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  1. leadblaster

    s400 air escaping??

    The pressure generated by 1 shot is around 1bar which is around 14.503 psi. I have used the tape method many times and never yet had a hole blow through. I not sure where the cork comes in to it that you mention. As I said using your finger was a little silly suggest and I have appologised for that, I feel that the paper method is so inaccurate it's hardly worth even using, even the slight recoil could move it. perhaps there is a place for the cork to go !
  2. leadblaster

    s400 air escaping??

    Fair comment, I had thought about what I was writing and wasn't sure to carry on with the suggestion, the better thing to do would be to seal the end up with a rubber washer and tape. sorry!
  3. leadblaster

    s400 air escaping??

    I have in the past used another method, cock the gun but DON'T load it. put get a little soapy water mix up a lather in a cup with a clean 1/2" paint brush or similar, only use the bubbles not the liquid. Then put your finger over the end of the barrel and release the trigger or find somthing to seal the end up, and then fire the gun you will have about 2-3 seconds of time to look for bubbles around that area to see if it is leaking and where from. It would be unusual to leak from a new o-ring unless the new one got damaged being fitted or the loading pin is very badly worn or damaged The brass loading eye that you see is a press fit and has no seal but relies only on a good fit to seal and a little glue at the factory (loctite) this is removed by an M3 grub screw on the underside of the loading chamber.
  4. leadblaster

    HW90 Trigger

    Hi David, have a word with vulcanator on this forum, seems he's done work on the Perfekt trigger. I think he's in the states so a little TIME difference but still may be able to help. This is under his postings from July 2008. As a newcomer to Mr. W's products, I'd like to strip down the trigger group on my HW30 and clean up the contact faces to improve the quality of the trigger pull. Does anybody have any info on this or point me in the right direction? Thanks. P.S. I would leave it alone except I bought an R9 and the Rekord trigger spoiled me!
  5. leadblaster

    HW90 Trigger

    HW90 Trigger -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found out on another forum that the early units were called Elite, then they used Rekord, then they used the Perfect. . Hope this helps, Dave.
  6. leadblaster

    AA S410

    You will be better using the standard spring that comes with the AA, this gives better overall performance. Don't be tempted to use any lube on the hammer aswell as this will give poor performance, accuracy etc. The AA410 is one of the better unreged pcp's out of the box in terms of power curve and concistency, if you want to improve the gun you would be better having the BTAS reg fitted as I did.