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  1. DTM

    New Scope

    Well Ive seen the new Falcon x50 moa200 reticle boxes stacked high ( whether there is anything in them is another matter ) Release to retailers must be imminent 😄
  2. DTM

    So where is our hero?

    OK, who upset him? He is active on other forums 😄
  3. DTM

    Yin Tong pellets....

    That may be true of JSB's. But head size of the chinese pellets is much more consistent
  4. DTM

    New Scope

    Leup comp 40x on STB but at nearly sightron 45x price it can stay there
  5. DTM

    New Scope

    might pick up one with a discount at the show @GaryB is it usable for BR and FT or just BR as the reticle is very thin?
  6. DTM

    New Scope

    only ones i see come up are the 35's others seem to be sold via word of mouth which is a pain. Ive seen 36 mag scopes but am not willing to take a chance on them
  7. DTM

    New Scope

    I tried a comp but it was 35mag. I found between 50-55 was too much hard work so gave up on it. Cant get a 45 or 40 for ♥ nor £
  8. DTM

    New Scope

    Anyone using the sightron 45x45for FT yet?
  9. DTM

    JSB Heavies.....

    The QYS 9.56 are good if you have a barrel that likes them.
  10. DTM

    So where is our hero?

    Do we really care? 😄
  11. DTM

    New Scope

    got the S&B. This pos is going back
  12. DTM

    New Scope

    well ive got a S&B FT mk1 coming so that should be game for a laugh
  13. DTM

    Standing Training

    OOn standers I am happy just to hit metal. How people can hold it steady in the kill is beyond me
  14. DTM

    World Class Veterans....

    Does vets 55 age limit come into force 2019 or 2020 worlds?
  15. DTM

    New Scope

    you could always go for the proverbial s&b FT Mk1