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  1. Matt, Is this for comps or just general club HFT?
  2. DTM

    The Shutz Barrel

    where's this oxygen dept, Can I go there to get extra?
  3. DTM


    comp air as well as the other airgun type periodicals is downloadable from a few "pirate" sites. I have had a read and wont bother subscribing. Doubt if I will be reading them again either :)
  4. DTM

    BL00DY Typical

    20-50's are past their sell by date
  5. Only 1 entry in open class at east devon then?
  6. DTM

    BL00DY Typical

    Its not the scope, my eyes are that bad . No matter now as its sold.
  7. DTM

    BL00DY Typical

    nope, I cant wind it out far enough for proper focus on the reticle
  8. DTM

    BL00DY Typical

    Got my stickys on a Leup comp 40x45 at last. Only to find my damned eyes dont suit it Now where's that laser eye surgery advert.
  9. DTM

    So, East Devon....

    anyone got a postcode for east devon ftc club as it seems their website is down
  10. DTM


    bet its that anschutz you been trying to sell since last november hahahaha.
  11. DTM

    New H&N barracuda FT

    looks like one too
  12. DTM

    New H&N barracuda FT

    9.57's and no more pimple
  13. DTM

    New H&N barracuda FT

    Update: Been testing the new 4.50 head size batches. I found them to be a much more "barrel friendly" pellet
  14. DTM

    Anschutz Andy....

    Has he been taking lessons off Aweslime?