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  1. Rooster

    My Target rifle is up for sale

    How much
  2. Rooster

    Age Of Fwb 65

    I am trying to date a Feinwerkbau 65. Can anybody help? The serial number is 118660 thankyou
  3. Rooster

    PCP Advice

    If you are saying you have charged your Mfr bottle from your Scuba tank and the presure has dropped!!!! It means your Scuba tank is low on pressure atb
  4. Rooster

    Aeron brno b96

    I have a buyer 99.9% sure. I have to give first refusal to him. What offer do you have in mind? atb
  5. Rooster

    Aeron brno b96

    Multishot target pistol value As above, B96 one smallmark otherwise mint How much£££££££££££££
  6. Rooster

    Pardini Fiocchi P10

    Sorry just thought this is where target folk would look. Delete please
  7. Hi everybody, my pistol is nearing the time for a re-seal I have put it up for sale, which is not very bright as it is a cracker. Is there anybody out there that would be able to replace these for a fair price?. I wouldn't have to sell this lovely pistol then. Or is it possible for me to do it myself, quite good with my hands (ooh er missus) atvb
  8. Rooster

    Pardini Fiocchi P10

    Pardini Fiocchi P10, superb condition. Bought as 100% working. Well it's not 100%, after a few pumps and the seals are warm it is. It holds pressure when compressed! This is a ssp, single stroke pneumatic. It has great build quality. New seals are £25 + £2 post. Not sure if i am competant replace these. Comes in a nice lockable box allen keys for adjustments Price as is £100 Bargain Will post at your cost Paypal option LEFT HANDED Bargain for someone!!
  9. Rooster

    Feinwerkbau 300S

    For sale see here http://www.airgunforum.net/agf/index.php?showtopic=45853
  10. Rooster

    Bsa Comet underpowered

    Thanks for your help, i had a lightning xl, i got it secondhand, it wasn't very old. Sold it to change calibres the person who bought it said it only put out 9ft/b. Is it a Bsa thing?. The Comet is really poor quality, even the barrel latch is plastic, total pants
  11. Rooster

    Bsa Comet underpowered

    Hi my friend has got a Bsa Comet in .177, as far as he know's it's not very old. Seems true as it's mint. I tried it over my chrono during the week and it was only putting out 5.9 ft/b with AA field. It is a bit twangy, although not graunchy on cocking. Do you have any idea's what is wrong. I suppose it can only be a spring or washer. I had a Lightning xl and an ultra and both of them only made 10 ft/b, is it just a Bsa thing?. I would hope the comet would put out 10 ft/b although it is advertided at near the legal limit, any help please? thanks Red
  12. Rooster

    Air arms S200T UPRATE

    Hi all is it easy to convert a s200t 6ft/llb up to the same spec as the normal s200, i.e 11.5 ft/llb, even better how is it done? thanks.
  13. Rooster

    Local club Suffolk/Norfolk

    Hi Simon, as my ad i am interested. Where is the club, Becclres is about 15 miles from me, i am in Fressingfield. Thinking of giving it a try, maybe my boy's as well they are 13 and 15. What are the rules governing them. I guess you have some club guns for us to try each discipline. Is the club specific on either Rifle or Pistol or both. If i was to start up what guns do you recommend for the beginner?. I must admit i am a bit impulsive and i am already looking at pistols for sale second hand. Sorry this is a bit long winded regards Mike
  14. Rooster

    Local club Suffolk/Norfolk

    Hi all, looking for my nearest air pistol/rifle club to have a go at paper punching, any help thanks Mike