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  1. Jon

    Far Coly ?

    It can get windy at Far Coley but not today. Local club probably shot that course or parts of it 200+ times over the years.
  2. Jon

    Far Coly ?

    I do have a rifle Number 2 made in 1993, last used in the 2005 Worlds. Could get others up and running as well but no where to shoot locally, just cant turn up at a winter league or national event would take me 12 months to get back in to it again. Rest assured current crop dont like the field never have, gone are the days previous made good use of the field. Not withstanding the GP should have been offered to two other clubs first!
  3. Jon

    Far Coly ?

    Not going for various reasons.
  4. Jon

    Hatsan Gladius with noisy action

    Its just a base rifle with a massively heavy and monstrous long stroke hammer, your getting resonanance. To cure credit to ISP who engineered the part solution back in 1993 and shown what to do to Bowkett who made a mint.
  5. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    Had many fires when didnt use coolant on titaniums. Goes up like wire wool. Im at it every day have stuff in nearly every country on the planet and the first to know of any new countries.
  6. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    Might get round to finishing this one day, been on hold since end of March 2003. Its all there reg and all, should work in a fashion just needing o rings.
  7. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    Rat rifle or Ratting rifle Suppose i could leave the burrs on. Rule number 1 performance over looks, what you see nowadays is looks over performance in fact way beyond usable. Old 140 scrapped 8 1/2 years ago. Smallest chuck could get on that L00 now ised on M300.
  8. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    Cam trigger was on number 6 a stainless steel G316 semi bullpup 1995 11" long one piece no linkages and proper 2 stage you could blow through 1st and 2nd stage. Took me ages to design and work out all the leverage ratios necessary. Thumb wheels for 1st and 2nd stage adjustment weight. Its the only rifle i disown since it was butchered in 2000 by a supposed top name that couldnt figure the trigger, valve and hammer assembly. So crude it made me cringe no joke left with 1/4" blade creep at 2nd stage, told send it back. Wouldnt be a decent trigger doing that way, 10 mile of creep and exactly like quality shotguns ultra primitive. Number 2 i used to run that at 2.8mm stroke for 5 years then backed it off to 1/8". Only Feinwerkbau have come close to date at 3.5mm using similar hammer spring. Key is i used the valving to stop dumping air back in 92. Titan MS020 i got down to 1.4mm stroke for max power with no side effects, no one else to date has figured. With all the R&D involved even back then at 50p/hr the Titan and first rifle made would owe me £30k labour only. The knowledge i'll take with me when people of today can only copy others work and get great praise.
  9. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    See if this works number 2 from August 1993 all done with a toy lathe and no mill. 1st taken apart pre Worlds 2005. 2nd last week same reg used by many many others inc Anchutz, Walther, BSA, Mick Dawes, ISP and may more. Tested still works at 83bar untouched in 13 years. 3rd Trigger a proper 2 stage not a single stage easy to make item.
  10. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    Dragged this out last week Number 2 from 1993, shocked still had air in it from 2005 Worlds. Got the better of me partial strip down and front of reg, valve and transfer port o rings rock hard like plastic. That bad had to break them to get them off but still no leak. Have a piccy in 2005, rest are last week not bad considering a hand made one off down to the last screw not a copy of anything all worked out. Wont let me upload more than 512kb
  11. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    There you go last titanium cylinder done, reg and reg volume, seemless joint with quick fill.
  12. Jon


    Theres anodising and theres anodising so far in 24 years i only trust one company having used 12 different companies who will either lose one or more parts or just scrap the part or even lose it time after time guaranteed. Its what drove me to doing my own for a few years I gave up doing it in 2007 still got some hydrochloric and sulphuric in the small tank. The 15 gallon tank broke and seeped out. Digi PSU repaired twice by Mr Dave L on here. Many reasons an anodoser fails, when it comes out bad they strip which renoves metal, have another go, same again and find nothing remotely matches up. Worst still is threaded items, have taken in 1mm pitch threads to find when they come back screw in an extra 290 degrees. What that means is theyve lost or rather eaten away the aluminium threads by 0.76mm = scrap your loss no come backs law to themselves. Likewise can have a good looking part but in the cleaning process its eat away at threads before other areas of the part. Name above dont do it its done by a biker company that will only work with raw or neat aliminium. Take bead or soda blasted in it will be hand rubbed and patchy. FB he will only do mop polished parts which means rounding edges off. A good anodiser will colour match!
  13. Jon

    Does anyone make there own airgun parts

    I havent 'made' any for 15 years. Previous to that digi cameras not around. Best lathe ever had on the whole one of them 140's, could put a cut on. I am heavy going on machinery scrapped it 8 years ago with all extras inc full set of change wheels, 11" 4 jaw, coolant etc. Point is you will never know whats best twin transfer port or a single for various reasons over looked. Wondered why you get some good and some bad ones, parts made exactly the same, its down to two things.
  14. Jon

    Anschutz quality.

    It runs at 119 bar on my old guage.
  15. Jon

    Barrel manufacturing

    Difference is BSA state they never have made that way but have found their way on to finished rifles. Harper used brass liners crimped in an outer tube same with the carbon barrels notably for the Ruger 10/22.