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  1. I wouldn't care if they wanted to give every voter an air rifle and a fishing rod,they are anti brexit and I for one wouldn't support them👎
  2. rapid slayer

    Can a gas ram be improved

    nice one,glad you got it sorted
  3. rapid slayer

    Can a gas ram be improved

    you should have taken it back when you first chronographed it. you'll now need a pump.
  4. I can't agree more,he is a total @rse
  5. rapid slayer

    Scottish airguns to be licenced by December 2016...

    well,no one can say that they didn`t know it was coming! Kenny MacAskills` grand plan has finally come to fruition
  6. rapid slayer


    I don't know for sure,but why should it make a difference whether it's level,upside-down or vertical? it's only a measurement of speed across two photo electric cells.
  7. him,brian may,Chris packham are three of the most odious oxygen thieves that god in his infinite wisdom has somehow allowed to walk this green earth!!!!!!!!!!
  8. if there are some guys on here that've not done it I'd recommend you do
  9. I might have some of that I quite fancy a stag week
  10. not before time. it was an outrageous afront to liberties
  11. we should just,as shooters,boycott w h smiths full stop and not buy anything from them
  12. my youngest son is one of the so called "children with a ticket" and even before he had it,he was shooting with me for 2 years and you could guarantee when people met him on a shoot for the first time a few would comment on his ability with a gun and on the safe way he handled the weapon. maybe it's just me but in my opinion firearms legislation is already tight enough but it is certain to get tighter,that is the reason i got him to apply for his ticket while he still was allowed NIGEL
  13. rapid slayer

    Falcon Quickfill moderators.....anyone???

    i had one on my FN19 and it did the job reasonably well
  14. rapid slayer

    BASC Press Release, Death of Two BASC Members

    that`s exactly what my mate said "it was just the dogs eyes looking at me every time he came up,i had to go in after him" i know it`s harsh but it`s not worth losing your life for!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIGEL
  15. rapid slayer

    BASC Press Release, Death of Two BASC Members

    the same thing happened to a mate of mine three days ago. he was out walking his dog when it chased a duck over a frozen pond,the ice gave way and the dog went in. after throwng stones and such like at the ice to try and get him out he jumped in after him. if it wasn`t for a passing shotgunner who reached him with the end of his barrels both he and the dog would have been gonners. he said the dog kept going under and was just looking at him every time he came up so he just had to get him. he`s one very lucky man. stay safe guys. NIGEL