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  1. red19s

    repeal the hunting act

    Add my name to the list
  2. Nice one BASC and Sainsburys... Hopefully helps makes Game/hunting a more acceptable idea to people who otherwise wouldnt have a clue.
  3. red19s

    Maneuverable pellet post trap

    How about an old steal offcie/paper bin?
  4. What I have done for each of my rifles is buy a sample pack of pellets from Pellpax Pellpax sample pack They give you 10 of each of different pellets (brands/types/weights etc) and the targets to try them out. So what I do is zero my gun as best as possible with any old pellet to 20 yards or so, then take it in turn to shoot the 10 pellets of each different type at each target (noting on each target which pellet). Then I look at which pellets had the best grouping. Not the pellets that hit the zero but the ones that had the smallest spread. So then you know which pellets to try out. Can save you alot of wasted pellet tins that your rifle doesn't like.
  5. Any news yet Jimbob? Did you get the chrono?
  6. Yup correct, just waiting for the chrono results from JImbob now!
  7. No problem. Let know the results once you get chance to run it over the chrono
  8. Hi Jimbob, I think I see what has gone on here. The only way that the stingray good give you an fps of 720 is if the pellet was as light as 9gr. And you are using a pellet of approx 16gr. By reading the blurp about what the stingray can do you have assumed that all pellets would come out at about the same speed of 720fps. This is basically marketing to get you to think wow thats awesome i must have that gun! This is untrue, your heavier pellet will require much more energy to achive 720fps that the gun can give. So your heavier pellet will travel at about the 570 i quoted eariler. But as soon as you get your chrono all will be clear.
  9. Don't worry too much your heading in the right direction and once you have tested it over a chrono you will be in a better position to decide your next step. If it is over the legal limit its obviously up to you to get it sorted (as the owner of the gun) If you take it to a gunshop and tell them of the problem I believe they have to legally confiscate the air gun from you and then pass it on to the police. But I guess you would like to keep the gun? So what I might suggest is to buy a replacement Legal limit spring, remove the old and overly powerful spring and replace it with your nice new legal limit spring. Then check it again over the chrono and hopefully all shall be well. Just thought to your other question "is there any danger to the air rifle itself ? " yes there could be as it was not designed to run at those higher power levels. And lastly you dont say what calibre but becasue of the pellet weights you quoted I assume its .22 and the speed you quoted of 720fps, how did you calculate this if you dont have a chronogrpah? Your gun with pellets of that weight should be running at about 570fps. In fact thinking about it further sounds like you have read what webly quote as the speeds for a .177!! Let us no the calibre and get it chronoed as soon as you can with the right pellet weigths for your calibre.
  10. red19s

    Rust and Bluing

    There is some damge on the body not just the silencer! But only a few small patches! After the first quote i recived of £75 from a different gunshop i thought £35 was a bargain! And ive been there a few times do alot of trade seem to know there stuff, so i dont feel ripped off! We shall see when i get my evo back! Thank you for the comment though.
  11. red19s

    Rust and Bluing

    Put my evo in for repair at my local gunshop £35 for a polish and repair of the damage should be back in 2 weeks!
  12. red19s

    Rust and Bluing

    Just got a quote from local gunshop approx £75. But it also accoured to me I may save a few sterling by buying a new silencer and a bluing pen to cover up the few specks on the block/barrel!
  13. red19s

    Rust and Bluing

    Hello All, My Theoben evo has succumb to rusting on the silencer and a few other specks about the body. The silencer is very speckled with rusting which is beyond a quick touch up with a bluing pen. I have taken the rusting off with some wire wool socked in oil, surprised to see it didn’t damage the finish around the rust only took the rust off. But now im left with a not so pretty looking finish and need some advice. I have seen these home bluing kits and wanted to know how good are they or perhaps the more important question to ask is how easier are they to use and get a good finish. I guess I would need to strip the original finish for all of the action and blue the lot to match colours?? Or my other question, any ideas on how much a Gun smith would charge to do a proper job? Or would I have to send it back to Theoben? And how much would a Gunsmith/Theoben charge? Thank you for any help. Regards, Chris.