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  2. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    Had a few close shaves over the years as well, so called respected companies work. Best one that went up was one of them heavy 2lb+ Rapid cylinder conversions from Joe ward, idiot used 1/4"BSP Ext thread with a 1/8"BSP up the middle, in brass of all things. =0.83mm wall thickness with 232bar and 2lb of weight hanging off it. Have sheared exactly that at a menial 30bar just to check valves at low pressure when i used to make regs, that makes you jump. Just as bad are them buddy bottle quick fills where they drill, thread 1/8"BSP (9.73mm) and screw a nipple in to sub 3mm depth all the rave in US. No way can beef it up only have sub 11.8mm (1/4"BSP) entrance hole other end. Lower end of the market have to make them idiot proof more so, how many HW100 aftermarket cylinders you heard thats gone bang. Personally not keen on idea of using burst discs in the event of users wrongly filling up with more pressure than max operating. Usually go at 235 to 260bar, operate to 200bar. What they should have done but more costly 30p and a tad heavier is use thicker wall tube to withstand minimum 300bar. Some air rifles i wont touch due to above manufacturing, real scary like hand it back with no more than 70bar in. The other scary one is those that convert C02 to HPA, designed for sub 100bar, tubes rated at 160bar. Idiots shuvving 310bar in! Nice video on youtube where a knock open valve let go, surprise surprise. Bottom line it would serve the tatters right if things went up on them, its not that the problem is to those around either at the shoot or during transit. Its not hard to do a pressure test of these vessels, less than 3 people do it in UK. Most diving cylinder test places could undertake such a test if they have the fittings.
  3. Grading

    Never ever shot Sillies dont interest me.
  4. Chinese Quality ? SMK

    Spot on Rob. In short you cant see the danger. Have took an Anchutz aluminium cylinder rethreaded one end to 305bar. Still operates to 200bar. Interestingly last night a member on here mentioned a step down from 300bar test pressure to 200bar thought would get a load more shots- Errrrr thats the operating pressure and still didnt sink in.
  5. Grading

    Funny enough this came up with Daz earlier, told him stick with it and now the confidence has suddenly clicked. Both days i would have expected a score similar to Jacks, not so got 5 and 8 more on a hard course especially the last two lanes. Difference here is confidence and to say it gone before picking rifle up confirms. Wore me down in 2008, still think i bought the GP title not earnt it only missing the Scottish GP. Not so bad if have some one else to go with.
  6. The Regional's .

    You can count on one hand number of GP's done including 2013. Last welsh GP did was Evans joint 2012? Last GP done Far Coley 2016, got it again this year out of turn.
  7. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    About 7 months too late. He did the Millride Christmas shoot 5 months ago, last time i shot. Came to same conclusion Saturday, sell up as theres no where to shoot localish or convert JH P800 to HFT.
  8. Grading

    Last 6 national shoots are the last to be dropped, BFTA minutes 2017. Where I have up to 6 BFTA scores for a shooter, these will be the last scores to drop off the rolling 16 / Not replaced until they go out of date or are preplaced by the following summers national scores Sure i seen 3 years some where as in out of date. You lot voted for it and lift the boundaries, only MFTA didnt!
  9. The Regional's .

    Its skill not luck or guesswork that FT has become, merely poking and hoping. Targets nowadays are just not put in positions that might just might catch any available wind. If no choice theyre chucked out 25 to 30 yards not 55 in the past the skilled would hit. Not fond of straight line stuff either ala Millride last 18 months boring, not to mention the short ranges now thrown out for C graders and not using best part of the ground. In the past has been curves to sweeps, uphill, downhill and high shots, not any more just want it thrown out quick. Then have the observation pick 5 weather reports and all tell porkies, cant even get the drift direction right - Just lamp the best course you can out the best will still win.
  10. Grading

    I aint got no beef with current grading except raising the bar. Is that the current grading as of 15/04/2018 grading including lasts weeks fiasco where loads of AA put in low A scores? Dare say mechanical breakdowns, do it for one person can do it for all. In theory current way should give a better inclination carrying last 6 national shoots. My beef is i am carrying two scores from that devastatingly unsafe course 2016, taken on 10mag guessed ranges visually, held over standing, card handed in to take the P..s 40% region. Can see some regard as elitist because it now limits that grade to the so called top shots of which theres not many. Rather than sort the problem out in the past new grade was added AA and goal posts changed twice since. As before if it was proper FT many in AA would be in true B.
  11. The Regional's .

    Done wrongly affected other targets. Still not with me, said 90 degrees to wind direction and dont shy away nothing about the stupidity
  12. The Regional's .

    Just a load of pussies nowadays, chuck em out 90 degrees to a strong wind the skilled will hit, have sum fun for a change.
  13. To Shoot For Your Region ?

    I'll make sure he gets it Holls bring it round the pub now. Should see him through the day.
  14. MUD and the HFT boy's .

    To be fair i didnt expect you and Josh to rejoin for next year. Blackbrook looks about 25 mile and half a pig to get to from me. Far Coley about the same but same but never done any club stuff for years, same scenario with current crew. Harriers 1 every 3 weeks i think, Enville and RWedge caters for plinkers only leaves nothing. I get fed up of shooting same course twice over two weeks, yet some get rave reviews for leaving a comp course out all year round that can practice on 364 days of the year for more than 12 years! Might be an area down the A449 before Gailey i will put the feelers out should be ready now.
  15. To Shoot For Your Region ?

    Quite agree its a sense of achievement and honour representing your team at any level. If good enough you are specifically asked whether you will shoot knowing the terms. What Robs saying is how does the region cover the associated costs, it cant without reaping in more dosh and dependant upon the turnouts. To give some idea our W/L was £7 average in the past 67 now down to around 52 plus golden shot £1 split three ways presume 30 odd enter. Summer League was £6 now going up to £7. Think now its 50/50 split region to club based on all w/l 10 shoots. In other words chuck a course out, do a bad job, get a menial turnout and get same dosh as all the others. By that if your region has lower turnouts its less dosh coming in to other regions. Or another way of looking at it if only have 40 turn up against 60 else where, to reap same revenue each shooter would have to fork out an extra £2 rounded up from whatever you pay now. Better to cover the costings up from those that have no chance of getting in to a team. You know the type, feeling they cant compete unless forking out several grand.