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    Air rifles !!!!!<br />Clearing my shoot of the many rabbits that live there, a never ending job.<br />I when i can bother my a~~e actually go rock climbing which is/was my main sporting pass time until i took up the gun again and now i can't get enough of them.

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  1. johnhw100

    SR6 reticule . I love it!

    I like my MAP 6 scope. works like the sr6 scope but without the extra lines and hoops, and a little but not much cheaper. Hawke.......they have come up with some easy scopes to use in the field. Thanks!!
  2. Hi, just got an AIRRANGER myself and did the deed a week or so ago. I drilled the stock fore and aft and fitted QD studs. A very nervous drilling experience but i took my time and marked eveything up and drilled very carefully and the results are fine. I have been out with sling and bipod attached with no problems. I would ask at a good gun shop for QD studs to fit as I think there may be several lengths on the market. Because of the bottle I carry my AIRRANGER muzzle down and with it being a long barrel and if you have the additional silencer fitted then beware the ground will be very close! Happy shooting!! JK
  3. johnhw100

    north east clubs

    No info, as i have never been able to find any. The only info i can find are small bore clubs with air rifle sections, although these tend to be the standing and prone disciplines. If that is of interest try the small bore rifle association web site and then follow the links to clubs. Hope of some help. I live in the real north east too. Cheers John