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  1. DTM

    New H&N barracuda FT

    9.57's and no more pimple
  2. DTM

    New H&N barracuda FT

    Update: Been testing the new 4.50 head size batches. I found them to be a much more "barrel friendly" pellet
  3. DTM

    Anschutz Andy....

    Has he been taking lessons off Aweslime?
  4. DTM

    New Falcon FT scope

    Should be good after all that development time
  5. DTM

    New Falcon FT scope

    I know nikkos are standard price atm but they are due to go up soon to over the £800 mark. Oh and I have one for sale ( well cheap) if anyone is interested. less than 6 months old, nato ret, Johno top turret and sharkfin. pm me if you're interested 😄
  6. Anyone know of a release date for it? Allegedly made in the same factory as Sightrons. Might invest in one as Nikkos are going up to over the £800 mark
  7. DTM

    Bisley GP5...the return of our hero?

    IS there more than 10 in open class??? :)
  8. DTM

    Target Colours

    I just got a march and its perfect up to 50 yds hits its marks everytime. 50- 55 though im having a problem. but i was using yellow and white faceplates in bright sunlight. So I will find something different to focus on. Any recomendations?
  9. DTM

    Target Colours

    now summer is probably here do you reset up your scope for the brighter light conditions?
  10. DTM

    New H&N barracuda FT

    chambers used to stock the LW chromed barrel blanks ( for styers I presume) I just checked and they are no longer advertised tho
  11. DTM

    Springfield GP

    Be nice if he actually published his grades. He's nothing to hide of course. Totally honest and upstanding guy.
  12. DTM

    Springfield GP

    I hear that a bum bag on your hip helps stability ( allegedly) :D
  13. DTM

    3d printed windicator

    tywrap 90p a bunch fits any size