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  1. Jon


    Theres anodising and theres anodising so far in 24 years i only trust one company having used 12 different companies who will either lose one or more parts or just scrap the part or even lose it time after time guaranteed. Its what drove me to doing my own for a few years I gave up doing it in 2007 still got some hydrochloric and sulphuric in the small tank. The 15 gallon tank broke and seeped out. Digi PSU repaired twice by Mr Dave L on here. Many reasons an anodoser fails, when it comes out bad they strip which renoves metal, have another go, same again and find nothing remotely matches up. Worst still is threaded items, have taken in 1mm pitch threads to find when they come back screw in an extra 290 degrees. What that means is theyve lost or rather eaten away the aluminium threads by 0.76mm = scrap your loss no come backs law to themselves. Likewise can have a good looking part but in the cleaning process its eat away at threads before other areas of the part. Name above dont do it its done by a biker company that will only work with raw or neat aliminium. Take bead or soda blasted in it will be hand rubbed and patchy. FB he will only do mop polished parts which means rounding edges off. A good anodiser will colour match!
  2. Jon

    Electric Mountain Bike .

    Forget that have some fun.
  3. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    I havent 'made' any for 15 years. Previous to that digi cameras not around. Best lathe ever had on the whole one of them 140's, could put a cut on. I am heavy going on machinery scrapped it 8 years ago with all extras inc full set of change wheels, 11" 4 jaw, coolant etc. Point is you will never know whats best twin transfer port or a single for various reasons over looked. Wondered why you get some good and some bad ones, parts made exactly the same, its down to two things.
  4. Jon

    Anschutz quality.

    It runs at 119 bar on my old guage.
  5. Jon

    Barrel manufacturing

    Difference is BSA state they never have made that way but have found their way on to finished rifles. Harper used brass liners crimped in an outer tube same with the carbon barrels notably for the Ruger 10/22.
  6. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    Might finish number 23 one day, been on hold since end of March 2003. I only do one offs down to the last screw no copies of anything, all has to be worked out. Downturn to that twin transfer port is wasted energy and inefficiency behind the valve. Never heard anyone say polygon barrels any good in sub 12 ft/lb might want to change. For a sec thought Custom of Sheffield made that CS1000. The Titan trigger can work ok but vast improvements can be made by making new sears, still wont turn it in to a two stage trigger.
  7. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    First ones i saw were the Welham in 1998 and suffered velocity and zero shift. Had the ugly steel cylinders. 99 there was a team hence 3 guns above mentioned.
  8. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    He paid for the 2nd one although a sell off.
  9. Jon

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Theyre all like it bedding my Anchutz in 2005, Fen 2014 plus Walthers since 1998. External stock makers are just copying the disasters for an easy life rather than correcting or making right, none worse than the Ones. Had to put James Woodheads right before he won the Worlds 2009.
  10. Jon

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    I would agree with almost every word there Rob. Problem is the designers with lack of knowledge and or unwillingness to design and build what the customer wants just taking the easy route. Big difference to looking nice to feeling right, all judge stock on looks not performance of which there can be monstrous disasters. Biggest is the lack of bedding in by the Germans, only one way to do it, do it right or not at all.
  11. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    J Briscoe has hung on to 3 team rifles as they cant be sold, been doing clays for over a decade and good at it. Only Regional wins for me MFTA Masters 2009, numerous W/L and 2008 GP A Series.
  12. Jon

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Best stock i ever saw they dont make em like it any more.
  13. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Confirm James did win a World title in 2009 South Africa using an old Anchutz 2002 in a Gray Cane stock i had to sort out prior. He won it running 740 ft/sec 8.4 Think it was Poland 2004 Dan won the Worlds again with a 2002. No other World titles have been won using Anchutz, hft is just a name like our European Champs an open.
  14. Jon

    Wind and Deep woods ?

    Shot for Midlands first time the Regionals and Champs were held at Newbury 95 8th rings a bell, my score counted that enough! I got complacent in 2011 1 down by lane 19.
  15. Jon

    Anschutz stabiliser springs

    He is sorted received this morning sent at 1.30pm.