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  1. Raja

    Anschutz 9003

    From what I know, 9003 has a recoil dampener. I have red that few shooters even complain that a 9003 rifle feels like ded — nothing happens during shot. So shooter does not feel when the shot is fired.
  2. Short film from our friendly (Organizers do not belong to Lithuania FT/HFT asociation, thus friendly) competition: regional ,,Open'' 3. Location — river slope near Lapiai, Lithuania. 70 competitors. 25 FT and 45 HFT. Had 11 (Actually same rifle shooters who did second round) competitors in pistol HFT as well. Second year in a row.
  3. Hello, I am not serious FT/HFT shooter. Participate in HFT competitions from time to time. I am the organizer of the local competitions most of the times, by the way. But have no ambitions apart from just spending time outdoors and meeting frends, hitting few targets of course. I would like to know if Milbro .177 pellets are any good. I understand they are not H&N, RWS or JSB level, but are they suitable fot FT/HFT at all? Thing is I live quite a distance away from Scotland, so do not dare to ,,drag'' them all the way just to try it myself.
  4. Raja

    Lincolnshire Ranges?

    Hello, there was a club in Wisbeach. Should still be there. Can't give you any details. I found it while brousing the net.
  5. Raja

    10 Meter

    I recommend Anschutz Mod 380. Very good rifle. And very comfortable.
  6. Raja

    Filling CO2 cilinders

    Thank You Peter. Raja
  7. Hello, could not find any info, so asking here. Just got my second hand CO2 LP5 and have a question now. How should I fill the cilinders: with liquid CO2 or gas CO2? Just because the cilinder fixed in a horizontal position I am afraid that cold liquid could get into the system and damage something in it. Will appreciate any advice. Raja
  8. Raja

    target pistols in germany

    Hello, I have bought from eGun. EWB is the same as FAC and means you need to post a copy of a licence to buy the gun. All licence free airguns (hand airguns as well) are restricted to 7,5 joules (6 something equivalent in UK) in Germany. But sometimes sellers put that EWB requirement by mistake. Just contact the seller and make sure there are no mistakes.
  9. Raja

    Pistol HFT

    Thank You Levidog for invitation.
  10. Raja

    Pistol HFT

    Hello, Sam Vimes, yes, I am expecting more to involve. When I posted the rules on our Lithuanian forum there were few members who were intrested from the other areas as well. Most of them, unfortunately, are willing to wait untill late spring to get their CO2 gear out. (We have cold winters and even autumns here in Lithuania.) So for now I will try to establish pistol HFT in my area first.
  11. Raja

    Pistol HFT

    Pistol HFT oficially startered in Lithuania today. We organized the first competition. And both ( ) competitors enjoyed it. Nobody else were intrested in our area... We used UKAHFT pistol rules and GAMO targets.
  12. Raja

    Pistol Shooters - Welcome Wagon

    Mindaugas Anschutz @ LP and SAM K11 average: 80+ aspirations: 90+ H&N Finale Match 4,5 mm and RWS Basic line pellets facilities: my own range in the basement hallway (~13 m) started: in 2000 with IZh 53M, but airgunner from early 90.
  13. Raja

    Pistol HFT

    Thank You, Sam Vimes. You have helped me a lot.
  14. Raja

    Pistol HFT

    Hello, hope here are Pistol HFT shooters arround and you are willing to explain the main issues. Like: distances, tagret "kill" zone sizes, and other important information. All I manged to find here and there is: competition consists of 10 targets, 5 shots on each. There is a time limit for each target. 2 poins for hit and 5 for knock down. Compete in 2 or three classes (Springers and Open or Open sights, Colimators and Telescopic sights). And, shooter can not use the body to support the hands. Any information appreciated.
  15. Raja

    Anschutz 250 value???

    Hallo, Matt. I am intrested in Anschutz old air rifles so monitor german gun auction eGun.de. Here is my data... From 100 to 251 Euro, depending on condition, awerige (14 sales) price 146 Euro. Sincerely