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  1. springboy

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Yes it was a tad windy today. I was happy with my 31 which was better than last weeks efforts with less wind. I found the wind to be predidictable which helped a bit
  2. springboy

    World Class Veterans....

    Blooming heck. I’m only 5 years off that. Where has the years gone 😱
  3. springboy

    SEFTA WL Round 5 at Springfield...👍

    Yes but we’ve got our new secret weapon. After coming out of retirement he’s putting in some very decent scores. I think he’s looking to get his name on the Kent open shield again
  4. springboy

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Another contender for a March?
  5. springboy

    The Pellets ?

    Those are the same as the ones Ron at our club had the other week. He gave grandad a few to try in his 800. They looked well made but the skirts where thicker than average.
  6. springboy

    The Pellets ?

  7. springboy

    The Pellets ?

    Anyone got a pic of the lid?
  8. springboy

    What did you get for Christmas .

    After 30 years you’re finally getting a new pair
  9. springboy

    What did you get for Christmas .

    I don’t understand how anyone can shoot them. Just line them up with a pencil. Easy!
  10. springboy

    What did you get for Christmas .

    I got a Combro to replace the one that I left in my old car when I scrapped it
  11. springboy

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you & Christine
  12. springboy

    Springfield Christmas Shoot on Sunday 23rd

    Colin didn’t shoot. Some good scores from both FT & HFT. Graham Jopson won the sheild with a 28/30.
  13. springboy

    Big bad Dave might be staging a come-back...

    FTP900? You’d have to have had a labotomy to even go there when a 9015 is only £100 dearer. I know they’re cheaper secondhand but that proves my point
  14. springboy

    Big bad Dave might be staging a come-back...

    Be good to see him again. Last I saw him was when Springfield had the ground at the koi farm
  15. springboy

    Big bad Dave might be staging a come-back...

    Is that Dave with the glasses?
  16. springboy

    Main shoot rules

    That’s ok. I won’t feel so bad when I miss standers 😂
  17. springboy

    So...revisited heavies today.

    I don’t use chairgun anymore too fiddly. I use this one. http://www.airguns.net/trajectory.php Ive found the most important thing to get right is the scope height,get that spot on and it’s accurate. All my ranges are spot on,the only misses I got was wind and where they did land was spot on in elivation.
  18. springboy

    So...revisited heavies today.

    What you need is Graham’s labradoodle to save time.
  19. springboy

    So...revisited heavies today.

    I saw it on web site can’t remember. I think it was on chairgun.
  20. springboy

    So...revisited heavies today.

    The heavies definitely don’t fly like the heavies of yesteryear. They have a high BC factor for .177 somewhere in the region of 0.032 so they will fly flatter than the old barracudas.
  21. springboy

    So....round 4 of the Winter League at ETL

    Wardy made me laugh. He asked Colin how did he do and when he told him,wardy said “Come on. What did you really get?” 😂😂
  22. springboy

    Chop Squad chopped....

    Was it SEFTA that wanted chop squad banned?
  23. springboy

    So...revisited heavies today.

    That’s what I found when I tested them a couple of years ago. Very accurate pellets and seemed very predictable around the 35-40 yard mark. Not a lot of difference at longer ranges than 8.4’s and no noticeable advantage regarding wind either. My gun runs around 11.2 ft1b with 8.4’s but these pushed it to 12.3 ft1b as I weren’t gonna use them I didn’t adjust power. Excellent pellets though and really well made. I shot round with Andraos he was using them and he had about 4 splits and they all went over. Range finding has to be spot on though.
  24. springboy

    Grades ?

    If you can’t kneel how are you expected to greet Colin the next time you see him