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  1. Scopes ?

    Agree with Jon over the range by eye - we should all be able to do it, at Springfield at the weekend, look at target, set side wheel, range, and very rarely had to move side wheel much, even on the 50+ yard targets
  2. Scopes ?

    Must admit that the scope I like using is only a 8-32x50, but it is clear and will 'repeat' each time, can't remember when I bought it, (and the price I paid wont be put up on public forum so the wife doesn't get a chance to see it suffice to say that while it wasn't over £200, it was more than I should have paid at the time (according to her)) only thing I'm missing with it, is a sunshade, but having looked at SteveC200s home-made one, think something along those lines will be trotted out. Would get another, but haven't seen one for sale since shortly after buying mine.
  3. Scopes ?

    Must admit to being with SteveC200 on this - if somebody is dipping into a sport like FT on a limited budget, they aren't going to spend as much or more on a scope than they do on their gun, they can pick up a second hand S400 for £300(ish) and, (as Holly found out) a ZOS 10-40x50 mil-dot scope with sidewheel & sunshade for less than £100, so as an outlay to see if they like the sport of FT, they've laid out £400 (about the cost of a service on their car) and the Mrs, (while not too happy) can be talked round, try that with an initial outfit that is going to cost him getting on to the £1,000 mark, 'er indoors isn't going to be any too pleased that he's just laid out that sort of money to try a sport that involves a 'gun' (regardless that her wardrobe may contain three or four times that amount in clothes, plus her shoes and hand bags). He can then upgrade as he goes if he likes the sport, if not, he can, in all probability, get his money back, especially if he bought second-hand kit to start with & 'er indoors will be well pleased that he didn't sell up at a loss. T'other thing, I've been reading about how, with the big Nikkos, some aren't as good as others, some are having problems etc. etc. yet some of you are saying as how you'd recommend them, but (on other threads on here) admit that they aren't really as good as they should be, unless you're lucky and get one of the 'good' ones - so you'd recommend a (possibly) iffy scope to a newbie to the sport & get them to pay top dollar for it.
  4. Airgunforum, what future?

    Or even both or all of the above.How about a section on the various airgun sports we have and a 'basic' kit guide for starting in any of them - not necessarily saying that most of the 'kit guides' I've read start off with a price guide of thousands, but they come close.
  5. The Jacket and the Hat ?

    The plastic ones aren't worth a light, and the 'fashion' ones are too thinner leather, so I hope you've got a good one.
  6. Messing with a Steyr .

    Interesting watch, obviously the o rings serve some purpose, otherwise they wouldn't be there
  7. Messing with a Steyr .

    Let me re-phrase that - "How would you like to do a side by side test? We'll have both guns there, only difference (other than the barrels) are that one's in a synthetic stock, one's in beech, one 'prefers' Crosman 7.9s the other JSBs"
  8. Messing with a Steyr .

    How good are you with a sporter stocked PCP? We'll be at Springfield on the 14th, have a 'play' with both after the shoot if you like
  9. The Season Cometh ?

    At least the rain will be warmer?
  10. Messing with a Steyr .

    So you;re taking us 'ragging' Holly as gospel?
  11. Messing with a Steyr .

    Probably can Steve what's the minimum length would you need and would you want the STX (full length) or ST (just the last 2")? OD on mine is approx 13.75 mm
  12. Messing with a Steyr .

    The FX guns we have are equally 'split' between ST & LW barrels, is there any difference in accuracy between these two types of barrel? Not in our hands there isn't! I shoot both my FXs as bad as each other, one is ST, the other LW, The Bobcat (ST) that I used for 7 weeks returned the same sort of scores as I was getting with my Cyclone (LW), when Bazza borrowed it, he was getting worse results than I was, but it did turn out that he was using JSB 4.52s & I was using 4.53s in it, possibly the reason for the 'fall off', not sure, as through experience, I've found that the 'old' ST barrels give tighter groups using the 4.53s.
  13. Messing with a Steyr .

    Another thing Holly, is that FX are the only company that produces them, and prior to that, they were buying barrels from LW - cheaper to produce your own than to buy in any day.
  14. Messing with a Steyr .

    I & my son will also let anyone try our Typhoons out when at a club, so that they can see if they can spot if there's any difference between a LW barrel & a ST barrel
  15. Messing with a Steyr .

    Yep, they did do what they called the 'FT', it was a Typhoon with an adjustable stock, no hamster & not regged - not what you'd class as a FT rifle - in fact, the same gun was used for the 'Biathlon', with a set of diopters fitted.