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  1. Scopes , Too Heavy ?

    Pretty much limited to this on grounds of weight https://www.leupold.com/scopes/rifle-scopes/vx-3i-lrp-6-5-20x50mm-30mm-side-focus-moa-ffp More than adequate for 80% of todays courses and rules should see anyone in B+, A-. As they say a little knowledge is dangerous, learn the ropes rather than listen to or read wrong info spread about by those that dont know.
  2. The 400 Classic

    Think we had the last of the Nockovers we had to build them up. Theres a lot of excrement out there now think we have bought off 4 suppliers since the Nockovers only ones any good. Hated those the face plate rotated, always getting pellets lodge in the mech. Worst currently has to be the Remington. It aint FT any more which is what i originally signed up for. Im going to the dark side at least theyre not a load of pussys and cliquey.
  3. The 400 Classic

    Well i am glad to have enjoyed FT when it was worth travelling nationally with generally good courses, people and the rules. Your in a minority wanting to go back to 40 shots, i wouldnt have done 8 out of 9 in 2008, perhaps two and you finished 2 places higher than me 16th. Funs long gone out of it now, the way a few have been brain washing people, newbies think is correct and rules changed to accomodate that thinking. Nothing worse than constantly have to wait for two of the three in front to shoot, yet theyre on the clocks. Tight fisted if didnt replace the targets, i bought some worn sell offs from Stourvale early 93, still got em.
  4. The 400 Classic

    New in to it 91, same here 30 shots regional (40mm kill) 25 + 5 (25mm) till some time in 94. 50mm kills at gimmee ranges may be why you were good, its a plink nowadays with 4 x 40. Top boys all used PR leups mostly Vari x 3, EFR and Mark 4 til 95 when they saw what the Tascos and Hakos could do for them, more so in 95. Used to be a piccy flying about from Regionals first held at Newbury 95 with JH No2 and a Tasco on top and my score counted 8th. Albeit 2nd for the team overall. Remember got sun burn in April, thats a first and kipping in car park over night Sat. Bottom line is was fun then unlike todays trash.
  5. The 400 Classic

    Nahhhh bracketing waste of time, easier and quicker to judge size by eye but used TR conventionally though a struggle over 50 on a good day. Most scopes even 10mag you can range to 45 yards, there after theyve had it. More and more scopes since late 93 were more geared up for our use. By 94 there was literally Tasco TS, Zieller 32, PR Leups Vari x 3, Mark 4 and EFR all boosted, the Nightforce 40mag predecessor of the fixed mag FT36 in 95, Tasco 8-40 and a shabby front focus 40mag. Only ever recall 45mm kill zones, seen some fairly recently. Fairly sure the 25+5 demised in 94 as well.
  6. Back to basics

    Dont think that would help Holls, rather the opposite its a hindrance and the like he needs to get away from.
  7. The Single Most ?

    Confidence in kit is paramount. Its all too easy to change kit which will involve a learning curve, the more you use the more you learn its traits. Other things come in to force which may involve frame of mind and enjoyment or lack of.
  8. The 400 Classic

    Had the TR24 £180 on an HW80 .22, could just about dial in 55 yards with BSA Pylarm/Wasps before the ret broke. Then bought the TR16 s/h £130 for a few weeks to tie me over. TR24 dont cut it past 45 yards you could visually range just as accurate, no big deal its after that range where it counts. TS8-32 was utter excrement, due to a bank holiday it lasted 3 days else would have gone back the next day, swapped for a Zieller 8-32 samish scope much better and still in my arsenal. Only decent scopes back then was PR Leups Mark 4, EFR and VariX 3 until late 93 when the Nightforce 40mag came out.
  9. Scopes ?

    I would go back Stan and tell them theyre talking bo..ox.
  10. Scopes ?

    Cant answer that i have no idea and possibly change quarterly who knows. Anchutz since 1998 are all steel uncoatred and unplated, 2002 - 2025 were made inhouse definately. Good source from a German with his fried an employee 12 years back - 3rd hand mentioned Lothar barrels used. For some time i have noticed varying differences at the muzzle. Some are recessed then crowned, others flat faced and crowned with a hard or etching mark. Al will have a hard mark where fitted to front block usually three numbers. My early barrels i used to colour by flame, 9/10 after 30 shots they were usually better. When you get to the heat required to colour steel the grain structure changes and if theyve machined the wrong way round its like firing pellets down forward facing spikes. The problem with Daystate smooth bores 50/50 good or bad dependant how they put it in the press. Likewise have seen superb groups prior to blacking. Al lin all if its good leave well alone.
  11. Back to basics

    Pretty confident its the stocks used the last few years Matt and the butt pad too many links wrapped round try 3 or 4 out and flog them. Could go the extreme route and shoot a basic standard stocked springer for two months weekly.
  12. Stainless Steel Barrels

    The early Steyr Manlicher made in the Daimler Puch factory may well have been some form of stainless. Havent got one here but could still be a stainless if its magnetic or not, who knows. By the time of renaming the LG100 in 2005 4 barrels were used. Definately nickel plated ones flaked out the rifling, not so long back. Good link Lol havent seen that list for 21 years, theyre just basic spec barrels, used to have to order a crate of 50. The better ones the customer tells Lothar what to produce ie bore, choked or not with size, mirror finish etc. Some one make a 4mm pellet, remember the late Mick Dawes having a play with them but limited to moulds or off the shelf heads, neither any good. Whats the question again Holls. Only way to test that Holls is use same barrel then turn it down! Two barrels same spec made in same production batch could give different results.
  13. Back to basics

    Best place for them left in the corner, horrible things and no difference in accuracy to pneumatics. If i wanted something that recoiled i would have a proper gun.
  14. The Shutz Barrel

    Definately looks like pellets been rodded through. Whats this thread about, oh are barrels. Polygon only seem to come in to it using heavies around 900 ft/sec and why the yanks rave. Must say you cant tell by looking down the bore whether a barrels going to be any good or not. Back in 95 bought a B10/45 chines 10 shot pump up just for the barrel ex Diana barrel making tooling. Transfer port on these drilled in to barrel what they did was leave heavy file marks deburring but was shallow lands. Very accurate put on the semi bullpup i made in 1995 and very efficient 113 shots from 115bar fill until butchered in 2000. Other barrels like glass have not grouped at all, just cant tell.
  15. Scopes ?

    Thought we were on about scopes this thread. Who makes or fitted stainless barrels,not aware of any in airgunning.