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  1. Gambo

    HW100 cylinder dust plug

    These are available from a number of places, first 'port of call' (pun intended) that I would suggest is Best Fittings >> http://www.bestfittings.co.uk/ Also, Steve Pope does modified ones, which do not seal themselves into the port, if the inlet valve seal happens to leak. If a standard dust plug is in place when the inlet valve leaks, it swells the seals on the dust plug exactly the same as the seals lock the filling probe in place when charging. The only ways to remove the dust probe in that situation, is to either drift or drill the plug out, as it could have up to 200bar holding it fast, that cannot be vented off.
  2. Gambo

    Rapid leaking air

    Yep, x2 please, as I have never heard of the 'heating the valve face' fix before, and so am intrigued to find out more. Thanks, Gareth.
  3. No Pieman, this one is inside Castleton Village Hall. The FT club that Pat Issacs runs is in a field just off Tyla Lane, on the A48. That club is considered locally to be a very serious, pure FT club, but the one in the hall is geared more towards enjoying the fun and social aspect of airgunning. hth, Gareth.
  4. Castleton Air Rifle Club (C.A.R.C) is situated just off the A48 between Cardiff and Newport, in the Village Hall at Castleton. The club meets every Monday night at about 7.30pm (but we start setting up about 7-ish). The only Mondays the club is not open is on bank holidays. Although the club is run as a non-profit making venture, there is a small "subs" charge made, to cover the cost of hiring the hall, buy targets etc. The range is indoors, so bad weather is not an issue. There are 9 shooting positions, to allow You to fire at knockdown targets, paper targets, tin cans, empty shotgun cartridges etc (These positions are run on a rotational basis when the club is busy). It is all very informal, although safety is given paramount attention at all times. The emphasis is on fun, rather than competition, though we do hold fun competitions with a running Deer target from time to time. It is on a knockout basis, and cash prizes are awarded to both the overall winner, and the highest score of the night.......great fun!! The shooting is only part of the benefit of the club though, as we sell discounted pellets, Co2, cleaning kits, gun cases, oils and silicone cloths, targets, etc etc in the tea break. Tea, coffee, cold cans, sweets and biscuits are available too. We also hold raffles a few times a year, with prizes of Rifles, pistols, scopes, gun cases or whatever.....well worth winning!!!! Along with all the aforementioned, the best aspect of the club is the social side of it. It is great to be amongst other shooters with similar interests, and the knowledge and advice that is gladly given is priceless. If You are needing a spare part, then there is a good chance that someone will have one buried away somewhere. Even shooting permissions are shared between club members....like I said, the benefits of attending the club are many-fold. Although it is called a Rifle club, pistols are welcome too. In-fact, any airgun is allowed, as long as it conforms to the sub 12ftlb law for rifles, and the sub 6ftlbs law for pistols. A chrono is available for power testing. The only airguns that are not allowed are BB guns, due to the danger of ricochets. So, if You are at a loose end on a Monday night, and fancy coming along, then You will be made more than welcome.
  5. Gambo

    airgun club llanelli southwales?

    There is a club in/near Swansea, but I cannot remember the name of it unfortunately.
  6. Gambo

    Weihrauch HW100 Regulator Stripdown by NightHawk

    Thanks for sharing that with us, it made great and helpful reading!!! atb, Gareth.
  7. Gambo

    qb 78 problem

    Ohh err, trust You Malc. I had poorish accuracy out of a QB78, and found that the fault was that the pellets were not being pushed far enough into the rifling. I longer probe cured this. I also found that the bore was quite loose, so using tight fitting pellets helped also.