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  1. Thats why you cant shoot in wind. Wind nowadays due to that is edge of kill = no skill and a lottery. Not to mention finding the targets seeing strings disappear high up say on right after 10 yards eventually to find after 7 mins both targets way out on the left floor level = brainless.
  2. It didnt go unmissed Holls, quite a few people independantly saw it and came to the same conclusions. Way before Bainsy, Barry Longbottom drove the day before to vet the course/s for all BFTA events. Wouldnt tolerate any crossed strings unless absolute necessity.
  3. If you were a gentleman you would opt to shoot first and Andy wouldnt need to reset them!
  4. Never a truer word spoken. For all this not to bfta rules -rubbish- thats just suddenly came out in the open i could find 70% illegal and passed off. Should be increasing the ranges rather making things easier the last 8 years.
  5. Too far to go sorry. Just heard this morning there was an over range target yesterday, some people hit so what, but the grading was pulled when a certain person in authority missed it. Another nail in the coffin for FT just get on with it. Now you know why i dont shoot, aboves one of dozens similar the last few years.
  6. Was showing 5.5 degrees this afternoon but had sleet earlier. Funny one they were all moaning me powers dropped 40-50 ft/sec 3 chronos out, just laughed at em and drove off.
  7. Jon

    New Scope

    If i had some where to shoot the last 2 1/2 years things might have been different. It forced me to part ways 5 months ago with rifle, not to mention havent had a scope since September 2013. Reckon it would take me 12 months to get back in to it, there again any wind or snow round here shoots are cancelled. 10 yrs we'll be shooting in climate controlled
  8. Jon

    The Worlds - England

    But i like you.
  9. Jon

    New Scope

    Not much boasting on here though
  10. Bit seedy that Holls, now putting two and two together camper van and Davina!
  11. Anything interesting going on any where?
  12. Jon

    New Scope

    I have every faith in Sir Holly
  13. Jon

    New Scope

    True Dave but you can still use a monkey wrench to unlock the front bell locking ring. Just about not making best use of any scope to just using as it comes. All scopes differ even March but dont try it on a BSA or Niko it wont work, well only done 3 that it did perform better. In other words have to play around and see what works best and whats tolerable rather than rely on what others say or have done. Both PR Leups of mine responded drastically to dropping as low as i dare. Normally get bigger gaps but that means nothing without control and perception. Now Matts PR Leup Mark 4 40 mag responds better around the 300-350 mark where its better than tring to range 30 yards set low around 60 yards. Thats why you have to spend some time or will find it will be for sale next week. My Mark 4 was 3rd hand in 1999 two months old, both couldnt use it but loved it after.
  14. Jon

    New Scope

    Not set to 58 yards then more like 62+ To set at 58 focus at infinate leave alone. Then need to focus that 58 yards by adjusting front lens. Mine blacked out at 57 1/2 yards couldnt see a thing. Blank spot 14 yards 1 or 2 foot to 15 yards 2 foot 9" they all vary a bit.