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  1. DTM

    So...revisited heavies today.

    hes so full of hot air you'd need more than 1
  2. DTM

    So...revisited heavies today.

    /me pulls up a sandbag
  3. DTM

    New Scope

    It's December and It's still not here
  4. DTM


    You wouldnt understand.. It's a skill thing
  5. DTM


    He probably needs to borrow a gun that he hasnt "fettled" to do a proper test as you need at least 50 through it. Dont know if he has a gun that will do 50 without hiccough
  6. DTM


    double post sorry 😄
  7. DTM

    Main shoot rules

    It should be classed as "PCP" open as springers aren't eligible for open class
  8. DTM

    FWB 800X

    Only he would know
  9. DTM

    FWB 800X

    of course, its on that other site
  10. DTM

    FWB 800X

    Well after shooting a very nice pcp and the most accurate gun ive had the pleasure of shooting for a few weeks it confirmed pcp's are not for me. Enjoyment just isnt there. Too clinical, not so much involvment with the gun, got bored of shooting it. I'll stick to springers in future.
  11. DTM

    So...revisited heavies today.

    First day In Poland I found in the light switching wind they were better than the 8.44's. My partner was choosing edges or just outside and missed quite a few due to choosing incorrectly. I didnt come out of kill all day and put in a respectable score Missed all the standers but I never hit them anyway.
  12. DTM

    FT winter Boots ?

    Bought a pair of Hanwags over 10 years ago. They will see me out. Good winter or summer
  13. DTM

    New Scope

    Still waiting for the new Falcon
  14. DTM

    Winter Draws On ?

    I think the mods have applied a drivel filter to your account
  15. A little birdy told me that as Holly sounds a bit like a girls name Holly will change gender for the worlds and will be entering Ladies class in the hope of picking up a top ten place and maybe some silverware 😄