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    Speaking of blotting out scores. Is there a valid reason why Mr Evans' scores aren't visible to all? You would think that the grading officers scores should be visible to all to allay any suspicion of percentage manipulation.
  2. Grading

    they will be grading sillies and attendances next
  3. The Regional's .

    Thats why I like blaenau gwents ground, tricky wind and all kinds of angles. good test of skill.
  4. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    to a different country? hahahaha
  5. Grading

    I like the idea of minis for the top grades 15mm @ 45 yds etc. But of course that would affect some of their %'s so will never happen
  6. New H&N barracuda FT

    It would seem to me they are the barracuda match 10.6 but made lighter. Used them today in a comp very light breeze but to test them I went dead centre for every target. I missed standers as I do anyway, one at 48 yds I misranged and hit 12 oclock. Pellet had moved about 1.5 to 2 pellet widths for wind probably. Other 2 I missed were trigger control and I knew I'd missed soon as I pulled it. All in all very pleased with them so far
  7. The Worlds

    Well I hope to win again this year but if the entry fee was £500 I would give it a miss.
  8. The Worlds

    As usual Holly is trolling. £500 entry fee + accom, food and travel will put it out of most peoples pockets. Stop smokin that sh*te Holly.
  9. Grading

    I bet the "very close" would depend on who you are though. Bit open to abuse. Set a target for those allowed to elect to move up ( within X% ) No arguments then
  10. New H&N barracuda FT

    Was running em at 735-740fps seems that's where they like to be at
  11. Been testing these pellets and am very impressed. Done over 1500 so far in PCP's and springers and in all the guns I have used they take significantly less wind at 55 yds than the JSB 8.44. Maybe I got lucky and my barrels like them ( FTP, CZ200s, tx200 x3, HW77 x3 & diana48 ). Get a tin as soon as they are released and make your mind own mind up. They are heavier than the jsb but poi is only about 20mm lower at 55 yds, so not too much I reckon. I think you will be impressed. BTW I am not sponsored by H&N before you ask
  12. The Euros ?

    That'll be a first :D
  13. new sytron 45x45

    yes it does. under the specifications tab. ( 20.5 ounces or 581gr) 5 grams heavier than a leup comp
  14. The Euros ?

    Is the open class graded? Oooo I've just had an awesime idea. Shoot in a region where the percentages arent so competitive so my percentages will be higher for the stats. AA here I come lol.
  15. new sytron 45x45

    Sorry for being a slacker and not posting link sooner Sightron 45x45