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  1. raptorx

    airarms MPR FT

    thank you a lot springboy.
  2. raptorx

    airarms MPR FT

    is it a good FT rig? any comments from users are welcomed. usable shots? shot strings? best pellets? groups etc. thanks in advance.
  3. raptorx


    congratulations, very nice indeed. is it an 18joule version? is it possible to use lg110 FT without the optional "scope mount base" ? what is the use of it? another question: how is the Nikko 10-50x60? I know diamond sportsman 10-50x60s are very very good, how about Nighteater 10-50x60?
  4. raptorx

    100 meter target

    check this one. sorry for the target but my scopes internal adjustments were not enough, there was a target paper but pellets hit about 30cm lower my 176m group and 100 yard groups I did earlier: without the "flyer" this would be a c-t-c 26mm group another one:
  5. raptorx

    big nikko

    distributor of Nikko in UK?
  6. if you are going to buy second hand, don't do it on the net. better inspect yourself and try before buying. how much are: Leapers 8-32's in the states? they are very good. BSA, Barska, Bushnell ? centerpoint 8-32x56 is usd 260 at AOA etc. you have plenty of choice. just be careful about min. focusing distance.
  7. I don't know your budget, but I suggest something: having (6-24x at least, 8-32 good, 10-40/50 perfect) zoom, side wheel focus (with a big wheel) focus down to 10 yards with mil-dot there are plenty of scopes in the states with half price of Europe, you're lucky.
  8. raptorx

    ft scope advice

    Colin yes eye-piece smells like a skunk but this is the first time I used an eye-piece and understood it is a must for every shooter. I will buy some for my other scopes. QC is a must also, one should not say QC is done and therefore it costs that much. Pricewise, I said it would be better if it was priced like 120-130 £ w/o the accessories included. cheers.
  9. raptorx

    ft scope advice

    well, scope is good overall. there was a FT match today and I've got third place in PCP class. its range finding ability is quite good, quality not bad, I wish it had better finish. the hinges of the flip-ups bad. gonna fall off soon I believe. It gives clear view, no problem at 40x (which I think something like 32-34 x indeed) Reticle is fine but I wish it was extended mil-dot. keeping the finish quality in mind, I think it is overpriced. So buy it, it works properly. in long-term? I will see. but you can be disappointed if your expectations are high. well that is the cons of online shopping. so: 1. if it had better built quality. 2. I am not sure of magnification, but whatever it is, written on it (32-34 or 36x etc) 3. had extended mil-dot reticle (not necessary but I like it) 4. priced something like 120-130 pounds. (w/o mounts, eye-piece, sun-shade which can be added later on) would be a perfect and well priced FT scope. ATB.
  10. raptorx

    ft scope advice

    mine is arrived today, I will post what I think of soon, did not try yet.
  11. raptorx

    ftx scope

    I think I've got the last one.
  12. raptorx

    Hungarian FT Cup

    Tamas, congrat to all shooters in Hungary, I'm sure it needs lots of practice and skill to hit targets with 7.5 and 16joule rifles 16.3 joules ? Is Hungarian Association angry with you shooters?
  13. raptorx

    Ft-X opps scopes

    FTX-F1 is better choice? so it has a good range finding parallax, no POI by mag, quality lenses and useful extras at no cost. It is the bestbuy at that price range?
  14. raptorx

    Ft-X opps scopes

    what is wiser? buy this ftx-f1 for 175 or Hawke target 10-40x50?
  15. raptorx

    BSA Meteor Mk1/2 maintained

    yes you can shoot an elephant at 500 meters with that scope, when I mean zeroing a scope I mean hitting matchsticks at 20-25meters. or soda bottle caps at 30-40 meters consistently. cheers