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  1. bobby1

    Xs78 (Damaged?) Hammer Spring

    If you bought it new the spring would be ground flat at both ends, if it broke inside the gun the other part would be inside , I suspect it was cut to lower the power by the previous owner ,
  2. bobby1

    HW 35 question

    Over the years I have changed a few and never needed a spring press, get the thread moving then put a towel (just in case ) over the trigger block and unscrew it ,
  3. bobby1

    smk xs 79

    Try google , Archers airguns ,
  4. bobby1

    160 versus qb798

    Hi all, just wanderin, back in the 1970s I read an article about a american shooting rabbits with a crosman 160, at that time co2 was on ticket here, was the 160 as bad as the 78 for low power out the box , I just finished modding mine today waiting now to test it over the chrono,hoping for 40 good shots at around 660 fps with hobby .22 thats around 11.6 ftlb energy, I can't do anymore to it apart from going HPA, so anyone got or had a 160 ? and can they perform ?. just checked over the chrono 662 for 11.68 ftlbs energy , will test a string when the neighbours are not in,
  5. bobby1

    rat catcher

    if it is a rifle yes, upto 12fpe , pistols 6 fpe.
  6. bobby1

    xs 78, polyport

    Hi Steeve , will have a look , also look at ukchineseairgun, thanks Dave,
  7. bobby1

    xs 78, polyport

    anyone know where you can buy the polyport seals (fits between barrel and exhaust ) thanks
  8. bobby1

    QB part

    Hi Dave, thanks a lot followed your instructions, and holding at the mo, would not hessitate to strip it again, atb cheers Dave,
  9. bobby1

    QB part

    Hi Chaps, done the same thing and have air leaking from the exhaust valve, I read about your repair , but have a couple questions, firstly where do you get the polythene tube from ? and second is the valve stem hard to get at ? and do you need any special tools ?, would be grateful for any help . regards Dave.