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  1. focusteve

    QB78 conversions

    £45 for the HPA bottle, £20 for the paintball lead and about £17 for the bulkfill end cap.
  2. I bought some .22 Defiants from Bob the last time i was there a few weeks ago. And very good they are too. Give him a shout.
  3. focusteve

    How to make a pellet trap

    Quality Street eh? Roll on Xmas!
  4. Glad this post has been revived. Great advice. Could someone post the name of the DVD so i can get hold of it?
  5. focusteve

    Luton clubs?

    Many thanks for the reply. I will certainly pay a visit soon. (next few weeks) Is it ok to take my gun on the first visit as iv'e heard that some clubs won't let you shoot straight away?
  6. focusteve

    Luton clubs?

    Anyone know of any clubs in the Bedfordshire area? Preferably (but not essential) Luton.