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  1. bulsaye

    BSA Spitfire leaking

    Frank: have you had it fixed yet? I know that problem is repairable.
  2. bulsaye

    Tempest Barrels: 5.5mm versus 5.6mm

    Careful shopping around can find you some 5.56mm pellets, which will do just fine. Try Pyramyd Air and even EBay for various sized pellets.
  3. bulsaye

    HW95 Advice needed.

    Let me just start off by saying I've probably worked on 400 HW95's over the years, maybe even a bit more. I've never been a big fan of shortening these barrels, as they never seem to shoot BETTER than when the barrel was original length. Is your moderator a slip on one or a screw on? When you cut threads at the end of a barrel, the bore tends to open up, because stress in the metal at the end of the barrel is changed. The crown end is thinner. Even if the bore opened up just a couple ten thousandths of an inch, some loss in accuracy can be noted. In the case of slip on silencers, barrel harmonics can be altered, which also affects groupings. add to that the fact that tuning alone can change a guns' pellet preference. You're just introducing more variables into the hold sensitivity issue.
  4. bulsaye

    Benjamin Trail NP accuracy problems

    make sure the bore is clean as well. If the barrel is leading up..accuracy suffers.
  5. bulsaye

    Beeman S1 trouble

    could be a burnt or torn piston seal. Essentially the same gun as a Norica Marvic internally,I think these were also sold under the Marksman name..model 45. Not an exquisitely accurate gun, the recoil on the FAC ones I've used was quite snappy and the gun was hold and pellet sensitive. Recrowning and tuning helped the gun (along with a trigger job).
  6. bulsaye

    2 year stored pcp is it ok?

    I have several PCP's that I continually keep air in; but whem storing I tend to drop the internal pressure to a bit under 1000 psi. A few of them are several years old.. and so far, no issues. BTW- an S200 is one of them. RB
  7. bulsaye


    I'm with Raygun. Check the breech seal first- very carefully; then the back to front play that can exist at the cocking shoe. A worn or damaged shoe will not pull the chamber fully forward to seal the breech. If the breech seal looks dodgey- replace it first and re-test the gun before messing with the cocking shoe. RB
  8. bulsaye

    Shortening a spring?

    I've done this numerous times. I try and keep the heat isolated to two coils, then let it mostly air cool, although after a couple minutes I do quench it to handling temp before grinding the end flat. I also try and keep the end cool while grinding (grind a little- quench.. repeat as needed). RB
  9. These are Diana's, so try contacting the UK importer for Diana guns. You can also look up parts for that under "Diana 50" at Chambers Gunmakers site. RB
  10. bulsaye

    what barrel length

    CO2 guns at 70 F can gain 10-15 fps per inch of barrel increase, so be careful. Since co2 is so temp sensitive, the velocity can drop in cool/cold temps and velocity can pick up in warm temps. RB
  11. bulsaye

    Max flow rate through port?

    I don't think port velocity can exceed the speed of sound; so that would be the max. RB
  12. bulsaye

    Mainspring moly grease recommendations

    The best spring lube out there is Jim Maccarri's "heavy" tar. It's not really tar, but it is a thick, yet slippery EP3 or EP4 grease.. almost like an open gear lube. It's ideal because it stays put on the spring and doesn;t get flung around in the action like EP2 greases will. Look at his site: Air Rifle Headquarters in the US. I've done lots of tunes over the years and use this spring lube exclusively. RB
  13. bulsaye

    TX200. Front piston bearing.

    The piston ring should be just a tad under the compression tube ID, but larger than the piston OD. This eliminates metal to metal contact.. at least that was Ken Turners intent. Undersized or worn rings should be replaced. RB
  14. No lubes in the compression chambers- at least in front of the piston! The best way to lube and maintain a springer is to tear the gun down and use the proper greases/pastes internally applied in correct amounts and places.. If you aren't able- find someone else to do it. Lubes applied in thru the transfer port (air hole) will just burn, smoke and diesel.. possibly breaking the mainspring and toasting the piston seal. Why gunmakers still sell chamber lubes and promote their use is a mystery to me. It was OK with guns having leather seals, to keep the leather pliable; but most modern guns use synthetic seals and derive nearly ZERO benefit from these oils. BTW- galling= deep scoring or pitting. RB
  15. bulsaye

    Trouble finding lube!

    Dow 77 is what you're needing. It's expensive as heck, but they will provide samples thank goodness! RB