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  1. Andy 01

    Iceni, the return this Sunday...

    Please don't park in the lanes just before the ground. They are nothing to do with the ground, and the owner will be straight on it ! I'm sure you don't want to be pulled off the course because the farm owner who's lane it is, is threatening to drive a tractor over your car !
  2. Andy 01

    FT or HFT Near Manningtree Essex

    Hi. Just ping us an email of your intended visit date, and we can book the rifle out. Regards, Andy
  3. Iceni Marksmen Air Rifle Club are holding the EAST ANGLIAN OPEN COMPETITION on SUNDAY, 9th SEPTEMBER, 2012 Last entry 10.30am 40 target course set to BFTA rules with trophies awarded to 3rd Place in grades AA, A, B, C and top Spring Gun. Tea and Coffee available, please bring your own food.
  4. Andy 01

    camping near icini

    Hi Try this one : http://www.colchestercamping.co.uk/info.htm Or Google some on the sites on Mersea island, as thats anly a few miles down the road.
  5. Andy 01

    GP 6

    Hi All. Feel free to any of the SEFTA boys who want to pop along saturday. Targets are in hand, but lots of work still to do on the ground clearing ferns and such, which could soak up a lot of time, so any assistance would be welcome guys. Andy
  6. Andy 01

    The Essex 50

    This is a very good point !! I done an introduction to a possible new member last Sunday. He had been at the Robin Hood Fair the week before in Ipswich, tried the "have a go" area on air rifle, loved it, and they sent him our way ! The bad bit, is I don't even know who was running it !! The best one this year came from the Tendering 100 show. A young lad asking questions was sent our direction by the local copper ! I have spent hours and hours pondering on how to attract new members. The web site brings in a fair few visitors, but I have found you need to put a lot of work in with visitors in their first few weeks to convert them to members. I would be interested in how other clubs do it ?? Take MAD, I know HFT has more followers, but they still had to attract the members, and then keep them !
  7. Andy 01


    On behalf of all at Iceni I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all who turned out in the rather poor conditions to support the event. Wet, Windy, but good fun. We hope you all had a good day Congratulations to our own Barry Warren for being the winner of the plate. Some stunning scores came in from all grades, considering the wind. Full scores can be seen at the following link. (Sorry about the layout, too tired to sort it now!) http://iceni-marksmen.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=51 Thank you all again
  8. Andy 01


    Thanks Holly. Course is done. Hopefully a good mix for everybody as we want to cater for shooters of all abilitys. See you all tomorrow.
  9. Andy 01

    East Anglian Open 2010

    Time for a reminder guys and girls ! This Sunday, first time for 10 years the East Anglian Open will be held at Iceni Marksmen. 40 target FT course, trophy's for all grades, including spring gun ! Booking in starts from 09:00 until 10:30, and people will be fed in as they arrive. Food will be available all morning. We hope to see as many of you as possible for what we hope will be a fun day. Andy
  10. Andy 01

    East Anglian Open 2010

    We made it that it was 10 years ago mate.
  11. Andy 01

    East Anglian Open 2010

    We worked out its been 10 years since we done this last Time it got started again. We hope to see as many as we can, we are up to being able to put a good show on these days. :D
  12. Andy 01

    East Anglian Open 2010

    Thanks Holly. I hope a few SEFTA boys make it, good run up before winter league. Would be even better to see people from out of the region With ETL's Mini Mayhem and Essex 50 its nice to see the SEFTA calendar filling up with lots to do
  13. Iceni Marksmen are proud to announce the return of the East Anglian Open this year. This will be on Sunday 26th September 2010. It will be a 40 target FT course, with awards for each grade. We also hope to arrange a bring and buy sale at the event to add a different touch to the day. Refreshments will be available. We hope as many people as possible will attend what we hope will be a fun days event, and come and enjoy Iceni's hospitality.
  14. You are kidding right ?? :D :D
  15. Long story short. Just scanned a load of “old” photos for a gallery on the clubs web site. (Iceni) If anybody is interested I will provide a link when done. I thought this one would get you guessing And for the record, I can only name two of them :D