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  1. chrisJ

    Gp 7 Redfearns

    It was in 2008 simon.. The last NE GP's i have done were.. Anston 07, redfearns 08, New Emley moor 09 and anston 10.....I think that order is correct form memory.
  2. chrisJ

    GP8 BISLEY ?

    Well done to Bisley enjoyed the course , 2 of the 4 sitting targets I missed was purely because I came out of killl instead of giving just inside left edge, The furns nr the target indicating more wind than there was. Now to go away and practice my standers..........
  3. chrisJ

    bfta website

    Steve is face lifting the site for the 2010 season.
  4. chrisJ

    Leup Comp 35

    I just sold a 40X comp for £650 if that helps. Chris
  5. chrisJ


    Either way holly, If you do it through your club they receive a referal payment so the more that join the more money the club will get, This is all explained in the affiliation pack that the NSRA send out.
  6. chrisJ


    The club will affiliate to the NSRA with this scheme directly and have voting rights within the NSRA, There is no 'per member fee' unless that member wishes to upgrade to a Individual full member with added insurance cover for personal equipment/accident, This also covers you abroad for organised shoots.
  7. chrisJ


    The BFTA will not issue any cards until a valid cert of Insurance is produced by the club, A copy of which will be held by the BFTA grading officer, Only clubs can apply for shooter cards on the shooters behalf. The BFTA felt it could no longer provide a Insurance service and it was running at a loss and not best value for the clubs, East Devon FTC have been using NSRA insurance for the past 4 years due to it being better cover, And you have the benefit of speaking to someone at the NSRA office if you should need there assistance in insurance matters. The BFTA do also have a seat on the NSRA meetings so they are already co-habiting.The NSRA send out roughly 2000 renewal packs each year, The BFTA were doing 50, Hence why they get a better deal even though it is still the same broker, Perkins Slade. I recommend Clubs to take out the NSRA cover, Everything is done for you and every November a renewal pack drops through the post.
  8. chrisJ

    Airgun pellet combo

    Looks like via the poll it was more HFT biased, I don't know anyone that shoots a AA200 in a GP, Plus where is the walthers which are very popular on the GP circuit, Can't really say this is a fair cross section of FT kit to be honest.
  9. chrisJ

    Kneelers .

    I am sure in this litigation age we live in the BFTA would not wish to fight a injury claim when someone damages ligaments or even breaks their ankle whilst kneeling with the ankle unsupported at a GP, The ISSF insist on kneeling rolls for kneeling shots due to possible injurys, and they shoot on nice flat concrete pads and not like us on uneven ground and tree roots. Although I see the problem its only come to light since the use of Kilty's bags which are considerably bigger than the standard seat and due to size shooters only kneel across the corner and then rest back on the other part of the cushion. This is imposible with the rangesport seat that I and many others use and I do support my shin and ankle with the seat. Perhapes a size restriction on seat diameter would erase the problem.
  10. chrisJ

    Airgun pellet combo

    Only shoot FT and this what I use. Walther Dominator alutec - Leupold comp 40X - Webley Mosquito Express 7.9gn AA EV2 MK2 - Leupold 20-50 - Webley Mosquito Express 7.9gn
  11. chrisJ

    SEFTA Winter League Round 2 ETL

    Good shooting from young Cotter, well done lad....
  12. Just recieved text from Rob as follows Via text James Woodhead is World Champion after shootoff with John Costello, Berty took third after shootoff.. The shootoff target was 13mm dia at 21 yards...Standing...Nerves got the better of the boys and they went to kneeling to decide it..But berty pushed the SA boys into fourth and fifth by dropping it standing ..Oh and the england team kept the title.... Rob... Well done lads. Chris
  13. chrisJ

    Bfta Chrono

    The two PM1's that the BFTA use read 10fps different between them, I was with little Kev when he had the two cronos together at Newbury when setting up, He shot his rifle thru both within 1 min of each shot and I saw the variance and it was consistant differance between the two, Now my rifle is set on my home crono F1 to 805-08 fps using mozzies, If the BFTA use the fast crono I read 816-818fps ish and the other PM1 809fps ish never had a problem in 3 years passing the test, I believe that the fast crono was used in wales,If you run your gun close to the limit you could be deemed foul of the rules if so happens the fast crono is used, I saw a few run low 820 's at wales when the shooters swore blind they set there rifles to 810fps. I am in favour of cronoing at GP's but the equipment does need to be consistant.
  14. chrisJ

    gp 8

    Just a small note. Peter is shown twice on the AM list. LANE 10 28 AA Chris Jones 60272 29 A Shaun Shore 21181 30 B Peter Montanez 60284 LANE 12 34 B Peter Montanez 60284 35 AA Jeremy Stamp 60383
  15. chrisJ

    FTA Team selection criteria

    Spill the beans Rob..... Chris