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  1. new sytron 45x45

    Holly i heard it was a manic lorry driver delivering tools
  2. new sytron 45x45

    colin aint been chewing them wasps again has he
  3. new sytron 45x45

    holly didnt colin have a sytron scope ,colins very quiet weres he gone
  4. Fit to shoot .

    holly i herd you had a electric bike
  5. Happy New Year .

    if no one else is going to say it, happy new year holly may you win plenty more comps
  6. I wonder ?

    holly thought a bsa 60 was called big 60 and a custom shop was a tasco
  7. I wonder ?

    holly one of your must have rifles on b pool air rifles scimitar remember a lorry driver had one at springfield arc 20 years ago mega bucks now
  8. Carisbrooke christmas shoot .

    is it bed and breakfast at hollys
  9. The Gimp ?

    iv got a m cycle jacket armourd elbows and back 50 quid, holly need not apply
  10. BMW

    holly 115 mph is there a ramp at the end of the island might save the ferry fees
  11. The man with one gun.

    holly hope the blue tights aint in ya boot
  12. Fit To Shoot .

    holly you could get a job in the pub picking up the empty glasses ,shore they will take pity on a washed up lorry driver
  13. Fit To Shoot .

    holly about time you got that gc2 out no good in the cupboard ,not heard about the sr for a while ,is colin still shooting that air arms
  14. Fit To Shoot .

    am i on the old peoples post sounds like colin and holly are on there last legs
  15. FFTA Grounds

    its an age thing colin ask holly he knows how it works when you pass 60