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  1. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    Countryway were doing a special offer a while back (they do offers every now and again, did have a Hawke 10-50 for £399 on their site last year)
  2. Grading

    Think that's what's been said, anything over 2 years is dropped - means I'll never have 16, as I only shoot a max of 6 W/L shoots a year
  3. Liked Steves 'angled' tower target - 11 yard mini, but at a rough angle of 60 degrees up (faceplate & paddle adjusted to take the angle) - surprised at how many 'over thought' that one at the GP & W/L!
  4. Must admit to liking putting out targets where they're apt to have a bright sunlit bit behind them, or between the line and the target, also where you have to actually think about taking the shot, with distractions all along the flight path (e.g. narrow gap between two trunks or branches) but with the other target 'easily seen'
  5. The SteyWhei

    Tells you that at least it groups sub 40mm Paper targets are often the bane of a shooters life
  6. LGU stock

    Think that may be the reason it's sat in the odds and sods box, it doesn't fit my scopes.
  7. LGU stock

    Just checked & measured, it's 20mm from bottom of ring to top of mount 'tunnel', so technically should be ok for 60mm objective (add 15mm for diameter of tube = 35mm to centre line) Downsides are a) the gap between the rings is only 39mm, so not sure if your turret housing will fit? b) it's a 2 screw fitting (has got arrestor screw) I don't know the make, as I got it attached to a scope at some point - not even sure of what scope it was either.
  8. LGU stock

    I'll have to check, know that it was ok for 50mm, as that's what I got it with. If it is, I'll send it down with someone.
  9. LGU stock

    Got a one piece 30 mm reach forward if you want it, I'll be at Iceni round.
  10. SEFTA winter league today

    Best of it was, Nats didn't have her gimp coat either.
  11. LGU stock

    That's why lorry drivers have to take a break after 4 1/2 hours driving & can only drive for a max of 10 hours a day - work it out, even if on the limiter all day (not possible), still only equates to 560 miles - realistically, you're talking 500 max (if you're lucky & no traffic hold-ups), and that's over 11 1/2 hours.
  12. Lollipop targets

    Wouldn't be able to see the misses Hols - no faceplate means they could've gone anywhere, be tough on a breezy day thinking about it
  13. The Single Most ?

    Just makes it a little more difficult without a scope, so not that important
  14. Scopes ?

    Agree with Jon over the range by eye - we should all be able to do it, at Springfield at the weekend, look at target, set side wheel, range, and very rarely had to move side wheel much, even on the 50+ yard targets
  15. Scopes ?

    Must admit that the scope I like using is only a 8-32x50, but it is clear and will 'repeat' each time, can't remember when I bought it, (and the price I paid wont be put up on public forum so the wife doesn't get a chance to see it suffice to say that while it wasn't over £200, it was more than I should have paid at the time (according to her)) only thing I'm missing with it, is a sunshade, but having looked at SteveC200s home-made one, think something along those lines will be trotted out. Would get another, but haven't seen one for sale since shortly after buying mine.