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  1. DTM

    The Worlds in Poland....

    Oh, I forgot to add a little humour. The veteran springer world champs prize was.... A pcp pump!!
  2. DTM

    FWB 800X

    new seals arrived this morning. Once fitted no more air leak 😄
  3. DTM

    FWB 800X

    well hft and Ft are being made to easy these days hft'ers resting gun on the ground and only have to judge range n wind. Ft'ers only have to keep gun stillish and judge wind. At least the hft'ers shoot in all weathers, FT'ers seem to be averse to strong wind n rain. The only challenge left is to shoot a springer where you have to concentrate more on your technique. Not like the point n shoot PCP brigade. 😄 I'll get my🧥
  4. DTM

    FWB 800X

    being a boinger boy. pcp's are easy
  5. DTM

    FWB 800X

    only did a 30 yd zero test on it so far. 5 shots and couldnt see the pellet hole getting any bigger. I may have to take up benchrest shooting with this gun lol.Oh, and it's No 22
  6. DTM

    FWB 800X

    i haven't rtfb yet
  7. DTM

    FWB 800X

    yes i would say 75% better but still getting a puff of air from it. will have to wait for new seals which will eliminate the problem I hope.
  8. DTM

    FWB 800X

    Did the wash n grease and what a difference. Gun sounds completely different too. Had a chat to the guy at centra and ordered some replacement seals just in case
  9. DTM

    FWB 800X

    will do cheers
  10. DTM

    FWB 800X

    feels like its blowing from both. blue seal is in there. I will ring and order seals from centra
  11. DTM

    FWB 800X

    I got a club somewhere The reason I asked about seals is I did the tissue test and it fails miserabley. Perhaps it not being used for ages is the reason I'm not gettin a good seal.
  12. DTM

    FWB 800X

    Where would one get FWB 800 breach seals?
  13. DTM

    FWB 800X

    /me unzips
  14. DTM

    New Scope

    I am on Falcons waiting list for the new one 😄
  15. DTM

    FWB 800X

    Well Gary has done me a good deal on a Full JH 800. So I pick up my new toy on Sunday 😄