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  1. springboy

    New Scope

    At that price would it convince people to move away from the tried and tested Big Nikko?
  2. springboy

    Yin Tong pellets....

    It’s been proven time and time again. Head size is nonsense,it’s the batch that makes a difference. When you get a tin of 4.52’s and there are a mixture of anything between 4.49-4.55 it says a lot really. Best way is to just try them in your barrel.
  3. springboy

    And so my friends, the end is near....

    I heard the same at iceni. Although nothing certain just hearsay
  4. springboy

    And so my friends, the end is near....

    Does seem to have flown by this year.
  5. springboy

    SEFTA Regional Team & Kit . Prizes .

    Didn’t anyone tell you Dave. All the SEFTA team will be getting fully sorted 9015’s with 80x March scopes but keep it under your hat!! 😉
  6. springboy

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Yes it was a tad windy today. I was happy with my 31 which was better than last weeks efforts with less wind. I found the wind to be predidictable which helped a bit
  7. springboy

    World Class Veterans....

    Blooming heck. I’m only 5 years off that. Where has the years gone 😱
  8. springboy

    SEFTA WL Round 5 at Springfield...👍

    Yes but we’ve got our new secret weapon. After coming out of retirement he’s putting in some very decent scores. I think he’s looking to get his name on the Kent open shield again
  9. springboy

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Another contender for a March?
  10. springboy

    The Pellets ?

    Those are the same as the ones Ron at our club had the other week. He gave grandad a few to try in his 800. They looked well made but the skirts where thicker than average.
  11. springboy

    The Pellets ?

  12. springboy

    The Pellets ?

    Anyone got a pic of the lid?
  13. springboy

    What did you get for Christmas .

    After 30 years you’re finally getting a new pair
  14. springboy

    What did you get for Christmas .

    I don’t understand how anyone can shoot them. Just line them up with a pencil. Easy!