  11. springboy

    Desperation ?

    They can only use what’s been issued to them. If the BFTA wants to buy each region one of those super duper chronos then all well and good but in reality we know it’s not gonna happen,so it’s a case of use what’s available. At least it shows some sort of responsibility towards the law
  12. springboy

    I Fear A Rule Change is Imminent!!

    It’s a bit like footballers rolling around on the floor after getting tapped in the ankle. You’ll find some nations worse than others.
  13. springboy


    I think the BC is quoted at 0.031. Maybe that’s why when I tried them ,they were only about 5 clicks difference at 55 yards.
  14. springboy

    Desperation ?

    There’s another pellet gonna hit the market soon from H&N for you to try Dave. Barracuda 9.7gr. Being tested at the mo and getting good groups at 50+ yards. They are pre production batches so what the final batches will be like is anyone’s guess.
  15. springboy

    Desperation ?

    He put them over the chrono and they were around the 836-840 mark. I put them through my PT and was getting 810.