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  1. We had a local event on the field between our club and the social club which involved several other clubs/small bussinesses(sp?) , There were bouncy castles,hog roast, sea cadets, dog trials, field gun trials(which I somehow got dragged into!!) as well as shooting of course at our range . Everyone who had a go walked out with big smiles on their faces clutching their targets with words like "look I beat you dad" or "not bad for my first time" but...more importantly and pleasing were the ones who asked "what nights are you open" and "which other types of shooting do you do" , we had a few people PROMISE to be back and more importantly most were kids which is GREAT as we need more youngsters to get into the sport , we've already got a member of the junior olympic squad and have had olympic medalist Malcolm Cooper as a previous member back in the 80's . We also have the N.T.C (nautical Training Corps) regularly use our range for their practices/comps . A good day was had by all and hopefully a few new shooters will come of it atvb sg1
  2. sg1

    Doubling up comp cards

    Also depends what you're shooting it with!! atvb sg1
  3. sg1

    Doing well in Sussex L.S.R ...Again!!

    Nearing the end of season now so hope all are doing well and hoping to finish higher than last time atvb sg1
  4. sg1

    Doubling up comp cards

    Someone at our own club suggested doubling up 2 seperate comp cards the other day and as I was the RCO that evening I had a 'quiet word' outside the club door.... needless to say....they ended up NOT saving ammo. atvb sg1
  5. sg1

    Doing well in Sussex L.S.R ...Again!!

    yes....it does make me sick lol. im using my cz 452 with geco c25 at £4.60 for 50 so i try to make every shot COUNT!! . im glad you're still in the game rich, maybe we'll compete in a postal one day
  6. Shot round 3 today and scored 188/200 which included a 48 and a magic 50!! I hope to get to top of Div 6 this season and if I keep up a 180+ average then the Div 6 first place 'should' be well within my grasp So ...how's everyone else doing in their comps this season? atvb sg1
  7. Will check this afternoon at gunclub, we have an open day today where 'hopefully' we'll get a few youngsters interested into airgunning and keep the sport ALIVE :) Guess who's given up his clayshooting day to help out and be RCO on the range?? Still I don't mind.... thanks Ray atvb sg1(Jim)
  8. My FN19 (Falcon) is shooting as accurate as ever and no noticable lack of power however, whenever I dry fire (with mag in), I can feel a 'whoosh' of air coming from the mag area!! Is this normal as I never noticed it on my FN12 which I owned before. atvb sg1
  9. sg1

    The return of .22 pistols petition

    Done it a few weeks back and also linked to it on my blog page and emailed a couple of gun clubs with link too. atvb sg1
  10. sg1

    Webley Tempest

    Ah I love the Tempest I have a mint one in .22 (which I got for £50.00 and a Mauser hunting knife) I have a link <here> for a few spares and I know the shop well, the two brothers who run it are polite enough and you can ring for latest spares enquiries etc. I don't shoot mine very often and I keep it well protected so hopefully it will last forever A great classic air pistol and I think everyone should own one.........just not MY one!!! atvb sg1
  11. WWWatch ssomme mmmore vvideosss , poor Tariq was freezing man lol, he aint got your insulation Malc!! , nice vid though as usual, love shooting rats atvb sg1
  12. sg1

    The Best ?

    I used s400 for L.S.R comps, then I tried my missus's s200, WoW , what a difference- lighter,tighter and a much better balance from standard. atvb sg1
  13. sg1

    Doubling up comp cards

    very true sir. atvb sg1
  14. sg1

    Doubling up comp cards

    Well,...I sent a letter(anon) to the club in questions secretary so I've done my bit. However...If it were doubling up of same season comp cards then obviously that is wrong but doubling up different league comp cards to save time shooting on range , doesn't sound as SERIOUS an issue to me?? But..If rules are rules then so be it. atvb sg1
  15. sg1

    Doubling up comp cards

    But being they're a 'few' miles away from me, I haven't 'actually' witnessed what's allegegly going on, so I have no evidence atvb sg1