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  1. Constantine

    Anschutz Tinkering....

    Still interested in lubes? I have something that will cope with varying extreme temperatures. https://magload.co.uk/products/maglube/
  2. Constantine

    FT conversion of Anschutz 2002

    I can't get in contact with either Dave Welham or Jon Harris - does anyone know how else to find either of them?
  3. Constantine

    FT conversion of Anschutz 2002

    Already got most of that down Holly! 4.52 AA fields, removed barrel band, BKL canti mount for the scope, adjusted pin contact to seal but not crush, shimmed barrel to tolerance and float properly. I am always confused as to why Anschutz only hold the barrel in with 2 screws - there's no load spreading or balancing or anything of the sort to ensure consistency. Not heard of the transfer port mod - I've buffered all the springs to stop all the twang but that's all I did in that area apart from clean it up. Would be useful to know more. Anyone know who can sort me out a reg piston or even a whole regulator? I want to get the gun ready for shooting this Sunday if I can.
  4. Constantine

    FT conversion of Anschutz 2002

    Hi all, long time no see - again. I'm currently converting an Annie 2002 to FT/HFT use. So far I can only get the reg up to 7.08 ft/lbs. Who can make a new regulator piston (if I supply dimensions)? I'd also need a heavier hammer spring I imagine. I've left messages with Dave Welham, and I'm waiting to hear back from Jon Harris on here. Also, does anyone know which zero shifts need to be cured? I think I've got them all but I'm not sure. Thanks guys
  5. Constantine

    Cometa S300 overhaul

    You'll find it's actually easier to raise the power than drop it. I digress though, very well done to you, always good to see another person getting stuck in. To lower the power you'll need to file the spring down - easy though, a small bit goes a long way. Increasing the power means putting spacers under the spring - increasing preload.
  6. Constantine

    New Review Steyr LP50E Rapid Fire 10m Air Pistol

    That is one nice pistol. My birthday's in a few months, you know what to get me, start saving.
  7. Constantine

    zero shifting on steyr

    DO NOT FLOAT YOUR BARREL I can't stress this enough. On an LG100 or an LG110, they don't need it. If you're going to float it, have it SEMI floating. If the person you ask doesn't know how to semi float the barrel, take it somewhere else, that person does not know enough to be hacking apart your gun. The barrel is fixed for protection, because it needs it. It's not a live firing rifle, where the barrel can stick 50mm into the action, it's only actually supported by 15-20mm of material. Steyrs are designed with harmonics in mind, and the barrel support is in just the right place to make use of a barrel tuner. Use one of these if you have to, and take it to someone with experience in tuning barrels using a tuner. Don't clean your barrel. As mentioned, it's an airgun, it will not wear like a live firing rifle. As mentioned earlier, it will take 50-100 shots to lay a layer of lead over the small imperfections that a live rifle would usually erode away. Each pellet paves the way for the next, not itself, so when you clean the barrel, as shiny as it might be, you've removed all the prep your previous pellets put all that effort into. You'll also find this correlates very strongly to your POI drop, as a clean barrel can be described as "sticky" compared to a lead lined barrel. Buy some proper pellets, if only for consistency. Don't be scared of spending £15-20 on a tin, there's 500 in there, it's still a damn sight cheaper than fullbore (12-50p per shot). Good pellets will all be the same size and weight, and will react better to your uncleaned barrel, as they will usually have some prep solutin on them. On that note, handle your pellets as little as possible. Grip them by the ridges, namely the crown of the head, and the edge of the skirt. You will hear a lot of things from a lot of people, such as "clean the barrel" and "don't clean the barrel" but I'd happily wager 95% of these people don't know why one or the other works, they just know it worked for them. With regards to your POI change, it's mostly down to the weather, then cleaning your barrel, lastly your fingers getting cold. Your grip changes with temperature, invest in some boilable palm heaters, and use them on your forearms as well as the tendons in your hands. Don't forget, the muscles that operate your fingers are actually nearer your elbow.
  8. Constantine

    AA S410 Indexer spring

    Very easy to replace, you don't even need to empty the gun.
  9. Constantine

    Bench Shooting Techniques - Springers

    The reason why your groups are larger is because you're trying to use a technique developed for two way recoil to deal with four way recoil (back and up (jetting) vs. back and forward, up and torsion (double bounce, twisting spring and jetting to a lesser extent)). Because of the torsional movement, you'll never be able to bench it with much success because it will twist in the supports. This is why people find it better on bean bags, because it allows the rifle to twist, then twist back. You need to find a recoilless spring rifle. They DO exist, I have one in bits, but if you find a complete one it's diamond (Original Mod.66). They have two springs with opposing helix directions to eliminate torsion, the inner spring is wound slightly closer than the outer to counter it. They have two antagonistic pistons, one forward one to produce power, and a rear facing dead one with a hole in the middle, so it doesn't compress. If used with the original barrel weight, it's excellent.
  10. Constantine


    Speak to Sam on here - he's your guy. If you have a lathe and milling machine yourself, PM me and I can draw you up a custom reg.
  11. Constantine


    Did you PM him? Or do you want help making a regulator?
  12. Constantine

    where can i get a better spring for TF99 ( QB36-2 )

    Your RFD. Support the industry.
  13. Constantine

    Scope position comfort :-

    Definitely - from the picture, your head is at the wrong angle, you would definitely benefit from a lower butt, and higher mounts.
  14. Constantine

    Scope position comfort :-

    Higher up usually promotes a straighter neck and thus head position. It would prevent you muscling the gun onto the target, reduce fatigue, and will stop the balance organs in your ear throwing your POI high right (correction maybe?) after the first few shots.
  15. Constantine

    fine tune

    No - you'll wreck it and probably bend it too much to fit back in. And you'll probably take it over the legal limit. Good luck stretching one too.