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  1. tim g

    Indoor scope range finding.

    Why not try it and report back. No point in asking this kinda stuff on forums!
  2. tim g

    Walther LG400FT Anyone?

    I'd love to try one of those. With smaller hammer/spring I wonder if the cycle has calmed at all...
  3. tim g

    Ouch that's gotta hurt

    Unless something has changed in the conversations of anschutzs lately it should be possible to iron out temp shift following jons advice. When I first started with a 2002 it's fps would shift all over the place. I used to adjust it on the plinking range before a shoot. After a particularly cold and frustrating shoot at sywell jon kindly told me how to set up properly. A little bit of adjusting hammer and reg along with a couple of hours effort warming and cooling the action to check got it very, very stable. If I can do it anyone can!
  4. tim g

    question regarding anny air tube

    I think it depends how old the 2002 is - i understand really early ones had different thread. My one did accept newer cylinders no probs.
  5. tim g

    BFTA yearly subs....

    Err what yearly subs??
  6. The surgical spirit acts as a solvent. It contains 90% ethanol, 5% methanol the remainder is a mix of other bits. Walthers have their transfer port inside the barrel. If any gets down there it will evaporate leaving minimal residue. My old anschutz seemed to prefer napier gun cleaner. Go figure!
  7. Hi Neil. I've got an old walther. I've been shooting it for about a year and a half and I've found that with my current batch of pellets I need to clean after about a tin. The previous owner said it hardly ever needed cleaning. Perhaps he had a cleaner batch of pellets. I clean using vfg rod and felts dipped in surgical spirit. The rifle comes back on song after only a few shots.
  8. tim g


    Is there actually a manufacturer willing to explore the posibility of allowing their customers to do batch testing? If yes, then for a serious shooter, travelling to a test facility, taking time off work etc - i would expect them to buy 'slightly' more than 3 tins! They could always put in place a minimum purchase quantity. Batch testing works for rimfire manufacturers (and it's free).
  9. tim g

    Mr Shutz

    What do you mean by power issue Hols? My 2002 would go up and down like a yoyo. I put up with it for 3 years until Jon kindly told me how to fix it for good - it would then run at 770+/-5fps regardles of ambient temp. All you need is: about 2 hours of spare time lots of air in your tank tin of pellets chrono you trust and stable light butter knife allen key set lots of tea take the action out the stock; wind the hammer spring in (using butter knife) until fps plateaus; wind hammer spring back 1/8 to 1/4 turn to prevent spring binding up; put allen key to back of reg (think 4 or 5mm fits in the star drive type socket on the reg); wind it in/out in very small movements (1/8th of a rev is loads) noting what happens; eventually you should be able to get power stabilised at ~770fps (8.4g); Refill cylinder and check all is well; put back in stock; do your ranges; never worry about power again..... Just spend all your spare time trying to find a batch of pellets that work ok Nothing too complex and not much to go wrong either. Even if you wind the reg out too far all you'll do is dump a cylinder of air through the barrel. If this happen you'll probably spook yourself so change your cacks have a cuppa and go back to it later. Luck T
  10. Thanks all for coming along to our open FT. Results are up here: http://www.northoxonftc.org/NOFTC/Open_Competition.html Hope to see you all again next year.
  11. tim g

    Showdown details....

    Perfect. Very many thanks!
  12. tim g

    Showdown details....

    Could someone please provide us with some details relating to the BFTA showdown / masters (start time, format, costs, location etc). Can't seem to find anything further than a date, rules and history on the official web site or its forum?! Many thanks
  13. tim g

    CSFTA Showdown

    Great pics Rob
  14. tim g

    CSFTA Showdown

    Andy, there's some info on: http://www.csfta.co.uk/ t
  15. tim g

    Some more pics from Gp 7

    This is an SFT shooter and finding a list of rules for this class is hard to say the least. Any chief marshals out there who know the SFT rules and can clear this up