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  1. westy1946

    re bluing

    De-greasing well and washing after,dry of in the oven before blueing. wear clean rubber gloves do not touch cleaned surface with bare hands and really lay it on ,cover well. Wash of exces after about 5 mins. Dry of well again and apply oil to set the blue if you consider that the blueing is to your satisfaction.
  2. westy1946

    Bsa Meteor exploded diagram

    T.W. Chambers web page do all makes exploded views and all spare part No.s though all parts are not aways available
  3. Great, as I have just previously posted, thats how I want to try and get my"LogunS16s" with a flexi conector and a skeleton stock, without the rubber bottle cover, and bottle, a light weight stock would cut weight considerably, looks the biz
  4. westy1946

    Making a new Stock

    would you care to tell us "What is the action mounted on your stock and what is the spec" it truly is a great looking piece of woodwork, must have took some time
  5. westy1946

    S16s conversion

    Has any one ever tried to change the position of the 400cc air bottle on an S16s Logun to a belt holster, and use a hose similar to those that are used for filling to connect the bottle to the gun The butt could be manufactured using alliuminium section cutting the actual physical wieght quite considerably, but probably quite difficult to get fitted. If any one has any ideas or tried anything like this I would be glad for any input, thanks
  6. westy1946

    Webley Hawk MkII

    Does any one have information re. fitting sear spring on Webley Hawk MkII. Any information will be gratefully accepted
  7. westy1946

    Changing barrels .22 to .177

    I am sorry "Raygun" also give me the same info re. power drop which was also greatly appreciated.
  8. westy1946

    Changing barrels .22 to .177

    Changed the barrel eventualy, but as "Fluffybuck" posted it did drop power greatly so much so I returned it to its former self, now waiting for gas strut to fit, all resdy fitted one in the .177 shooting very smooth after coping with recoil, no coughtwang just a straight forward crack. I,ve yet to team up with my mate and take it out, I would like to stand slightly down range to here the effect of "UK Neil,s" new internals and mods to the built in silencer, looking forward to that.
  9. westy1946

    Cadet Major Refresh

    While you have the piston out you would be quids in if you could get the piston tube honed, if you dont have one to hand, go to a mower service center and ask if they could do it for you. Clean all the residue from inside the tube first and maybe just 5 or 6 full insertions of the honer will do the trick, all the burr,s and little high spots will be taken out
  10. westy1946

    aa410k rust help

    I garantee if you rub any blueing with any grade wire wool you will totaly b---s it up.
  11. westy1946


    The Acronym H.M.R., what does this mean in relation to sports weapons or any weapons in fact.
  12. westy1946

    Changing barrels .22 to .177

    I will make the change just to actualy see the difference and record changes on chrono, thanks for all technical info that you have both given me I will post info when I eventualy get to do it, Thanks
  13. I have just got hold of a .22 BSA Lightning, while it is a cracking gun, I did originally want a .177. Also I have just aquired a .177 barrel would it be a matter of just a straight swap or are there other issues to take into consideration, i.e. spring, piston etc.
  14. westy1946

    spring dampening HW77

    Hi, I read some where and I cant find the page, about using "Dow Corning" silicone sealer to cover the main spring to reduce spring noise levels (twanging) have any of the forum members heard of or used this method, and what are their veiws or results. Thanks
  15. westy1946


    I for one have used cold blueing and as yet can't fault it, as far as promoting rust I don't know ?. Go for it, have a go you'll be supprised at the finish, it's really quite good. Get the kit first and follow the instructions, dont deviate and you will be glad you tried