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  1. SuffolkRifle

    So where is our hero?

    I see that his old GC2 is up for sale http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?840811-Sportsmatch-GC2-Mk-2-177 Don't know whether the seller knows Hollys rep, but mentioning that he bought it last year off him........................................
  2. SuffolkRifle

    New Scope

    Steve, you know that even with the T50 I'm shooting at 10 mag & using holdover well, that is to say I have been, but those of you who are advocating me to go 'high mag' will be seeing me try it during the summer - you might even hear clicks
  3. SuffolkRifle

    New Scope

    Mmm, 10 metres to infinity, just hope that if they become popular, course setters don't start putting 15mm kills at 10-10.5 yards
  4. SuffolkRifle

    Yin Tong pellets....

    Which was why I put the 'rider' of "supposed" in my post - I've a couple of guns that shotgun with smaller (supposed) head sizes, '4.50' gives up to 1" at 30 yards, yet (supposed) 4.52/4.53 give tight groups - and I've a couple more that will group with 'supposed' 4.52, yet if I use 'supposed' 4.51 or 4.53 I get larger groups, so perhaps you've found that head size is nonsense, but I'll stick with the pellets that I know give the 'best' results through each of the guns that I have.
  5. SuffolkRifle

    So where is our hero?

    Glad to hear that he's still about, must admit that I was getting worried about him & his health (never know what's round the corner do we?)
  6. SuffolkRifle

    Yin Tong pellets....

    Think some of the problem is that they're not making them to the 'normal' (supposed) head sizes of 4.51/4.52/4.53, but are sticking to the 4.49/4.50 sizes, which might well work out to 10m, but not to 50m
  7. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA Regional Team & Kit . Prizes .

    Or ETLs W/L a few weeks ago
  8. SuffolkRifle

    And so my friends, the end is near....

    Callum & my W/L has come to the end - can't make the day, so we wish you all well, enjoy the final round (wherever it is) & we'll see you for the next one.
  9. SuffolkRifle

    JSB Heavies.....

    It's OK, the snow will show you what the wind pixies are doing Just wish that I could get on with the new scope - so, so tempted to drop back to the old gun & setup (but that would mean re-scoping that before the weekend - no thanks!)
  10. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    But you'd probably be giggling at the targets
  11. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Bit like a duck, but can't blame him, he's built up a good collection.
  12. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Well, straight edge and vernier out today and, touching wood, I might have sorted it, just needs zeroing now.
  13. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    We did tell him to use the TX 😉
  14. SuffolkRifle

    SEFTA WL Round 6 - 13th January....

    Hopefully get the scope issues sorted out - should've known not to play about with it all during the W/L
  15. SuffolkRifle

    The Pellets ?

    Got one tin on it's way from the bay - as the £13.99 included postage, it's cheaper than a tin from Uttings (when they come into stock) - mind you, for me to swap over to them, they've got to give somewhere about 25% smaller groups