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    BRING IT ON!!!!

    Just starting to put a springer rig together - will be at the Alex Body Shoot, if not out and about before that (hopefully)
  2. I was really shocked and saddened to hear of Alex's passing - he was always such a nice guy to shoot around with. Count me in for the shoot - I'm in the process of putting myself a springer rig together. Will I need to have membership with a club or association to shoot on the day?
  3. dcj1

    BRING IT ON!!!!

    Good luck SEFTA. really missing the sport!
  4. dcj1


    I believe you know her well Holly - didnt you go to school together???
  5. dcj1


    In fact, if i could persuade the other absentee - we could have our own team. . . . . . . . theres a thought, where is that phone number. . . . . .
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    Make that 2!!!!! lol!!
  7. dcj1

    Kent Open results

    Hello all, sounds like you had a good day for it. couldnt make it i'm afraid - family commitments. still missing the shooting though. - have still got some kit. . . . . . maybe the winter league beckons???
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    by choice i might add!!!
  9. dcj1


    Cheers Mate - well shot last weekend by the way!!!
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    Put me down for it Rob. Any news on the camping front???
  11. dcj1

    Ready for Sunday?

    Hi Carl - just check out the results from the last 3 years sefta winter leagues. . . . . . Kwftc may be a trek for you. .. . but worth it.
  12. By that token, at 12.5 yds you would still be out by 1.5 inches. . . . . . . . . . . . . how close were those minis?????
  13. Dave. . . . . . . . . . . you can now celebrate with your favourite drink beginning with the same letter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vimto!!!! well done Lads - really missed it this season.
  14. dcj1

    SEFTA winter league .

    Nice to catch up with everybody today, even though i wasn't shooting. It did gee me up for getting back into it in the summer aswell!!!!
  15. shooters insurance? hello, would like some info on cheap shooters insurance please? Basically, i would like to pay as little as possible - dont care what the company is like, not even bothered if they are -rubbish-! infact the cheaper and crapper the better. I have been shooting at my club now for 4/5 years and never had a problem going down there for a little practice on my own. Now it would appear that the nrsa have banned lone shooters (have to have a marshal present)otherwise insurance is void. Now - as far as i am aware, my club (kwftc) are the only club in the sefta region - and probably the whole of the country to enforce this rule. To be allowed to shoot at the club, which i might add, offers 365 day membership - another member has to be present, unless the lone shooter has his/her own insurance. all i require is a piece of paper to say i am insured : the bare minimum is all i require. This will allow me to shoot on my own, without the irritation of listening to the quite audible rants of people full of there own self importance. (i know the facts, nsra and all that. . . thats not the problem - it's the way it has been enforced. This, in turn has deeply upset me, because over the last 5 yrs i have made a lot of good friends in the sport, and the thing i used to wait all week for has now been ruined. Rant Over. . . . . . . . . . . now, has that 2nd stella chilled yet!
  16. dcj1


    Nice one mate. - be able to make a quartet!!! good luck today.
  17. dcj1

    Best Big Nikko

    Look at heading ft scope. . . . . . . . . . . . all been covered there mate.
  18. dcj1

    FT scope

    Sorry to hear That Richard. Hope your Wife is feeling better soon. Happy New Year.
  19. dcj1

    FT scope

    AsK Holly about the term involving super glue!!!!
  20. dcj1

    FT scope

    Hi there Mate. Nice to have met you today, sorry i had to rush off. The lovely optics you were looking through is Nikko's latest offering (mk4) mine is the mil dot - just to confuse you a little more, it is also available with a nato ret. hopefully catch up again - feel free to pop down when your rifle is up and running. David.
  21. dcj1

    FT scope

    Bsa is a rebranded mk1 nikko. mk1 nikko had black turrets and black zoom collar with white writing. mk2 nikko had green turrets with gold writing. mk3 nikko is the shorter, lighter latest model with green turrets, gold writing and screw on turret covers. - o yeah, and Shorter eye releif. I THINK!! p.s I have had them all. like Holly says scopes vary hugely. but I will say my mk3 optically is superior to the others, but harder to use due to the longer eye relief. Also the mk3 differs in which direction it paralaxes on the sidewheel.
  22. dcj1

    SEFTA Winter League

    Holly, it was only cheeky banter. The reason i didnt turn out for my club is due to other commitments. young Mikey is shooting better than me anyway!! Nothing wrong with supporting from the sidelines, hopefully next year i will be able to participate??
  23. dcj1

    SEFTA Winter League

    Holly, does that include the last two years you have had to build up to it??????
  24. dcj1

    Good day out at Kent Woodsmen

    Know what you mean! double dinked my standers and missed two kneelers on round one!!! To top things off my reg went on my walther today - round two could be a distant dream now.
  25. dcj1

    The Essex 50

    Well, with me missing from the kwftc A team. . . . . . They already have!!! (tounge firmly in cheek!!)