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  1. I tried replying but wasn't allowed to post links, is there a reason for that? or is it just me cocking up?
  2. The Green Man

    worried of kent

    There's certainly a fair share of cake to be had over here! As for wife swapping parties, I don't think I want to know. There are plenty of retirement homes around though and they have to keep themselves active somehow I guess
  3. The Green Man

    WFTF: silencers illegal in Germany

    The last silencer I bought was in Germany (circa 2005?) Noone asked me for any documentation. Have the rules changed since then? They are still available for purchase.. http://www.sportwaffen-schneider.com/index.php/cPath/40_103/sort/products_model/page/2
  4. Ah... have you ever seen the L2(?) model? Mike finally caught up with the longer, threaded barrels owners were adding... and then went a little further adding 2 lasers! To be fair, he probably had it right originally. I'd lose the laser housing (from our R32 Ultra models), cut the frame back and thread a silencer directly onto a shorter barrel... that for me has to be the better combination. This was probably the R32 version.
  5. According to the www, Skans are now "sold out"! - http://skanar.co.uk/skanm32.htm I wonder if there will be any more or if that is it for the rifle? I did hear a rumour a while back that Mike was not going to make any more... ???
  6. The laser is on top as the rifle came with no factory fiited laser, and I wasn't going to pay over 100 quid for a Crosman laser which is what I think Mike was using. So I bought a 30 quid Hawke laser and stuck it on top. It works for me and I just use it as a range checker prior to taking a shot. Laser and scope zero are around 25 yards, so a quick flash of the laser shows me whether I am over or under my zero. If I'm afer squirrels I usually drop the zero to 20 yards as most shots are no further than that and shooting up into the trees means gravity has even less effect on zero. (That's squirrel shooting on the mainland of course ;-))
  7. Oh.... here's mine with the Weihrauch silencer (Combro attachment taped to it). The Stealth can reduces that length somewhat and fattens the end, if you have a laser in the laser housing, fitting a Stealth can may (just) obscure the laser... something to consider ;-) http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b290/ste...32Ultra-1-1.jpg
  8. AFAIK there is no serial number. If there is, it's probably buried somewhere that requires the rifle be dismantled... and that is something that I have not yet attempted! I can't imagine it's on any alloy pieces (body etc...) and there isn't enough steel to stamp. The barrel was blank when I removed it and un-blued (apart from the end that protrudes at the breech), putting it on a removable barrel doesn't make much sense anyway. You could give Mike a call and ask, but I suspect there is no record/number other than his own as to how many he has made. Anyhow, enjoy... they are an acquired taste I suppose and in these days of electronic triggers etc... they are probably a little 'agricultural' for some, but if you grew up on springers as I did then the Skan is a huge leap forward into recoiless, rapid fire.
  9. Yep, that's the R32 Ultra, same as mine
  10. Oh... you probably know but Accupells are the choice pellet. The gunshop in Newport sells Crosman Premiers, pricey but lovely... :-)
  11. Hi... glad you got the rifle and I hope you enjoy shooting it. I have to say that after using the Skan I haven't purchased another rifle, I just love the fast reloading and it's fun to plink with too. The problem with fitting an adapter is that there will be a gap between pellet and silencer, quite a long one, so there is a possibility of the pellet clipping I suppose, that's why I went for the longer barrel and silncer threaded directly onto it. Leupy can do all the work required, as long as you can source a barrel... I got mine from BSA, a tad narrower but it can be shimmed to fit fine. I have also converted a Stealth can (well Leupy did!) and being a little shorter than the Weihrauch it suits the Skan well. That silencer project isn't finished yet, I need to sort baffles etc... it does work, but it isn't as quiet as the Weihrauch and the report sounds different too. When I get that project sorted I'll post photos, it looks quite tasty I think! As for the Isle, I'm an Overner and was near Totland / Freshwater working in Newport, Alum Bay and Westridge but the 20+ hours a week spent commuting on Southern Vectis finally killed me! I bailed here for the Winter season (maybe) and I am not sure if I will return to the island or not, somewhen maybe... possibly the next time I'll head Dorset way, as long as I'm near the coast and as far from London as possible ;-) Grockle season must be about over there were you inundated with chuckleheads and Grockle cans? What part are you in?
  12. I may be a bit late (and so are you, I was living on the Island until recently, you could have popped over and had a plink in the paddocks!) but the end of the R32 doesn't unscrew, it's just a push fit piece of plastic (might be held in with a grub screw). You could get Leupy to make you an adapter to thread a silencer to, or alternatively extend the barrel and thread directly onto that... that will add weight and change the balance though ;-) Hope it all works / worked out for you.
  13. The Green Man

    Karma(geddon) for those anti airgun MP's?

    ...and Illsley gets sent down for a year too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-12418223 (We can probably remove the "allegedly" from my first post on this thread too )
  14. I think I heard this statement in Parliament yesterday. What I haven't heard is the number of criminal incidents involving 14 year old shotgun certificate owners... I can't think of any, can anyone? Or was it the Firearms (Amendment) Bill. "Motion for leave to introduce a Bill (Standing Order No. 23) by Thomas Docherty (Dunfermline and West Fife) (Lab)"? I heard that this was unlikely to get much further and become law too. Speech here:- http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2011-01-25a.169.0 "I beg to move, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to introduce a minimum age for holding a shotgun licence of 14 years. The Bill is purposely rather limited in its scope and objectives. It is not about banning recreational shooting or the proper use of shotguns for legitimate rural estate management. Rather, I am seeking to close a loophole in our current firearms legislation-legislation that the Home Affairs Committee, under the chairmanship of my right hon. Friend Keith Vaz, has identified as both complicated and confusing. At present there is no minimum age for possessing a shotgun licence. This is at odds with the legislation covering other firearms, where there is a minimum age of 14. According to figures that I obtained from the Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, James Brokenshire, almost 5,000 children in England and Wales possessed a licence to fire a shotgun. Of those 5,000 or so licences, 26 were issued to 10-year-olds, 72 to 11-year- olds, 134 to 12-year-olds and 231 to 13-year-olds. It is unfortunate that neither the Scottish Executive nor the Northern Ireland Executive keeps figures centrally for their devolved areas. However, I am sure we can assume that the figures are proportional to those elsewhere. Currently, as the House knows, licences are issued by the chief constable of the police authority for the area in which an applicant resides, although for practical purposes the decision is often delegated to a more junior officer. For the purpose of this debate, it may be easier to refer to the chief constable. The applicant needs only to state their reason for wanting a shotgun licence, and needs to provide no evidence. If a chief constable wants to refuse a licence, the onus is on the chief constable to demonstrate their reasons against granting it. As the report from the Association of Chief Police Officers on the Cumbria shootings spelled out, an application for a licence can be refused only if the police can demonstrate that they believe that the person is a danger to the public, or that the applicant has "no good reason" to have a shotgun, or that the applicant is subject to certain statutory prohibitions. So at present chief constables have very little, if any, scope to refuse an application from a 10 or 11-year-old. This is, I believe, a most unsatisfactory situation for our chief constables to find themselves in. As I said at the beginning, the Bill is limited. It does not necessarily preclude the young person from firing a shotgun, because the current legislation merely provides that a young person be supervised by an adult, whether or not that young person possesses a licence. However, the Bill will send a clear and straightforward message that our society is not comfortable with the principle of young children handling lethal weapons. I am grateful to the House of Commons Library for providing information on the situation in other countries. For example, in Finland applicants have to be 18, but a 15-year-old can get a permit for hunting or shooting with consent from guardians. In Ireland, New Zealand and Lithuania 16 is the minimum age for possessing a shotgun licence. These are just a few examples to illustrate my case. Even the United States, a country known for its liberal or even libertarian views on the control and use of firearms, has recognised there must be some limits and controls. More than half the states-32 now-have set a minimum age for the use of shotguns and other firearms. The majority of these states have set the minimum age at 18. Surely if the United States accepts the need for a minimum age, it is not unreasonable for the House to consider the case for restrictions. I am grateful for the cross-party support that I have received for my Bill, and the fact that the Scottish Executive, although they obviously have no legislative competence on the matter, support the principle of a minimum age of 14. In conclusion, the Bill seeks merely to tighten the existing legislation, to bring shotguns in line with other comparable legislation at home and overseas, and to ensure that access to dangerous-nay, lethal-weapons is restricted for the very youngest members of our society."
  15. The Green Man

    Karma(geddon) for those anti airgun MP's?

    Ka-ching! Another sensationalist,(sensation seeking ) anti-airgun MP get's his just reward. 3 years in the slammer for Sheridan. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-12280552