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  1. JerryD

    A.A. MPR ( FT ) spec ?

    BHF Terry, we have two at the club, just ask down there. They're like an S400: 70-80 shots, dump the first 5 as the gun will be settling into the sweet spot, then expect it to have about 25fps total spread across the charge before it really starts falling off under 100bar. Can't say about he 4.52s, but the 4.51s we use down the club fly straight enough. The biggest reason why the ones at the club don't seem consistently accurate is that people use the windage turret instead of the parallax wheel to re-focus! .
  2. JerryD

    Coming back to FT

    Wot - like all those targets that never used to fall over?/!! You going retro or modern for a rifle? There's plenty of EV2's down the club, a coupla P70s and Knocker with the Anny. Then there's hidebound old gits like me who think an FT rifle needs to have a bit of wood on it, and stick with the Ripper. There's a couple of club MPRs you can have a try with but knowing what you're like, you'll probably want something a bit more flash. Scopes: there's some serious money scopes out there now: have a look at the Sightron and the Schmidt & Benders - but look for the reports on 'em as well. you may want to kick yourself about not keeping your Leups though! .
  3. JerryD

    Coming back to FT

    Hmm, Peterborough plus VX220: wouldn't be a certain Mr. K would it perchance? If it is and you do get a gun, just remember to keep it in one piece this time! If you want to have a chat and a cuppa and see what's about then get down to Hereward at Yaxley this Saturday. ATB ......... Jerry
  4. JerryD

    Air Gun club bad experience

    Shame you're not closer to Hereward: I'd've had a good dribble over the LP53!! Shame you had such a poor experience. Our club tenet is: "shoot safe, have fun", and the only thing we frown at is unsafe behaviour. Some people forget it's a hobby with many different facets, not a religion. .
  5. We still have places available for the Shires100. Details here: http://www.bfta.net/docs/shires100.pdf If you want to take part then pre-book at: shires100@herewardftc.co.uk You can take pot luck on the day but priority goes to those who have pre-booked. ATB............. Jerry
  6. JerryD

    Shires100 23rd May

    Weather's looking pretty good for the weekend: http://metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/dayforecas...mpton&day=5 .
  7. JerryD

    Shires100 23rd May

    2 weeks to go and nearlt half the places already booked. Please pre-register if you want to shoot. .
  8. JerryD

    Shires100 23rd May

    £15 for 100 targets and a free raffle for all entrants - over £600 worth of stuff to give away! Book in at shires100@herewardftc.co.uk .
  9. JerryD

    GC2 Action .

    Oh, for a lottery win........maybe a conglomerate of shooters with a bit of dosh to spare? I've got a shilling or 2 handy, but not £25k! I'll stick with the 18-40 for now. It's nice 'n bright, and I'm used to thge multi-lines. I have a coaster on the parallax which just touches the barrel: I now get ratchet focussing! It seems to make it easier to pick out the focus and gives me 3 distinct points between 50 and 55. Before, I struggled with the gradual fade-in,fade out. Happy coincidence of the interference seems to have helped. Choices now: Either the Ripper/NXS, or GC2 and Leup. Maybe if your Classic FT idea takes off........?
  10. JerryD

    GC2 Action .

    Shot the GC2 in earnest for the first time today - and was impressed, to say the least! 5fps across the chrono, and tipping the top spinner on a box target at 55yds. All this from a gun over 20 yrs old. It's now paired with a nice front focus Leupy with a multi-line premier reticle. Zero @ 35yds and that's about it. Just wish I'd got one earlier. All we need now is some nice person to persuade Sportsmatch to start making 'em again .
  11. JerryD

    Shires100 23rd May

    Once again we will be running the Shires100 at Sywell on Sunday 23rd May. Those who shot it last year will tell you what a great shoot it was. 100 targets in 1 day Trophies in AA,A,B,C,Piston and Sporting classes Food available all day Free raffles for all entrants for some great prizes Further details to follow, but book in at: shires100@herewardftc.co.uk Please send name, club and class you will be shooting in. .
  12. JerryD

    GC2 Action .

    Just picked up a GC2 in a Paul Wilson stock off Whizzer, which will be set up as a retro-ish FT beastie using an 18-40x Prem Ret Leupy. Not put it across a chrono for consistency yet, but what pellet do these prefer? Also, anyone got any history for this one? No. 87 (I think, stamped on the pellet tray/loading port?) ATB .......... Jerry .
  13. JerryD

    GP6 Directions?

    Thanks guys. You're right, he's sent out confirmation and directions. Ended up in my Spam box though - damn computers! See you Sunday! ATB................. Jerry .
  14. JerryD

    GP6 Directions?

    Been on the Byley site but the map isn't specific enough. Can anyone give me a postcode or a link showing where the club is? Ta in advance .......... Jerry
  15. JerryD

    Shires100: Results

    Hope everyone who took part had a great day. The weather was kind to us, and the dreaded Sywell Wind held off. Thanks to everyone who helped set up, run the shoot and take the course down. Results: AA Grade: 1. Dave Harrison 92+16 on countback +4 dropped on 1st session 2. Mark Fisher 92+16 on countback +5 dropped on 1st session 3. Steve Mason 91+17 on countback A Grade: 1. Tony Bradford 89 2. Mick Brown 88+15 on countback 3. Chris Suttey 88+14 on countback B Grade: 1. Tony Glazier 81 2. Steve Sharpe 79 3. Mick Trowmans 77 C Grade: 1. Rob Divall 67 2. Roy Boliver 65+12 on countback 3. Debbie Clarke 65+10 on countback Sporting Grade: 1. Steve Lanyman 85 (sorry about the cock-up Steve, great score though!) 2. Richard Baker 74 (first competition as well!) 3. Dan Horrocks 60 4 Shires Inter-Club Challenge: 1. Hereward 345 2. Dowry Hill 331 3. Sywell 314 Congratulations to all the winners, and those who won raffle prizes. Thanks to our sponsors, Air Arms and Kibworth Gun Shop. Finally, see you all next year at the next Shires100! ATB ........... Jerry