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  1. Target Colours

    Always liked black and easier to paint. Next best white with black kills but hardest to paint and use more of it. Not keen on yellow plates, tend to camo in sun light and greenery and be as bad as painting green.
  2. Do my eyes deceive me

    Seen where they shoot. In the middle of a dual carriageway, begs belief
  3. Anschutz Tinkering....

    None off the shelf, been there done it 13 years ago. Yours was good when Matt had it - stable.
  4. If the moneys there
  5. Follow through....

    Bet you wish you had a Mark 1/2 Ecort or Capri 1,2 or 3 now. Capri i had was made in Germany with the coarse spline gearbox, always on it every night to keep it going. Eventually took it round the clock twice on 2 engines. Used to buy mark 2 Escort after market stuff for it, Cibie H4 on all 4 running 130/90 could feel the heat from 12 foot away.
  6. Follow through....

  7. Sold it 19 years ago. Did come across it about 12 years back butchered with an aluminium tube line on by you know who and no idea how to set the trigger up being a proper 2 stage jobby had 3/8" creep no joke. Dis honoured though has name on trigger block and date.
  8. The mental game....

    Col morning session moaning about the wind and walking off or not handing card in as it did their grading in and spat dummies out. Poor scores by AA in the 20's to high 30's, may have been a few 43's. Wind did come up about 11.30 still there for PM Rob will confirm he shot pm with me.
  9. Sir Hools i not only made one but it was a ground shaking one off designed as one. Shortly after the Stokey came to club and came out trying to emulate, didnt work. By that not some conventional action modified and a stock to codge in. Think it was number 6 in stainless hows about 116 shots from a fill of 110bar! You read correct. Cylinder was tested at ISP to 6500psi. One piece trigger 13" long no linkages, blow on blade it could go if set that way and sears returned. Dont have that trouble withh 1 stage triggers any old -rubbish- will do.
  10. The mental game....

    I do it for fun, if it goes well good, if not wont lose no sleep over it or throw toys out the pram theyre acustomed to nowadays. Just waiting for Rivington GP again, remember what happened last time 4 yrs ago.
  11. I took it to Worcester GP 2006 Jackman and Sir Nick loved it. Carried it around for 4 years and never used before floging for peanuts in 1999. Shame its been severely butchered and ive disowned it.
  12. The mental game....

    Theres a lot more to it than that Col. Seems as though its worded to cater for this modern ft trash aim at kill and down to standers and kneelers bull.
  13. Follow through....

    FTP surprisingly quicker than you think despite that 14.2mm stroke brought about by a meduim/light weight hammer ala late 80's. Anchutz newer ones last 14 years are faster but still slow to my first one off rifles i designed and made down to the screw working it out as went along. The electric Daystates are quicker if you can ignore the felt perception. Mr average wont be able to tell say between an Anchutz or Feinwerkbau to say an AA to FX. The people that can instantly tell by one shot are the type of people that have under gone some form of fast sports requiring reaction timing such as boxing, martial arts, Motor sports and bikes etc. I leave the over lap factory set never use it shots gone or under way.
  14. Out And About ?

    Creating a smog just like old times.
  15. Made a one off in 94/95 action and stock as one, not just some conversion big difference.