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  1. buster321c

    AA 410 problem

    Ye , get it serviced ............
  2. buster321c

    Rifle returned and working well.

    Who did the work Andy ?
  3. buster321c

    Stock FIt Question

    Thanks for your input , and i DO understand . It was this little gem that caught me out - then turn to face the mirror and check the front ???
  4. buster321c

    Stock FIt Question

    Thanks Holly , although i dont get it LOL
  5. buster321c

    Stock FIt Question

    Ive been trying to get the MPR , rhe best fit that i can . I asked a question on `shoot the breeze` and did`nt really get much response , but i guess its a funny one to answer. I want to get the best possible `fit ` with the stock and asked how you go about setting it to suit . The first answer i got was - a rule of thumb is that the butt to grip should be the same as distance from inside elbow to grip... ie instead of sticking butt in shoulder, stick it in elbow cleft and see if hand is stretching to reach grip or has too much slack. then i set cheekpeice to the height that is comfortable, in the main position, then try and set the scope to that in terms of height and eye relief, but if you're doing HFT then most prefer the scope as close to the barrel as poss for trajectory reasons... but still check the eye relief and head position. Then i check the butt is allowing a neutral muzzle, ie it's not pushing it up or down when all feels natural... if it's pushing muzzle down, raise, and the opposite follows if it's pointing high. if in any doubt, i push an adjustment to each extreme and see what each feels like, and go from there. you should get close after a session, but it's not unknown to be tweaking for a while... the scope is the biggest pain to move, so spend some time there. To be fair thats very helpful , any other ideas ? Come on , there`s gotta be some target shooters about . Cheers guys , Bust
  6. buster321c

    Air Arms .177 S400

    Astro and Decker , the Rowan Lads , are both members on AAOC ( Air Arms Owners Club Site ) . The guys are held in high regard as their workmanship , and services are second to none . If you need convincing , join the site and ask the members . Just to add , ive been a member on that site for years , and have just brought a MPR-FT , which will soon have a `Rowan Mag ` for its hunting forays . It will become my day rig and my S410k will become my night rig . Also there`s one of the country`s best Air Arms Spares blokes on there , Julian Bond , worth knowing if you ever have any trouble . All the best , Buster
  7. buster321c

    Oil/Lube for storing over the Winter

    Thats good advise , people always think that these gel packs will help , but they can dry a stock right out .
  8. buster321c

    Regulated S410

    I stripped the gun down today as i intended to swap the `o` rings in the trigger unit for the crinkle washers . Well , when i did , there seemed to be a fair bit of oil about . So i thought , in for a penny , in for a pound and stripped it right down . The hammer and rail had plenty on , as did the prboe , so i cleaned and dried every part before re-assembling . The spring needs changing ( well at least a polish each end ) and i think i`ll do the rail and hammer when i get it apart tommorow once ive sorted out the seals and stuff that i`ll change as a matter of course . I wanted to put a few drops of oil here and there , but as i knew it was commming apart again i did`nt bother , seems to me the probe has been abit stiff somewhere along the line and rather than take it apart and re-align everything the previous messer just oiled it a bit too much !! The only thing im unsure of , is will this alter anything ? I really dont want to get it running too hot , being regged i would`nt have a clue how to get it back as it was .
  9. buster321c

    EV2 Mark1

    I personally would ring them , and you can also get very good service from Julian Bond @ http://www.airarmspares.co.uk/
  10. buster321c


    thanks , e-mailed him today
  11. buster321c


    Just got me hands on a nice BTAS regged S410k . SO , if any of you can give me any info ide appreciate it . I think the fill pressure is 220 but im not sure , cheers
  12. buster321c

    air arms 410

    Smart -bottom- :D To be fair , he does a good job , ive a gun he`s messed with and its a cracker
  13. buster321c

    air arms 410

    Can i ask if there`s a reason for this strip? is it broke , not performing well ??
  14. buster321c

    Barrel change from .22 to .177

    Agreed Dave Will see what comes along , and if anyone has a spare .177 barrel and bolt , or is in the midlands area and fancys mucking in and messin , pm me , cheers
  15. buster321c

    Barrel change from .22 to .177

    I just know im gonna end up messin again lol