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  1. peter friend

    Pistol Shooters - Welcome Wagon

    I add my name to the list, I have been competing as a pistol shoot for a few years in a serious manor and have shot in some minor internationals for England and love the sport so much I have just brought a guns shop and am currently in the process of getting my RFD. Any way the guns I shoot I have just move from a morini 162ei to a benelli kite improveing my PB to 575 For standard and sport pistol I use an LP5 with an 1400 gram trigger Now for the big ones I start with an Morini long arm (free pistol) And currently I have an sp20 .32 in Zurich for centre fire All good fun.
  2. peter friend

    Height of air gun target from floor?

    you can download all the rules from the ISSF http://www.issf-shooting.org/rules/english/rules.asp
  3. peter friend

    Height of air gun target from floor?

    hight to the center of the ten ring for 10m range 1.40 m +/- 0.05