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  1. He was top foreign shooter at the last Euros, if memory serves me right but will miss this years to concentrate on the Worlds in Hungary. Robs right, a very nice bloke. He dropped down to sub 12fpe to compete internationally. We may see a few come over for the NEFTA Classic next year.
  2. It certainly was Hols, Andy & Pepone duelled it out all Sunday till it went to the 'Rapido Muerte' as they say over there. A 47 yard declined target that both knocked over sitting then Andy left the door open for Pepone when his foot slipped, but pulled it back on the second round of Kneelers on the same target. Tense stuff, Andy earned his new hat!
  3. Me & the lads had a great time last July at this one, it's well worth it! It doesn't look like it'll cost a bomb to do either & if you're not doing the Worlds in Hungary it'll make a good alternative. I think there is some sort of Festival happening in the town at the same time, Tesla correct me if I'm wrong! So the Missus will have something to look at while your flinging lead about. :D
  4. Baltipal

    FT Worlds Update via ROB

    Here are the results; SA Worlds Looks like Paul James was beaten in Piston Class by 1 point! Well done to all of them though, I think it must have been a tough three day's. What about Lyndeen, doesn't seem to be a final day result for her?
  5. Baltipal

    New World Champion....

    Seconded, well done James. Picture very incomplete without the full scores but if it is anything like last night we will get them later on. It seems like it was a very tough three days, we'll hear all about it with their return, there will be a tale in every score I should think.
  6. Baltipal

    SA WORLDS 2009

    Good luck to all Britons competing this year but............ C'MON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!
  7. Baltipal

    Europeans 2009 1st Day Score's

    Seconded, well done Mike on a great clearance & taking the overall. Four pellets dropped from a hundred shot! Congratulations too for all the others who placed, it was a top competition & I believe alot of the foreigners that shot had their eyes opened by it!
  8. Baltipal

    leupold 50 foot adaptor

    I'd like one of these but the sticking point seems to be the flip up cover needed to mount it. I've been told that the one required to do the job well is made by Butler Creek but they seem to have discontinued the size to fit the Big Nikko. What alternatives are available?
  9. Baltipal

    Camping at the Euro's

    Hi all. I thought I'd pop a thread on concerning the above at the risk of everyone thinking that I'm a big plonka, just incase anyone else makes the same mistake but doesn't find out till they arrive at Weston Park. I applied & got my tickets for the Euros's a few weeks ago but didn't think to check that everything wasn't working as it has in the past, I assumed that the camping pass would be with the tickets & left it at that. It was brought to my attention yesterday at Castle that I would need to apply for my camping pass & considering how close we are to the event now I think it unlikely that I would get it on time, mea culpa, no one elses fault but mine I should have checked! Just incase you do intend to camp at Weston Park though check you have the necessary passes to do so, don't assume as I did that it will be working as it did last year.
  10. Baltipal

    SYWELL GP 9 .

    Many thanks to the Sywell team for their excellant Course today, it's much appreciated by all of us I'm sure. Also by extention I'd like to reiterate my appreciation to all the Clubs that have looked after us this Season & made it possible for us to participate in this Sport of ours, Cheers lads & lasses! Thanks also to David & Andrew for their company today & their support while I was having such a difficult time, I'm sorry if I appeared to be abit grumpy at times, you two were always great company & I have alot to learn from you. 17 today from me & damned lucky to get that! My Achilles Heel is exposed windy targets so Sywell isn't my ideal venue but I recognise how essential they are to the circuit as a whole. Congratulations to Andy Gillott for the Season & Andy Calpin for the day. The former for achieving this accolade despite an injury that must have been very uncomfortable. Our own Ian Stoddart took A Grade & I think we finally wrung a smile out of the -swearword-, well done mucker. Also Millride's Roy Boliver got second place in C Grade, well done that man!
  11. Baltipal

    gp 8

    Shaun Shore is listed twice as well, on Lane10 in the A.M & Lane23 in the P.M. I'm a bit concerned as we're travelling over together in the same car so can't really NOT both be on the same session.
  12. Baltipal

    Euskedi gracias!!

    Thanks Sanjon. Here's a few from me to illustrate our adventure; Euskadi Adventure
  13. Baltipal

    Euskedi gracias!!

    It was a process Rob, if you had the right bits of paper & the Tax paid there wasn't an issue. What constitutes a 'Firearm' & what doesn't depending in which Country you are, causes a small amount of confusion, for example flying out, once Customs could see that our Air Rifles weren't licenceable they lost interest but arriving in Bilbao the Customs thought they should be marked up with 'Z' tape signifying a firearm. So, returning home our cases were taped by them in this way so at Stansted they had to be examined but again, once it was obvious they were Air Rifles it was, "On your way lads!" I can honestly say the only problem we met was one of Shaun's padlocks siezing up & holding up the otherwise very brief examination in Bilbao!
  14. Baltipal

    Euskedi gracias!!

    An outstanding three days that will stay in my memory for as long as I live! If it can be arranged so next years event doesn't clash with anything, I urge you all to give it a try, the Basque Country is just an hour & a half's flying time away, I've had longer bus rides! Mucho, mucho gracias to Jesús, José, Iñaki & so many others that made us so welcome. Congratulations too, to Manuel, Pepone & Suidos for their success in International, Open & Piston class respectively.
  15. Baltipal

    Eyes Open or Closed

    The advantage I've found in keeping both eyes open is in the initial aquisition of the target. I see a double image of the scope ret & place the one I see through my left eye over the target down range, then I concentrate on my right eye to pick up the magnified image through the scope. Sometimes though when the light is strong I have no choice but to shut my left & aquire the target by dropping the mag. I've been told that closing the none shooting eye can cause muscle tension that can effect the shot adversly but I suppose that has to be left up to the shooter to decide.