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  1. azuaro

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    I do that quite often Holly, but I can not speak of the gun's accuracy if I plug in my flat butt and shaky finger to the equation! 😪The guy shooting in those pics is not me, it is Jeff Crisler who is a USA National Champion and 3rd place at the famous Extreme Benchrest of Arizona...He pushes the envelope hard!
  2. azuaro

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Wood???? Yes Holly, all wood but I have to confess that the wood blank was worth much more than the gun itself... "Looks like a beautiful rifle, good shooting as well at 25 yards indoor or out?" Thank you...We shot outdoors at 25 Meters, this gun shot two 250's and a 249 with 7-9 MPH swirly winds...It is going to sound presumptuous but shooting BR indoors at 25 Meters is no fun with the accuracy that some of these guns produce, 250 becomes the norm and you are only struggling for shooting X's... Shooting BR at 50 Meters goes the other way, the guns are still very accurate but the scores are a gamble, all dependent on wind... This is where we shoot....There was like an hour where the wind calmed down and we took advantage and shot the Springers (FWB 300 S) ...Note the flags on the flag pole above the dock behind the benches, this tells you the kinds of wind we usually have...Also note that we have 32 miles of lake - wind that ends on a concrete wall that goes 4-5 ft. below ground level, the winds hitting this wall at water level swirl up and encounter the wind that has the same direction but no wall obstruction making it very challenging to estimate wind.
  3. azuaro

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    I'm old fashioned...I grew up in Basque country with fine English guns (Holland, Purdey , Rigby, Boss) and think of a gun like a precision shooting instrument, but beauty is very important to me and nothing is more beautiful than a pretty wooden stock...I have several of the good target guns with modern metallic stocks: Anschutz 9015, Steyr LG-110 with the FT metal stock and a wood FT stock made by Ginb, a FWB 700 aluminum in red for ISSF 10 M and all of these stocks are OK and have all the bells and whistles but they lack the classy look of a fine wooden stock. I just finished a new project with a RAW TM-1000 ...I used the nicest exhibition French Walnut available I could find, made several changes to the stock and personally highly tuned the gun...It is very well balanced and shoots like a dream....This gun (using my finger) shot a 749 competing in BR at 25 M outdoors last Friday, with swirling winds; then on Saturday afternoon I shot a good round of FT and loved the balance of the gun... If interested here are some pictures (make sure you see both parts: 1 & 2) http://benchrest.com/showthread.php?98962-Wanted-to-share-my-new-project-(Part-1) This is the last BR target shot in BR...(250 with I believe 11 or 12 X's) Regards, AZ
  4. azuaro

    Napier Pellet Lube ?

    Same here, haven't been able to shoot since November...we have been at 5 to -5 F for over a month...Monday we will drive south to Mesa AZ (1,400 miles) in order to attend a regional 3 day shoot with decent 70's and 80's temperatures...
  5. azuaro

    Napier Pellet Lube ?

    Keep us posted on your testing...I've never used Napier, in the past I washed them with dish soap and dried them with hair dryer; I then tested 2 batches: Washed NO LUBE and washed & waxed with pledge (furniture spray wax)...The waxed ones were shooting lower velocities and after re-adjusting velocity this batch was less accurate that the washed pellets at the same fps. . My barrel shoots the same with washed and unwashed and since we clean our barrels after every target (30-35 shots - BR shooting), it makes no difference..So I don't bother washing or lubricating anymore...Sizing and weighing does make a huge difference and it is very time consuming and boring, but mandatory.
  6. azuaro

    Are 34mm scopes the latest 'thing'.

    Holly: About the original question: 34 mm will provide the same light gathering with a smaller objective/ocular ratio allowing the use and conveniences of a smaller objective and a lighter scope ...Weight could be to some point compensated with thinner of the same or more exotic materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, etc... No let's go back to choppers and cycling... Regards, AZ
  7. azuaro


    I tried several models of those scales and unfortunately all of them gave me different weight for the same pellet very time.... The scale that most serious Benchrest Shooters use, at least here in the USA is the GemPro 250...Not a bargain but not expensive either and it is very reliable...This scale can measure .01 grains (1/100th of a grain) but most shooters set it to measure .05 Grains; at 25 meters (BR. Distance) pellets within 1/10th of a grain will shoot identical and .05 is half of that...Very possible this setting is what is required for FT to 50+ meters. GemPro 250: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC2.A0.H0.Xgempro+250.TRS0&_nkw=gempro+250&_sacat=0 Regards, AZ
  8. I apologize for any inconvenience, I am the one who wrote that communication.... I sent Holly a PM asking him for his email address because this site was refusing my PM's, I got a message saying: "Holly can not receive any more mails" or something like that every time I tried to PM him...Since Holly provided me very good advice for an issue I had with a FT scope in the past and that is why I recurred to him...Why the communication went to Darron I don't know, but again, I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences cause by my communication. I am an old member of this forum and shooter in the US looking for some advice for acquiring the most accurate gun out there for using it in FT and Benchrest shooting at 12 ft./lb. power. I believed that this may would not be of interest for the Forum and this is why I opted for a PM, maybe the administrator will consider deleting this thread for protecting Darron's personal info and for moving on to topics that are of more interest for the community Best regards for all members, AZ
  9. Hello Members: I overhauled my Steyr LG-110 regulator but unfortunately lost both sets of screws: The 4 Clamping Screws and the 2 Regulator Screws. Steyr no longer has a Rep or support in the USA but the local screw store tells me that they can get anything in 24 hrs. if I provide them the specs... Anyone knows what these screw sizes are? Thank you, AZ
  10. azuaro


    Thank you Colin...I became confused after reading someone noticing the "inconvenience of an open port (when raining) like a Steyr" and I though that this new model came with interchangeable ports like the LG-110 does; if this were the case it would be a nice feature.
  11. azuaro


    I have never seen one of these 9015 guns and will kindly appreciate if someone would put a close up picture of the transfer port... I am considering getting one for modifying it myself to US specs... In the past I successfully modified a FWB 700 to 12 ft./lb and some other guns to much more power. Since Anschutz offers this gun in a 12 ft./lb. version for FT and Jon has been modifying them, I have no doubt it can be done. I want a Club gun stock with a 9015 action and not the FT gun with the ONE stock at $2,000 more over the price of the club version (in the US). Regards, AZ
  12. azuaro

    Messing with a Steyr .

    Holly: "just thumbing it in".... ​When thumbing it in, the pellet's last section of the skirt seats just touching the rifling, it engages the rifling with the increasing air pressure, and unless toy are resizing the skirts, the skirts vary just enough to create inconsistencies in velocities...Using a probe assure that the pellet is seated deeper into the rifling but then the probe would have to have a "stop" of some kind for assuring equal seating distances every time... I put a permanent SS probe in my LG-110 and it works very well...Mine is 3/16" long from the front of the bolt. Installing it is not a difficult task, drill the bolt, thread the bolt & probe and attach it...Don't use glues or epoxies as the probe will detach after some use...When attaching the probe to the bolt, make sure the rear section of the probe is flush (no protrusions) with the back of the bolt so you don't disturb the spring tension on the "Stabilizer"...If you don't use the stabilizer as many people don't, then it doesn't matter. Yes, your Steyr will be more consistent in its velocities, and with all things in the gun unchanged, consistency improves accuracy. Regards, AZ
  13. azuaro

    Just for Holly

    It seems like "The Gun" for the next 007 James Bond movie...
  14. azuaro

    Birthday ?

    Holly... ...A Little late but Happy Birthday!...Just 28 more to go for receiving that special certificate the Queen gives to century boys... Where do you do your air gun stuff shopping? ....I need a place accessible over the Internet. Take care buddy... azuaro
  15. Some guy high jacked the thread with the classical attacks to what he believes are "Rich People" (I am not)...One of those dumb guys who don't understand that anyone will win a bet to somebody who claims .500 " groups consistently at 100 yards with wind and no wind flags or even raining and with up to 25 MPH winds, or 1.2" groups under the same conditions at 180-185 yards...The moderator decided to call it off and to me it makes no difference and he actually was nice and held the thread open until deadline and the thread attracted serious shooters...I actually was very serious and deposited the monies on escrow and published it there on Wednesday morning. YRRAH - Harry the White Cockatoo or whoever he is proved to be a cheat and a fake and maybe he will lower the tone of his claims and voice...One thing for sure is that this guy doesn't show up here because he knows he will not fool HOLLY! Thank you all for your support... azuaro