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  1. Just Jacques

    Bradford / shipley / leeds - Baildon pistol & rifle club

    It was great when I was there, and you don't get hundred yard ranges out in the open air very often. I enjoyed myself when I was there and it was a great bunch of guys as well. If I was 50 years younger I would still be there :-)
  2. Just Jacques

    Air weapons in Scotland

    British shooting show 2013 Licensing air weapons in Scotland NRA: A Defenseless Population British shooting show 2013 Posted: 21 Dec 2012 02:12 AM PST We would like to bring the British shooting show 2013 to the attention of our members. We will be at the show and it would be nice to see out members and others who share our intrests, please come and find us and say Hi. For more information please visit: http://www.shootingshow.co.uk Licensing air weapons in Scotland Posted: 17 Dec 2012 04:09 AM PST We would like our members and friends to be aware of the following: CONSULTATION ON PROPOSALS FOR LICENSING AIR WEAPONS IN SCOTLAND I am writing to inform you that the Scottish Government has today launched its public consultation ‘Proposals for Licensing Air Weapons in Scotland’. A copy of the consultation paper is attached, or it can be found online at www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2012/12/5619. You may be aware that the Scottish Government has a long-standing commitment to introduce a licensing system for air weapons, so that we are better able to protect our communities. We have worked closely with the expert assistance of our Scottish Firearms Consultative Panel, which brings together interests from both sides of the pro- and anti-shooting debate, to produce proposals that are both practical and proportionate, as set out in the attached paper. Responding to the consultation We are inviting written responses to this consultation paper by 15 March 2013. Please send your response with the completed Respondent Information Form (RIF) to: Airweaponlicensing@scotland.gsi.gov.uk Or Police Powers Unit Scottish Government 1WR St Andrew’s House Regent Road Edinburgh EH1 3DG
  3. Just Jacques

    Doubling up comp cards

    Rutty is right as a scorer you can tell with air targets and quiet often its the same scorer for 2 different comps and you can tell I have had people put one card upright and one behind sideways but you can tell the pattern- - - -- - Its cheating and should be stopped or reported JJ
  4. British Firearms Law Handbook A new book is to be launched on 24th February 2012. This is a must for all police firearms officers, lawyers and any one who shoots. Laura Saunsbury and Nick Doherty have written this new publication assisted by Barrister Helen Dobby. Laura and Nick are the leading firearms Lawyers in the UK. Laura acts as Solicitor and Nick as Barrister in many of the countries high profile firearms cases. I am pleased to report that yours truly had a hand in proof reading and editing the book. There are references to my case regarding a Browning Buckmark rifle sold to the Kensington Rifle & Pistol Club, of which I was acquitted, also a reference to the successful appeal of Sportsman’s Association Director Savvas Tofexis being granted a six shot .44 magnum revolver unrestricted for the humane dispatch of larger species of deer and wild boar. The book is written in layman’s English and easy to understand. It is most informative and covers all aspects of the laws pertaining to firearms, appeals, revocations and covers clubs and Registered Firearms Dealers. I give it 5 stars as alternative bedtime reading. Published by Sweet & Maxwell ISBN number 978-0-414-04498-2 also available from the Sportsman’s association price £27.95 + £2.00 p&p Our Bill to the Bill In May 2011 Inspector Paul Eyden of the Metropolitan police applied for a warrant to search my home, incorporating the Sportsman’s office and seize all computers, mobile phones, back up hard drives and USB sticks. The warrant was unlawful, the Association paid for legal representation and had to purchase a new computer, mobile phone and memory devices in order to carry on trading until the return of our property, although we had no Data base, as Inspector Eyden had the back up hard drive. When Our Director Alan Westlake telephoned Inspector Eyden and advised him of his error, and demanded the return of our property Inspector Eyden hung up, he refused to answer any further phone calls. Inspector Eyden had stupidly seized our Database, prohibiting this Association from trading, he was also in breach of the Data Protection Act. He has been accused of being over zealous, and abusing the process. Inspector Eyden kept our property for two weeks, causing the association and myself considerable distress. No explanation has been offered for the police illegal raid. I am pleased to say that Laura Saunsbury got our gear back. We have submitted our invoice and await settlement. Should this remain unpaid we shall sue the Metropolitan Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe. Newark Pistol Petitions The Newark shooting show is on for the fourth year at Newark Showground on February 25th -26th. We shall be there. I notified you of the e-petition by SA member Dave Derrick in previous newsletters for the re classification of .22 pistols as section 1 firearms. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/360 One of our members suggested that we collect signatures at Newark; I have contacted the show organizer and many of the exhibitors to have petition clipboards at the show, so if you are attending get all your mates to sign. The goal is for 100,000 signatures by 8/8/2012, at the last count we had 10,000 signatures, so we have a long way to go. Please get everyone you know to go on line and sign it. Go for it, make the Government take notice…. Keep Your Powder Dry Great News for reloaders and muzzleloaders as of 24th January from the Department of Health & Safety Executive issued by Her majesty’s Inspector of Explosives. This is a direct result of our lobbying together with the British Shooting Sports Council Under the Explosives Act 1875, an individual was allowed to possess, without registering the premises, 30 pounds of black powder (now 15 kilos), this being the weight of the contents of a standard powder barrel. This was later modified to allow possession of either 15 kilos of black powder or 10 kilos of black and 5 kilos of smokeless. The 2012 exemption allows possession of 15 kilos of any proportion of black and smokeless powders from 15 kilos of black to 15 kilos of smokeless powder, a major improvement for the reloader. You be the Judge Some of you may be aware that the firearms act allows for the grant of a .410 or 9mm rimfire shot pistol for the destruction of vermin and pests. The reason for the grant was because in confined areas such as Barns and out buildings it was deemed safer and more convenient than a section 2 shotgun. Single and double barreled shot pistol are prohibited section 5 handguns, as they are less than 60cm in length. Provided you can demonstrate good reason, your Firearms Enquiry Team should grant you a shot pistol on a section 1 Firearms Certificate. A quantity of Taurus Judge revolvers chambered for .410 shot shells and smooth bored were imported two years ago. The Taurus Judge is a conventional revolver with a cylinder to accommodate five rounds. Well the police did their usual knee jerk, and have tried to say they were illegal as a shot pistol as they fell foul of the Firearms act as a section 5(1)(ad) this is a revolver gun. It is not a section 5(1(aba) handgun. I say rubbish. The act states that a revolver gun is a firearm where the cylinder or drum rotates upon firing. This applies to the South African Striker, also known as the Protecta and Streetweeper. The rotary drum magazine has a spring, which is wound, and the drum loaded with 12 shotgun cartridges in 12 gauge. In essence it a quick firing semi auto shotgun for use against insurgents. Once fired the drum rotates and ejects the spent cartridge. The Taurus Judge is a convential revolver where the cylinder is locked upon firing, it only rotates upon cocking, or when the trigger is pulled in double action. In my view it is clearly a section 5(1)(aba) And is in no way caught by section 5 (1)(ad) the only revolver I can think of that rotates upon firing is the Webley Fosberry, and the Judge is not one of those. Owners of the Taurus Judge have had them confiscated, awaiting legal opinion. We have made a video of the two firearms, they are clearly different, the Judge does not rotate upon firing, the Striker does. Northampton Police in the News Northampton Firearms Enquiry Team are in the news, at a recent appeal in the Crown Court a Judge upheld the decision of licensing manager Mrs. Bridget Hodgson To refuse the grant of a .357 pistol for the humane dispatch of Deer by a Northamptonshire Deer Stalker and Landowner, stating that in her opinion he had not demonstrated “good reason”. I was in court and it appeared to me that the Judge had not grasped the essence of the appeal. Mrs. Hodgson stated that the only .357 pistol that they had granted was to dispatch Circus Elephants! Throughout the world it is unlawful to shoot an Elephant with a handgun, the minimum requirement being a .375 Rifle. One of Mrs. Hodgson’s team was arrested for shoplifting. Officer Neil Bull was caught on CCTV as he opened a bottle of Lucozade and proceeded to drink before stealing a packet of Durex sex lubricant, the security tag was removed, so that the alarm would not sound as he secreted the Sex Gel into his pocket, as he was nabbed by the security guard, the slippery thief shouted “I’m a Copper” and made a run for it! , He was finally detained by the police. Was his motive to make shafting Certificate holders less painful? Comments are closed.
  5. Just Jacques

    New Pistol

    My guess is that your target was damp and so tore, it's just not a clean puncture. Maybe two clicks to the left Best, JJ
  6. Just Jacques

    Nice to see the target shooting at the Olympics

    I watched the air pistol and rifle and it was really good coverage
  7. Well folks it's great to see the target shooting at the Olympics this year, other years the BBC has banned them from being shown, it looked as if there were plenty of spectators and also lets hope it shows the great British public what a civilised and educated and responsible set of people we are, rather than the illusion that they have of us rushing round like cowboys. Best, JJ :-)
  8. Just Jacques


    I think you'll find that Bob Johnson is correct I've experienced this many times and this is why moved across to air from CO2 many years ago best, JJ
  9. Just Jacques


    Do let us know how you got on and the outcome. Best, JJ
  10. Just Jacques


    You might not be getting the same velocity with your first shot as you are with subsequent shots and it might be building up. In which case I would try the following which is an old soldier's tactic. Get to 20 yards and put up a target. It could be a bit of old wallpaper and draw a 90° line vertical and horizontal approximately through the centre. Line up your scope exactly with the lines on the target and just see where your first shot goes. Do subsequent shots and see if your point of impact changes. If it does you have got a problem with velocities and the charge that is coming. Initially from your gun – – I don't know if it's a pre-charged or not. It's a cheap and cheerful way of checking things out, it's also an extremely good way of zeroing in a scope if you've got a rifle clamp. Best, JJ
  11. Just Jacques

    Doubling up comp cards

    Me Too
  12. Just Jacques

    Flood At The Club

    I said to my better half today , the water companies should be bringing their prices down with all this free product
  13. Just Jacques


    This sounds like a definite challenge
  14. NRA Gun Debate Monday 5th March Posted: 22 Feb 2012 03:13 AM PST There is a Gun Debate in London on Monday 5th March hosted by the NRA of America, this exiting debate should not be missed. Starts 18:30 Refreshment from 18:00 Apothecaries’ Hall Black Friars Lane London EC4V 6EJ Meet the Dynamic Boss of the NRA of America, The debate will be broadcast on You Tube for the good of Gun Ownership. Interested parties please contact Mike Wells The Sportsman’s Association 2 Clockhouse Place London SW15 2EL 020 8789 1211 Mobile 07973 262133 Email :- sportsman.assn@me.com
  15. Just Jacques

    Match rifles

    I think that you posted in the wrong area here, and should be looking in the "for sale"? JJ