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  1. springboy

    Their has Been A terrible error ?

    Ooh very sneaky. Using your grade as a get out clause 😂
  2. springboy

    So, East Devon....

    More like a camel,if you only had a couple of sips between lanes
  3. springboy

    Their has Been A terrible error ?

    Good shooting Dave.
  4. springboy

    The challenge of East Devon

    Get one of Kilty’s big bean bags now 6” is allowed to use in comps. You’ll get your feet nice and flat with one of those
  5. springboy


    It’s not about putting my hand in my pocket,it’s just that I’ve got everything I need at the mo and I’m quite happy with what I’ve got. Oh an of course having a wife that wants 2 holidays a year lol
  6. springboy

    BL00DY Typical

    It has been known to have a prescription lens put into a lens cover at the ocular end of the scope. A bit long winded but if it’s what you’ve always wanted,it maybe worth a punt
  7. springboy


    What’s it for Dave? Have you thought of cerecote? Hard wearing and weather proof. It’s getting quite popular now. This bloke has good reviews from people. He may do anodising as well http://www.liquidsteeldesigns.co.uk/air-rifles/lsd-custom-air-rifles/results1-0
  8. springboy

    You Tube ?

    Have you noticed whenever he starts at a company the prices go sky high. Look at daystate, they used to be pretty affordable,on par with air Arms then they went mental prices. Their latest one is nigh on £3,000
  9. springboy

    New baby for SEFTA.....

  10. springboy

    You Tube ?

    First clue was their domain name was up for grabs. When someone enquired about it,they confirmed it was true. Even though expensive I was quite looking forward to getting the T16 myself. Wonder what Tony is gonna do now?
  11. springboy

    New baby for SEFTA.....

    It’s very nice isn’t it. He’ll be in the plink shed for 6 months setting it up 😂
  12. springboy

    The Return of Wardy ?

    I know 😂😂😂. We both have this evil streak to annoy each other 🤣🤣🤣
  13. springboy

    The Return of Wardy ?

    Make sure it’s proper ham on the bone and not the rubbish in plastic packaging. Be good to see your shooting again where you should be,other than open grade.