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  1. Anschutz Tinkering....

    Some have been using graphite powder in springers with good results. Super slippery and stays on the piston A very long time more than molly

    It’s ok we’re used to John Chopping doing that anyway lol

    My hero!!! ???
  4. Thank You PPI ?

    You bringing it to Springfield in May?
  5. That was a good ground. I’ve shot there a couple of times.
  6. Thank You PPI ?

    Is this gonna be the new must have that we all should own ?
  7. Grading

    Very true. I think jack came 49th.
  8. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    The bloke from GINB was working on a pcp that had a cylinder that was threaded shallow to allow for more volume and it blew the filler valve off into his hand and smacked him in the head. He was laid up in hospital for a bit,it was a third party cylinder he was working on but it goes to show there are people out there that claim to be gunsmiths but are just chancers
  9. Grading

    It’s all about knowing your kit. You’ve said it before,he’s in a position where he can’t afford to spend time getting used to new kit. He’s at the top of his game and that’s where he wants to stay,so if he shoots a new rifle/scope and takes a while to get used to it,it won’t look good.
  10. Grading

    You’re correct Rob but it’ll be the same for you. You’re an AA shooter no two ways about it but with the new grading you’re in A and probably a better shot than someone that is an A grader so you can probably understand how some of them may feel. It’s the same for all grades. Personally I’ll just shoot in whatever grade I’m put in but to have just 38 AA grade shooters in the whole of the country is a bit strong
  11. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    Dont know where he got one for £299. A quick search brought up two prices £489 and £435
  12. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    Usually with these Chinese guns is that you think you’re getting a bargain but by the time you fettle it to shoot properly you’re not much better off then buying the real mackoy. Then there’s the fact if you want to sell it on it’s still a Chinese copy made from monkey metal.
  13. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    Slowly introduce them to HFT. We have both at our club and it works ok.
  14. Grading

    The problem is that there are people that maybe 0.5 or 1% missed out on AA like yourself are now in A competing against A grade shooters that would never be in AA ,myself included. So in that respect it’s a little unfair. Even though on paper it looks like everyone is in A,in reality they’re still good enough to be in AA,it’s just the goal posts have been moved. Not having a dig at you Dave but you said it yourself. You were barely in AA but you were AA and you are capable of giving any of the top shots a run for their money and you have in the past.
  15. Grading

    There’s a ton of shooters in ungraded A. Even sir Nick