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  1. BFTA-Chair

    Gp 8 Bisley

    Hello Everyone Just needed to step in and say Steve (Webmaster) has been very ill (hospital ill) we are expecting normal service to be resumed gradually over the weekend, please bear with us. If you have a look here and press 'BFTA Results' Far Coley have kindly hosted the results from GP8, we have lots of photos on the BFTA Forum here. Any problems, drop me a pm. Best wishes, Roger.
  2. BFTA-Chair

    double entry at gp

    I notice the same question has be asked on the BFTA Forum here please pop across and have a look... Roger.
  3. BFTA-Chair


    Sorry pressed the wrong buttons... Roger.
  4. BFTA-Chair

    World FT Champs in Hungary 2010

    Hello Barry Not wishing to hijack the thread but, if you pop across to the BFTA Forum here Rob has a thread going with location details etc. Best wishes, Roger.
  5. BFTA-Chair

    2009 European Championships

    Thank you Rob. Roger
  6. BFTA-Chair

    2009 European Championships

    Thanks Conor I will telephone him this evening. If anyone else out there has a photo/s please pm me. Best wishes, Roger.
  7. BFTA-Chair

    2009 European Championships

    Hello Everyone I am looking for a picture of Mike Williams with the European Trophy. If you can help, please drop me a pm. Thanks in advance Roger.
  8. BFTA-Chair

    Kneelers .

    Hello Holly It would appear you have not actually seen or read the discussion document in question! drop me a line and I will send you a copy or give me a call and I will discuss it with you. Best wishes, Roger.
  9. BFTA-Chair

    BFTA No

    Hello Martyn pm your full name and when you applied. Best wishes, Roger.
  10. BFTA-Chair

    am i to late

    Hello There! You have my phone numbers by pm. please call me now. Roger
  11. BFTA-Chair

    Showdown details....

    Lets start with the BFTA Masters on Saturday 5th September, you will need to have a current BFTA Registration (card) Number to enter and the cost is £6.00. It is a 40 target course and the marshalling sytem will be 'buddy'. Shooting on the main course will start at 9.00am sharp and squads of 10 will be fed in from lane one. Shooting pairs will preferably be from different Regions and definitely from different clubs. Latest time to book in will be 12oclock mid-day and squads will be fed on with relationship to when you signed in. Anticipated start for practice is 8.00am and any drawn positions at the end of the event will be decided by shoot-off. Location is at Curridge, just off J13 on the M4 and I am sure someone will follow up with a G.R. or Post Code for the site, if not pm me and I will send all the relevant links to you. Now for the Show-Down on Sunday 6th September, there is no entry fee but you will need to have qualified to take part in the shoot. The draw for the first round takes place on Saturday around mid-day when there are plenty of people to witness and verify the draw. There will be a briefing on Sunday morning at twenty minutes to nine (08.40hrs) and the format will be explained then. Shooting will start at 09.00hrs sharp and I suggest you are on site at 08.00 latest to enable you have a practice and attend the briefing. If this is the first time you have taken part in the Show-Down, firstly well done in qualifying and secondly drop me a pm with your telephone number and I will call you and attempt to answer all your question. I will be on hand to explain what is happening and where you need to be. Best wishes, and I look forward to seeing you over the weekend. Roger.
  12. BFTA-Chair

    Grand Prix 9 at Sywell

    All dealt with... The latest and final lists for GP9 are about to go on the BFTA Website. I have just mailed them to Steve and He is now doing his magic to replace the old lists. See you all on Sunday. Roger.
  13. BFTA-Chair

    Some came running ?

    Thank you Holly I was at Emly Moor, the course was great as well as the facilities. The only thing that let the day down was my score. Just to keep you up to speed we have 87 people shooting am and another 87 shooting pm, at GP9, that is 25 full lanes with 3 extra groups at lane 1 and another extra group at lane 8, and still there are 6/7 reserves waiting for a place. I mention this because I would not wish to disapoint anyone and I need anyone that is booked but not able to attend to let me know as soon as possible. Your suggestions are always welcome, but this time I think you caught me with my guard down. Best wishes, see you on Sunday. Roger.
  14. BFTA-Chair

    Grand Prix 9 at Sywell

    Hello Dave Got your e-mail, thank you. Two of the reserves already contacted. Only six more reserves to find a place for... Best wishes, Roger.
  15. BFTA-Chair

    Grand Prix 9 at Sywell

    Hello Simon As soon as looks as if most of the cancellations are in I will put the lanes together. I did not want to do it too soon and have lots of changes on the day. Best wishes, Roger.