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  1. SuffolkRifle

    Chop Squad chopped....

    Therein lies the problem Holly, according to the BFTA, the card carrying public ARE NOT MEMBERS, it's the REGIONS that are the members, (but, the card carrying public are not even members of the Regions) - whose job it is to tell THEIR MEMBERS - the CLUBS - whose job it is to tell THEIR members - i.e. the card carrying public
  2. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    That's the next trip - to try and see the midnight sun - the Northern Lights played 'hard to see', always showing up just as I'd got nice and warm in bed. Great trip though, planning on going again in a few years time when the sun spot activity is higher though.
  3. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA WL round 3 Springfield....

    Ah, positively balmy then - missed the Iceni round due to returning from Norway (bobbing about on the North Sea (swell was dropping from 6 metre waves) whilst you were shooting it) - the wind at the North Cape would've blown the pellets back down the barrel (almost blew the bus off the road at a couple of places - mind you it is about 300 metres above sea level) temps were down to -9 C during the day
  4. SuffolkRifle

    The World Renowned SEFTA Winter League....

    And I'm going to miss three of them - the two Kent and the first Iceni. Enjoy folks!
  5. SuffolkRifle

    Desperation ?

    Not nice of them, can't blame you - luckily nobody charges extra for delivering to the wilds of Suffolk
  6. SuffolkRifle

    Desperation ?

    I use BAR - cos I can get samples of 10 different tins of pellets (including .22 & .177 as I've a selection of guns) & still get a 10% discount & they arrive looking about the same as a rugby ball would wrapped up
  7. SuffolkRifle

    HFT scopes what should I buy

    Trouble is Barry, that HFT course setters tend to hide the hinge & use differing KZs (& have been known to use smaller targets, so that a 25 mm looks to be a 40mm but further away), think that they can go down to a 8mm KZ, and the faceplates can be partially obscured - though I haven't shot a HFT course for a while, so not too well up on the current UKHFT rules
  8. SuffolkRifle

    Fit to shoot .

    Or by having a gear that makes the pedals on a Raleigh Runabout look 'high geared'
  9. SuffolkRifle


    Think that Todd was 'playing' with anodizing, not sure if it was him or somebody he knew.
  10. SuffolkRifle

    Lead free pellets.

    No use to me, they only take Pay Pal, don't have an account with them (& don't want to)
  11. SuffolkRifle

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    Iceni has a proud tradition of ladies - how many other clubs feature a lady on their club logo? 😁
  12. SuffolkRifle

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    Better than me on the open sights, missed both, always the same - if I loan a gun out & whoever borrows it does better than I do!
  13. SuffolkRifle

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    That Sirocco of yours is nice, shoots well (managed to clear that lane 😁)
  14. SuffolkRifle

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    Looking through the heap, picked out one that will do, fairly sure that I've some pellets for it (runs well with AA Fields 5.51) not overly powerful (will stick a string over the chrony today to make sure it's not dieseling), might be a bit 'loopy' for long shots though.
  15. SuffolkRifle

    Ron Crawford Memorial Shoot...

    They're all zeroed at over 20 yards (some at 25, others up to 35)! If you've a scope fitted, then out to about 40 will be good!