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  1. Hi All. I'm desperate to get back into target shooting, but one thing that hasn't changed in the last 25 years, is the scarcity of good quality used left handers. If anyone has anything decent please let me know. Anything considered, even old. I have a soft spot for the FWB spring pistols. Also, I have been offered a nice FWB P34 in right hand. If you have a set of L/H grips that would fit, or are interested in a swap for a R/H pair from this pistol, then that would swing me to buying it. Thanks for any help/
  2. Fwb P34

    Hi all. I have just been offered the this pistol for £550 and was wondering if this is the right price to pay. It is mint as new, in a case with spare cylinder, tools etc. If I buy I will need to budget for a set of L/H grips and was wondering if there is anyone around producing these other than FWB. Your feedback appreciated.
  3. Pistol choice

  4. Pistol choice

    Feinwerkbau C25 at £500 or Tau 7 at £190 The FWB is new old stock and the Tau is used mint. Both are L/H which is so hard to find in this price bracket. Which would you choose and why ?
  5. Air Gun club bad experience

    Many thanks for the reply's. I think out of those suggestions, I'll maybe give the South Devon Air Gun Club as that's the nearest. I'm back from holiday on the 27th so sometime after then. I'll try not to show you all up with my trusty recoiling LP53 :D
  6. Air Gun club bad experience

    OK then. It was the Yealmpton rifle and pistol club in Devon. I went because whilst not air gun specific, they did have the correct facilities and catered for air gun shooters. The last club I belonged too many years ago was in Kent and a whole different story. They had a very welcoming atmosphere and certainly didn't exhibit the same sort of gun snobbery I witnessed here. People shot all sorts from Brocock air cartridge guns (they were still legal then), to full on match guns. We certainly would never have let a prospective new member sit on his/her own in a corner for nearly two hours twiddling their thumbs. Anyway rant over. Does anyone know of a good friendly club within say 30 minutes drive of Plymouth ?
  7. Well, after a long break and just a bit of plinking, I decided I wanted to join a club, so went along to (shall not mention names) a local club after getting more info via email. I sat in a sort of communal area for ages until a bloke came and took my details, name address etc. Then I sat around for ages again. I thought I was going to get some target time and had bought my own pistol. OK so it's an ancient Walther LP53 but these guy's just took the ###### out of it. Look, I'm not back into target shooting for real as yet and this will do me fine for a short while until I decide to take it up again seriously and spend some dough. After nearly two hours sitting around, I asked if I could actually shoot over the range to see what it was like. The answer I got was, sorry, we've got young (whoever) in there at the moment shooting for a postal competition and he needs to be alone. We'll try and fit you in next time. I just left at that point. As a sport, certainly around my way, match airgun shooting is in the doldrums at the moment, and if the attitude of this club is anyhting to go by, it's no wonder. I wasn't asking for the red carpet to be rolled out, but I didn't think it unreasonable to get a taste of the range rather than just sitting around in an empty room for two hours. I felt like a right lemon. Clubs should be going to the ends of the earth to attract new shooters into the ranks, not treating them like this.
  8. Steyr target pistol advice

    I popped in to have another look. Sorry, I was completely wrong. I've looked at so many pistols recently I've gotten confused. This one is an LP5, not an LP50. So not really such a bargain ? Is the LP50 a significantly better pistol ?
  9. Steyr target pistol advice

    Thanks I can tell you that the cylinder is gold in colour and does have a pressure meter built into the end of it. The pistol has a sort of zip open soft case and inside that there are the instructions, some tools and a spare cylinder and adapter. Judging by what you say this is a later model. The shop is not a specialist shooting establishment so lord only knows how they came by this, but they are reputable and have offered me a 3 month no quibble warranty. It's been in there for over a year now and everytime I look at it when I'm in town I'm itching to get my wallet out. I really wanted to know if £350 is a fair price to pay, and from what you're all saying, it is so I think I'm going to buy it. Then all I need is somewhere to shoot
  10. Steyr target pistol advice

    It is definitely air powered. It's in a second hand shop at £399 but they've had it a while and offered it to me for £350. So inc L/H grips it's going to cost me £500. Actually looking at the prices new, that doesn't seem to bad. So I can't use it for competition but someone mentioned some sort of modification to make it legit. Could you elaborate.
  11. Steyr target pistol advice

    Hello I'm a bit out of touch these days with modern technology so some advice would be appreciated. I have been offered a Steyr pistol. I don't know the model number, but it is a modern air pistol using a compressed air chamber under the barrel. It is a multi shot design, rather than a single shot chamber. I've been offered this pistol for £350 Is that a good price ? The problem is that it's right handed and I'm left handed. Are L/H grips going to be hideously expensive ? Any advice appreciated.
  12. Target pistol advice

    Thanks for the tips. I'm going to go for the Steyr LP5 even though it is R/H and it looks like I'm going to have to fork out another ton for L/H grip. I remember years ago there was a company in the UK who used to make grips for just about anything. I can't remember the name but I do remember that you used to have to send off an outline of your hand to the guy who would make them to measure. Does anyone know if this guy is still around. He made a set of grips for me for a Walther LP3 so it was a long time ago. ps. I still have my Walther LP53 from way back then which I'm told is utterly useless now but very collectible.
  13. Target pistol advice

    Hi All - Newcomer here. Well, after 25 years since I stopped shooting I've decided to take it up again but the choice of hardware is quite bewildering. Anyway I've found something that I think should be suitable second hand but want some opinions because what my club is telling me is different to what the specialist shop is saying. I've found a 2nd hand Steyr LP5 in mint condition. My research suggests that this model is CO2 but the cylinder and pistol body is clearly stamped - air - so maybe this is a late model ? The pistol itself is 5 shot which my club tells me is unsuitable for the sort of shooting I wish to do. What are your thoughts on this ? The gun itself is £399 which seems reasonable to me bearing in mind new prices and I've put a £50 deposit on it, but is this the right type of pistol for 10m target discipline. Also - how easy and expensive is it likely to be to obtain left handed grips for it. Thanks - would appreciate your thoughts.