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  1. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    First ones i saw were the Welham in 1998 and suffered velocity and zero shift. Had the ugly steel cylinders. 99 there was a team hence 3 guns above mentioned.
  2. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    He paid for the 2nd one although a sell off.
  3. Jon

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Theyre all like it bedding my Anchutz in 2005, Fen 2014 plus Walthers since 1998. External stock makers are just copying the disasters for an easy life rather than correcting or making right, none worse than the Ones. Had to put James Woodheads right before he won the Worlds 2009.
  4. Jon

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    I would agree with almost every word there Rob. Problem is the designers with lack of knowledge and or unwillingness to design and build what the customer wants just taking the easy route. Big difference to looking nice to feeling right, all judge stock on looks not performance of which there can be monstrous disasters. Biggest is the lack of bedding in by the Germans, only one way to do it, do it right or not at all.
  5. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    J Briscoe has hung on to 3 team rifles as they cant be sold, been doing clays for over a decade and good at it. Only Regional wins for me MFTA Masters 2009, numerous W/L and 2008 GP A Series.
  6. Jon

    Wooden stocks or metal?

    Best stock i ever saw they dont make em like it any more.
  7. Jon

    Anschutz roll of honour

    Confirm James did win a World title in 2009 South Africa using an old Anchutz 2002 in a Gray Cane stock i had to sort out prior. He won it running 740 ft/sec 8.4 Think it was Poland 2004 Dan won the Worlds again with a 2002. No other World titles have been won using Anchutz, hft is just a name like our European Champs an open.
  8. Jon

    Wind and Deep woods ?

    Shot for Midlands first time the Regionals and Champs were held at Newbury 95 8th rings a bell, my score counted that enough! I got complacent in 2011 1 down by lane 19.
  9. Jon

    Anschutz stabiliser springs

    He is sorted received this morning sent at 1.30pm.
  10. Jon

    Wind and Deep woods ?

    Remember Stu telling me he partnered one and said i guarantee i can group off the knee sub 1/4" at 55 yards, they looked at each other. He did it, there you go. The other was we shoot to get the ranges to dial to, couldnt comprehend. Too many useless gizmos, learn the ropes get on with it.
  11. Jon

    Progress ?

    That i would have to agree with Holls. The only times i ever had trouble was looking in to dense underr growth from afar in a field with the sun behind after it rained on the lenses with 1/8" DOT. Thats near on the size of a Leup Comp DOT.
  12. Jon

    Wind and Deep woods ?

    I'll say it again Poking and Hoping aint FT and whats its become ruling skill out.
  13. Jon

    FWB 800 X ?

    Only needs the stabilisor adjusting. Which need tweaking every month or so.
  14. Jon

    New Falcon FT scope

    Theyre hard to please non of the usual it seems to work thats good enough to find out later its problematic, will need testing and feedback.
  15. Jon

    FWB 800 X ?

    Like everything its German has to be put right. Far better rifle over all why do you think i got rid of my Anchutz over 4 years ago.