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  1. magicniner

    Drulov DU10 lubrication

    Any good gun oil is fine for the internals. Some of the Pellgunoil or similar which you drop in before the CO2 every few capsules, to keep the steel blowback piston lubricated in it's steel cylinder, will get past the piston and lightly mist the internals, - Nick
  2. magicniner

    setting up indoor ten meter range

    https://www.nsrashop.co.uk/products/design-construction-and-maintenance-of-target-shooting-ranges No Brainer!
  3. magicniner

    Can a gas ram be improved

    Your video looks very professional but you seem to lack the information that a Gas Ram has the same performance characteristics as a springer, i.e. lighter pellets produce higher power readings, you need figures from a wide range of pellet weights and head sizes to determine the maximum power output of an air gun. Bear in mind that the word in law "Capable" can be interpreted to mean "If we stick the pellet of our technician's choice in your gun and run it over a chrono"
  4. magicniner

    BRNO B96 Sight Repair

    I had two enquiries within a month for replacement BRNO b96 rear sights, I was informed that May of London, the UK importer had bought up the factory spares for the B96 so I enquired, it seems that being slightly fragile it's a popular part, it is now out of stock as well as being out of production. This left me with two customers with irrepairable guns so I decided to make the required parts, if you scroll down my BRNO B96 page the are some photos of various stages of production, http://www.magic9designltd.com/brno-b96-chamelion-service-reseal-etc Regards, Nick
  5. magicniner

    CO2 potential

    At least the information is internally consistant and may not lead to a loss of forum access ;-)
  6. magicniner

    Doubling up comp cards

    It's doing something against the spirit of all target shooting even if it's not strictly breaking the rules. If it's fair then the club in question will have no problem with being named in public ;-) - Nick
  7. magicniner

    drulov auto

    Give it a good oiling - several drops in before the CO2 & keep upside down whilst piercing. undo the locking screw & wind the muzzle adjusting screw in a turn, or two. After that it's strip - check for wear etc. - Nick
  8. magicniner

    Machining Polyurethane in the lathe

    The softer the material you want to cut, the closer the tool needs to be to a knife blade running at a tangent to the work. It's closer to cutting a veneer off the material than to conventional turning, Regards, Nick
  9. magicniner

    CO2 potential

    You'd be adding a huge amount of energy to the system that isn't in your initial calculations rendering them totally invalid!
  10. magicniner

    How does a Crosman 766 work?

    Could you persuade your tame engineer to make you a new valve from scratch with the two halves screwing together and sealed with an O ring at the joint? Or is it possible that another Crosman valve from something like a 1322 Medalist would fit? All possibilities are worth exploring, ATB, Nick
  11. magicniner

    Advice regarding the FAS 604

    You could ask the guys on the UBC Forum, http://umarexboysclubforum.myfineforum.org/index.php I know several shooters there have the FAS 604, I was looking for one but ended up with a Pardini Fiocchi P10 instead, Regards, Nick
  12. magicniner

    any one now

    The two shot breech is very dificult to load manually, the gap is too short to get at, my 2 shot Venom Viper had the shuttle missing when I bought it and it proved very awkward to use without. The 10 shot breech is different again, it's taller and has the mag indexing mechanism built in. If you obtain the breech to go with the mag system of your choice it should fit though, Regards, Nick
  13. magicniner

    How does a Crosman 766 work?

    The rear seal will be on the surface of the valve pin/head which sits against the inside rear of the brass housing, when it's pushed forwards off it's seat it allows air past the pin and up through the port into the breech. Either the seal is perished, missing or has dirt on the surface preventing it working. These valves can be stripped & rebuilt quite easily and new seals can be fitted, Regards, Nick
  14. magicniner

    How does a Crosman 766 work?

    In Crosman pump-ups the same spring closes the front valve, into which the pump forces air, and the rear valve, which releases air up to the breech. The brass cylinder stores pressure, and the hammer hitting the pin sticking out should briefly open the firing valve allowing air through the transfer port to the breech, Regards, Nick
  15. magicniner

    Crosman 400 repeater

    Gas down the barrel means the firing valve is leaking, you need a new valve seal. The CO2 doesn't seal to the gas valve, the tube itseldf is sealed at each end, Regards, Nick