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  1. PaulD

    Steyr swap .

    Holly me owd jellied eel sucking cockanese pilchard. It's impossible to get any worse than you 😜
  2. PaulD

    Feinwerkbau P70 FT

    As I find my P70 very front heavy I removed the standard barrel weight and fitted a beautiful lightweight Jon Harris manufactured muzzle brake. I'm not sure it does anything to improve the grouping but the rifle looks odd with nothing fitted and the JH brake looks lovely 😍
  3. PaulD


    My GP didn't take any more wind than any other rifle I shot with Holly?
  4. PaulD

    A bean bag for kneelers ?

    I think that after a few GP's the dust will settle and things will return to what passes as normal around here. As Rob is saying the new rule isn't any different to the old one but with it being so new some people will be more likely to pull a fellow shooter up if they think there is summat not quite right. This is what happened to me on the first set of kneelers I shot at GP1, my partner was saying that my right foot was touching the bag (L/H shooter that I am) and therefore the position wasn't legal. Now ok I accept that it wasn't strictly to the rules but I wasn't gaining any additional support (how can the inside of my boot touching the bag do that?) but all this too-ing and fro-ing was done on the clock giving me I think 30 seconds to take both shots! which caused me to miss both When I got to the second set I knew exactly how to position myself and I got both targets. Bit of a bummer but as it turned out I don't think the two missed shots would have made a great deal of difference if I had had hit them. What annoyed me more than anything is the fact that I rarely miss kneelers and this goes some way to make up for my abysmal standing shots
  5. PaulD


    Thank you Rob, my thoughts exactly Unless you are comparing rifles in absolutely identical conditions as in a wind tunnel with the ability to create side winds any comparisons will be meaningless. As you say minute (visually undetectable) winds at different points along the course will affect the outcome of any comparisons. even two shooters taking the shots at the same time will show up a difference!
  6. PaulD


    I'm sorry Jon but unless it's proved in a scientific manner as far as I'm concerned it's all in the mind! (FT is 90% mental and the other 5% is in yer head anyway) P.s Sam has now come to the conclusion that his FTP takes less wind and is more predictable than his P800! A total 180 from what he said at first? All this has been brought on by a few good (by his standards) results with the FTP, this will of course all change when he buys the next best thing since sliced bread
  7. PaulD


    The only thing (all others being equal) that can make a difference is the twist rate! And as I explained above you can not make any sort of meaningful comparison unless it is done in controlled ie laboritory conditions as the wind is changing constantly
  8. PaulD


    I've had this argument with Sam time and time again! he is convinced that some barrels take less wind than others he says he's done tests with two rifles side by side that prove it. I say complete and utter tosh (I actually said summat else but the swear filter won't let me post it) the only way to scientifically prove it is in a wind tunnel capable of producing CONSISTANT side winds. Taking a shot within a few seconds of the other one isn't good enough as the wind is constantly changing. Apart from differing twist rates a gun shooting the same pellets at the same speed will give the same windage. Once the pellet has left the barrel it no longer has any effect on the pellet, how can it?
  9. PaulD

    A bean bag for kneelers ?

    Now that looks useful! I find the new rules ridiculous and due to an over enthusiastic enforcer of the new rules it cost me two targets at GP1 The chap deemed the inside of my foot (non kneeling leg) was touching the bag which it was but very lightly and not giving me any support. I have NEVER been pulled for any kneeling Infringement since I started shooting and I very rarely miss kneelers! To say I was annoyed is a slight understatement
  10. PaulD

    GP 2 FOOD

    So these egg burgers, do you run em around 780fps or are they express ones that need to be run at 820? 😜
  11. PaulD

    GP 1

    Don't know many scores but as far as I know young Jack and Matt Hurst shared top spot with a three! brilliant shooting in the tricky conditions. Plenty of 40+ scores in the morning session and even the weather was kind. A proper course with targets to suit all grades, well done to the Castle crew. I had a reasonable day with a 38 after missing two kneelers and three standers out of six really enjoyed it. The course building bar has been set high for the rest to follow.
  12. PaulD

    Follow through .

    To be honest Holly I use my X80 on 50mag for ranging and shooting (including kneeling and standing shots) and I would say 90% of the time I see the pellet in flight for the last few yards of the flight! And don't forget I'm half blind
  13. PaulD

    IOR Valdada Scopes

    I must admit it's taken a while to get used to it but my X80 is superb! Jon maybe right about the 60 though, it's lighter and 80 mag is in my opinion just a bragging point as except in VERY rare circumstances it's far too dark to be of much real use
  14. PaulD

    GP Attendance

    Now I'm only a mere A grader (and not a good one at that ) but how do you work out that foilage gives you nothing apart from how much to give? Surely if your set up is good and you have ranged the target correctly that's all there is needed to take the shot? How can that be guess work and if it is please tell me what I'm doing wrong? As for using strings that's fine on a course that doesn't have 90deg plus targets in every lane and therefore crossed strings! You can't use the string to gauge the wind if there are three others laying on top of it!!!
  15. PaulD

    To Gimp or not to Gimp ?

    Ok I'll give you that one Dave but I admit I'm rubbish Not doing ETL but will do as many of the others as I can apart from E Devon and SWales