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  1. Got a look through one at the show today. Looks good from what I can see. Only 1 reticle though, fine + with centre dot. Anyone else had a look through one?
  2. I think Nikko have upped their game slightly. I tried them on 35mag and they still range find very very well. I played with a 60 mag march. Glass was clearly a step up but was it worth 3 times the price? Not in my eyes it wasn't (see what i did there ? )
  3. Pretty good glass, I would say for my eyes slightly better than nikko and sightron. ( which it was compared to side by side) Very nice reticle, Definition at 55 was not brilliant compared to one I looked through before they were released proper. paralaxing/snap was between nikko and leupold edging to more leupold than nikko. nikko was better and easier to live with. Maybe you have to learn it over time but you had to work at it. The parallax knob must be wafer thin because if you tightened a sidewheel up more than a very very light "nip" ( i tried with a sharkfin and a rowan universal ) it would start catching and become stiff to turn. You may get just away with it on a pcp but not on a springer. I dont think it would last a 50 shot course without coming loose. Scope returned and exchanged for a NIkko. Hope others have a better experience
  4. The Gimp ?

    Ask Holly he probably bought them from new so he would know
  5. CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    I call fake on post #27 Pieman has no mates
  6. CSFTA @ N.Oxon

    Says the man who got caught marking his own card
  7. 2018 Gp series

    I would think £3 increase in GP fees should easily cover course/training/trainerers fees. People do marshalling and course setting courses to maintain a standard and these seem to be working well
  8. 2018 Gp series

    Then its a training issue
  9. 2018 Gp series

    Could not the regions bfta rep cover this? As long as the reps were fully trained etc etc.
  10. Airgunforum, what future?

    Another topic I wont continue reading as its gone the way of most others.
  11. Airgunforum, what future?

    Surely one of the "dirty dozen" could take this on and it can stay as is. bandwidth/diskspace/hosting is gonna be cheap as not much traffic? Be a learning curve but there's lots of offers of help.
  12. Airgunforum, what future?

    wow 7 pages and still on topic
  13. delta optic review LINKY 5-50 starts at 36 minutes
  14. Smooth Twist

    I played with one of the early smooth twists and at sub 12ft/lbs it wasnt at all pellet fussy. Wouldnt group with any of them
  15. Smooth Twist

    You would probably be better of with a tau brno 300 sniper at half the price. Real tack drivers if mine is anything to go by. No smooth twist only a CZ barrel