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  1. See BASC web site for more info
  2. David BASC

    Airgun law devolution

    The debate on devolving airgun legislation to the Scottish Parliament takes place on Monday in Westminster. BASC have drafted amendments and has been lobbying hard to keep it in Westminster. BASC have briefed supportive MP’s , but who knows what will happen on Monday? Airgunners in Scotland should get themselves ready to lobby hard; BASC will of course help and give advice and guidance. Please keep an eye on the BASC web site for more info as it happens. David
  3. David BASC

    Airgun pellet combo

    Dear All, Thanks for the input from here and the BBS. The results (if you are interested) are this: Airgun / Pellet usage for FT and HFT Pellets 34% JSB’s 22% AA Field 19% Mosquito 13% RWS Super Field 5% H&N FT 5 % Daystate Select 2% FX Rifles 23% Air Arms s400 12 % AA S200 12 % EV2 9% Daystate 9% Steyr 9% LG110 6% Air Arms TX 200 6% Weihrauch HW 97 3 % Weihrauch HW100 3% Anschutz 3 %MPR 3% Air Arms s410 2% Pro Target
  4. David BASC

    Airgun pellet combo

    What airgun and pellet combination do you use for FT or HFT, please could you let me know? I want to do an article in the BASC mag about FT / HFT aimed at getting more people to take it up, I want to look at low, mid and high range prices of airguns, but also give some guidance on what people shoot with. Thanks David