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  1. springboy

    Anschutz Andy....

    It may have an 8 in it but what will be in front?
  2. springboy

    Progress ?

    Giving you a strimmer are they? 😂
  3. springboy

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Yeah I’ve heard there’s gonna be an FTP replacement. Which means they will get feed back from the people that actually shoot them in anger,then totally ignore them and release something that needs money thrown at it
  4. springboy

    Wind and Deep woods ?

    Had the same dilemma last Sunday. Sat down on a 52 yarder. Could feel the wind on the right side of my face,watched the fairies coming down at the target end left to right,aimed just inside left edge and it landed where I aimed. 5mm more to the left and it would’ve dinked. Could’ve got away with down the middle. Couple of minutes later wind changed,Dave aimed right edge and got blown way over to the left.
  5. springboy

    You Tube ?

    It’s more effective with bullets than pellets. I messed about on a ballistics program changing the BC and the difference was minimal trajectory wise but it could still have a profound effect on wind drift
  6. springboy

    You Tube ?

    It don’t really make that much difference at airgun ranges to be honest.
  7. springboy

    Anschutz Andy....

    I don’t think Leanne will let him use it full time. 😂
  8. springboy

    You Tube ?

    It’s basically why some rifles shoot flatter and take less wind than others
  9. springboy

    You Tube ?

    Cost will be around £1400 or there abouts. There will be limited production of units being made but not exclusive to a certain amount just lower than your average production rifle.
  10. springboy

    Progress ?

    Or you can take the same approach as Barry McGraw. He kneels with a large bag between his legs and has a fancy attachment to his rifle that pushes into the groin area,so it’s sort of kneeling but aided. It looks very comfortable and it seems to help him. Grandad could fabricate the stock extension.
  11. springboy

    New Falcon FT scope

  12. springboy

    New Falcon FT scope

    Try optics wharehouse for big Nikko. Bloke at the club got one for £690 with bank holiday discount. He says they’re about £750 on there
  13. springboy

    JSB ‘Heavies’

    Could be. I always had it down to the fact that even when split there’s still more weight behind it than an 8.4
  14. springboy

    You Tube ?

    Admittedly it looks a bit odd but if it can bring home the bacon that’s all that matters. In his video with Lloyd he says that it’s running about 70bar so very efficient down range. Noticed it could be dry fired as well. Should be available in October
  15. springboy

    JSB ‘Heavies’

    Andras has been using them for years. I shot round with him at a GP and he got about 3-4 splits and they all went down,pretty rare occurrence with 8.4’s. I remember with the Bisley Mags the splits would result in a kill more often than not