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  1. Just a quick note to say the forecast for Sunday's Christmas shoot at North Petherwin is; DRY!! and far less windy than you might think! There will be food and drink, so hope to see you there, and don't forget to bring a present. All the best, Alec.
  2. Gibbs

    Field target question

    Is there any particular reason for wanting to bracket? It's not very accurate at lower mag and at higher mag you might as well use a wheel. When the wind is blowing you and the gun about, bracketing is almost impossible. Holly's advice is good, a S/H Big Nikko or a T50 are both good options. Atb, Alec.
  3. Just to let people know that we are catering on Sunday at North Petherwin. See you all there, Atb, Alec.
  4. Gibbs

    The Worlds Of The Future ?

    Thanks Rob, I thought 3 mins was a bit long, but if that starts as soon as your in the lane then that's fair enough. I don't suppose the time and space limitations are too restrictive as it is the Worlds and shouldn't have too many competitors who are just there for the fun of it. (I guess there will always be some locals turn up that can't shoot for toffee)
  5. Gibbs

    The Worlds Of The Future ?

    Do you currently get 3 minutes per lane at the worlds?
  6. Gibbs

    FT rules around the world

    With so few differences, it suprises me that we haven't moved towards a solid international set of core rules for FT. And this in turn would move the whole sport towards one day becoming an olympic disclipline.
  7. I wondered, just how different are the various countries FT rules?
  8. Gibbs

    Need a large gun bag

    Ive got a couple of cases, but I thought adding another string to my bow wouldn't hurt I'm not going to compound my embarrasment with any more poor jokes.
  9. Gibbs

    Need a large gun bag

    I have just recently bought a new case, my Steyr wouldn't fit in the old case because my new sidewheel was too wide (sticks out sideways too far from the scope) And I didn't want the case to squash against the wheel. I wanted a hard case and I didn't want to spend £100+ (because I'm too tight) With a big Anschutz butt hook, palm rest and big wheel it was very difficult to find anything under about £120. But then I thought, it's only a box! So I started searching the Net for all sorts of boxes and came up with this; http://www.merlinarcherycentre.co.uk/acata...se_-_120cm.html I have been using it for a week now and I'm very pleased with it.
  10. Gibbs

    Best Big Nikko

    Thank you, I can see it and it's such a good simple solution to a common problem. If I ever decide to dial it will be my prefered safeguard.
  11. Gibbs

    Best Big Nikko

    No offence taken, I've not been shooting FT long so I'm not unhappy with my scores. And I do look at the many better shots than me and I have copied and adapted many of their techniques. But I'm in no hurry to dial. I did give dialling a short try but I didn't like it. I estimate that I see other people going a whole turn out at least twice in every comp I shoot and many of them have been shooting FT for a long time.
  12. Gibbs

    Best Big Nikko

    I'm not trying to start an argument, but in the showdowns speed IS very important as you have only ONE minute not two. My point was, that my version of holdover is so fast and simple that I never feel rushed. Your tip for not going a whole turn out is a very good one, more people should adopt it! I'm clearly out on a limb with holdover and I'm not trying to promote it or convert anyone. It's simple enough to work out why you have missed a target (most of the time) and I miss targets because my standers are'nt as good as they should be and I miss targets because I have miss read the wind. I don't miss targets because I'm wondering what my sight picture needs to look like. With holdover and wind, the height of the gun is determined by the distance and relevant aimpoint, so that just leaves me the wind to judge.
  13. Gibbs

    Best Big Nikko

    I often find myself far from the dots and the crosshairs when it's windy, but I don't mind. I often hear other people (including some very good shots) cursing because they were a whole turn out! My version of holdover is very very fast and leaves me nothing to worry about except the wind, so when I'm on the clock I don't feel any extra pressure at all. In the showdowns last year (National & regional) my two shot average was 33 seconds, so there are some advantages to holdover over dialling.
  14. Gibbs

    Best Big Nikko

    Last year SWEFTA had a lot of tiny kill zones which the GP's didn't. These targets are a bit of a lottery, but did keep the scores down a bit. This year BFTA have added a few small KZ's and SWEFTA have removed some! So I expect the GP courses and our regional courses to be more alike. I think the Big BSA is the same as the MK1 Big Nikko? I like my MK1, it's been great. I don't know if it is missranging more than before or whether I just didn't realise before. I'm looking at the Sightron's now too. They are not as expensive as I first thought and I haven't heard anything bad about them.
  15. Gibbs

    Best Big Nikko

    No I don't think they would. My SWEFTA scores go towards my national grade so some of those shoots have boosted my average. But not all of the regional shoots have been easier than the GP's. I could elect to shoot in AA, but who am I to argue with the numbers? If I am good enough to get into AA, then I will end up there. Using holdover won't be the limiting factor though. My lost targets are due to missing positionals and miss-reading the wind (and maybe sometimes miss-ranging?)